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May 02 2013
Cinco Latino Hotties for Cinco de Mayo Comments (1)


This is the twenty-first in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert

Spice-up-your-cinco-de-mayo-with-a-custom-t-s-L-OtVrQJWe all have a basic understanding of Cinco de Mayo here in the States. It's a day to celebrate Hispanic culture...and an excuse to drink tequila and salsa dance till you hit the floor. But how many of you actually know why we celebrate this holiday?

This festive national holiday commemorates Mexico's victory over France in the Battle of Puebla back in 1862, and here in the States it is seen as a celebration of freedom and democracy.

To pay tribute to this holiday of Hispanic heritage, The Underwear Expert has rounded up five of the hottest Latin underwear models. Each should have a little chili pepper next to his name to denote "extra hot."

Check them out...

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Apr 30 2012
The Homosexual Gourmand Comments (0)

Hot Aaron Diaz TV Notas swimsuit
Above, Aaron Diaz looks like the Loch YES! Monster in TV y Novelas (Mayo 2012). Below, the same mag flaunts David Zepeda's work-out:

David Zepeda workout TV y Novelas
The ads for the new Dallas is simultaneously turning me on (Josh Henderson—and he's so nice in real life, too!) and turning me off (the "greed" thing feels very played out):

Josh Henderson
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Apr 06 2012
Diaz Of Our Lives Comments (1)

Aaron Diaz shirtless
Aaron Diaz is sex on a stick, as seen in TV y Novelas (Abril 2012)...

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Dec 21 2011
Cowpoke Comments (1)

On TV Notas (Noviembre 29, 2011), Aaron Diaz is one hell of a hot cowboy. Inside, he strips off his shirt and mounts a horse...

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Jun 08 2010
El Gormand Homosexual Comments (1)

This edition is all Latin men because each image is from People en Espanol (Julio 2010). Above, as first reported by Blabbeando, Ricky Martin and his kids get the Father's Day treatment from the mag. Below, we have Mario Lopez puckering up for one lucky bitch: 

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Feb 23 2010
Fleshback: Aaron Diaz Comments (0)
Jan 07 2009
House Of Games Comments (1)

Author to Pres.-Elect Obama: Treat the White House as a crime scene. Loves it.

Dec 23 2008
To Diaz For Comments (0)


Mexican hottie Aaron Diaz looks like Johnny Weismuller meets Cesar Romero (and meet, I'm sure they did) on/in TV y Mas (Diciembre 2, 2008):


Uno mas after the jump...

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