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Jan 12 2018
Another Sh*tty Idea Comments (0)

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I had not even heard of the Shitty Media Men list until today. Now that I have, I can't fathom how anyone would believe it was anything other than a shitty idea.

The list's until-recently anonymous founder created it so that women could anonymously — with no proof, no verification — accuse men in media of anything from rape to sexual harassment to inappropriate flirting to general creepiness to outside-of-work misbehavior.

In coming out as the list's creator, Moira Donegan acknowledges the list's awesome power, but doesn't apologize for it, instead casting herself as a martyr giving women a voice.

At this point, while I wouldn't blame anyone for not being able to speak out, I also think if you're not going to speak out on the record, doing so anonymously on an unvetted list — without any journalistic institutions doing the appropriate homework to verify what you're saying is not made up or some cheap vendetta, then you shouldn't speak out.

This is truly a case of thinking you're helping victims while not caring that you may be creating your own set of victims, and circumventing the law.

Incredible that I agree with Andrew Sullivan on ANYTHING. (Though his piece snarkily makes sure to list Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones among the four examples of sex-abuse victims whose stories he believes.)



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