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Jan 16 2014
Playing Hod: Itay Defends Outing Aaron Schock Comments (0)

I'm totally in support of Itay Hod for reasons I have expressed over and over on this blog. I have Itay-Hodbeen behind outing since I first understood the concept. Actually, before then; because we have all openly talked about people we assumed were gay from our very earliest conversations about homosexuality.

From the latest New York Times piece on Hod's Facebook-outing of Aaron Schock:

"Mr. Hod says he thinks there’s a Catch-22—that editors essentially argue against outing without proof while at the same time denying reporters the time and resources necessary to prove it. 'I’m not a D.C. reporter,' he said. 'They should be asking those questions; that’s their job, and the fact that they’re not doing it is because this is still an icky taboo subject.'...

"...Is he now concerned that this posting will damage his own career as a journalist?

"'If I don’t get a job because of the fact that I asked this question, it’s not a job I’m supposed to have,' said Mr. Hod, adding that it was worth it because 'the conversation has started.'"


Jan 04 2014
State Of Schock: Outing Aaron Schock Should Not Faze Anyone Comments (0)

Aaron-schockHe wants to be an example, let's make an example of him.

I agree with Itay Hod that the media has an obligation to expose an anti-gay politician who is secretly gay, just as they have an obligation to expose any other hypocrisy exhibited by an office-holder.

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Nov 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

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Aaron-schock-absCall me "Governor," maybe?

May 09 2011
State Of Schock Comments (4)

Aaron-schock-fitnessGranted, I'd like to look like this younger, sexier Ted Haggard, but...

He's got a bod for sin and a head for...well, maybe it's better to focus on the bod.

Looking at and reading through Rep. Aaron Schock's (R-Illinois) Men's Health cover story, I think now more than ever before that as a politician, he makes a great fitness model. I will say he is at least one of the few Republicans to accept the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama's encouragement for kids to eat better and be active has nothing to do with a "nanny state."

Menshealth-cover-june In his interview, he says:

"My advice to people in my age group is to think strategically," he says. " 'Someday I would like to...retire, have children, change careers, start a business...' All of these take planning. Think about what you'd like to do, and then think about what it's going to take to get you there."

I think for him, those things could happen in order—retirement, fatherhood, a new career and a fresh business. Marriage doesn't seem to be in the hypothetical cards for him, or perhaps he's assuming it won't be legal for him—not as long as he has a vote!

PreviewScreenSnapz001What's up with Illinois politicans and this mag?

P.S. If he was worried about that belt of his looking too gay, what about those Chelsea pecs?

Jul 13 2010
This Vine-Ripened Parody Will Grow On You Comments (2)

Via Towleroad: This is by far the funniest and most topical Lady GaGa-fueled parody EVER—Sherry Vine performs this Francis Legge-directed clip to the max and it's not just some stupid, throwaway, literal take on the latest pop hit. Instead, its hits are solid and they land on well-known closet cases Charlie Crist, Larry Craig and David Dreier while also taking a swipe at Aaron Schock, whose sexuality seems to be in question largely due to his good looks, good body and, well, the belt.

Apr 16 2009
Abs-Olutely Useless Comments (0)
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Above is the Republican douche that Democrats have inexplicably given a national face by praising his, well, his face. And his six-pack abs. Aaron Schock is not unattractive superficially, but he's superficial so he's unattractive...after the countless interviews of this sort that Colbert has brilliantly executed, you'd think someone young and gay (they say) like Schock would be on his toes enough to come off as anything other than clueless, uncomfortable and desperate to appear serious. I wouldn't kick him out of bed...but I'd kick him.