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Jul 21 2018
American Bi-dol: The Header That Refused To Not Be Used Comments (0)

1939884_664896860233381_1382787627_o-825x510DeAndre is bi and proud! (Image via Fox)

A former Americal Idol contestant has come out as bi, granting a wide-ranging interview to Unite Seattle ...

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Jul 20 2018
Natalie Wood Born 80 Years Ago Today Comments (0)

Movie star Natalie Wood should be turning 80 today, but drowned in 1981 while on a weekend boat jaunt with her husband Robert Wagner and their friend Christopher Walken.

I've always been particularly drawn to her because my mom loved her — she was of my mom's era and close to her in age — and because I remember vividly hearing an announcement on the radio about her drowning, my father turning it up and saying, “Listen to this! I heard this earlier!” and my mom gasping.

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Alec Nysten Works It + Jason Mraz Has Had Guys + Cher's 1st Gays + Who's Yer Vladdy? + Cohen Taped Trump On PLAYBOY Pay-Off + Sacha Barin' Cohen + Kathy Griffin Calls Out Ellen DeGeneres + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Towel for sale.

Below: Keep reading for Alec Nysten's junk, Trump's phone call taped, Sacha Baron Cohen's nudest moments, Kathy Griffin takes on Ellen DeGeneres over Joan Rivers's dead body, and more ...

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Song Of The Hummer: CONTAGIOUS By Accidental Muse Comments (0)

Contagious art“I’m just a vessel. It’s the muses who make the music ... blame them if it sucks!” (Image via AX)

I fell in love with the house-music-all-night-long hotness that is “Contagious” by Accidental Muse, so I agreed to host it here to help it earn as many ears as possible. Give it a listen — it's such a fun song going into the weekend.

Plus, you gotta love the lyric:

I can't control it / but I can take it all

Check it out ...

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Roseanne Negates Previous Faux Apology On Jarrett: I THOUGHT THE BITCH WAS WHITE!! Comments (0)

Roseanne BarrWhite bitch: “I thought the bitch was white!” (Image via video still)

Roseanne Barr continues to be a garbage person, and you are, too, if you think she can be defended over her Valerie Jarrett slur (or if you believe she thought Jarrett was white, as she SHRIEKS in a new video).

I don't care if she's mentally ill — she's still out there in the media with many, many followers, influencing thought, sharing conspiracies. Until she gets help, she's an enemy, not someone to be pitied. Mentally ill people with unchecked power are fucking dangerous, not victims.

Watch her latest meltdown after the jump ...

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You're Welcome: Dylan & Remy Comments (0)
Adam & Adam by Verner Degray 8(All images by Verner Degray)
Verner Degray shoots models Dylan and Remy in a beautifully intimate series ...

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Jul 19 2018
Jeanine Pirro Tries To Gaslight Whoopi Goldberg, Is Shown The Door Comments (0)

Whoopi Goldberg(Image via video still)

Whoopi Goldberg doesn't suffer fools, and therefore she said goodbye to the asinine Judge Jeanine Pirro (who got her ass beaten by Hillary back in the day so of course is the most frothy-mouthed Trumpster of all time).

Watch Whoopi kick Jeanine off The View ...

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Wrestler Dylan Geick & Boyfriend Jackson Krecioch Break up, Krecioch Arrested For Assault Comments (0)

Jackson-Krecioch-Assault(Image via screen shot)

Out wrestler and Instagram sensation Dylan Geick and his equally famous Insta-BF Jackson Krecioch broke up this past week — and now there is a disturbing footnote to that already sad story ...

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