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Dec 21 2016
Couple Of Hotties Comments (0)
  Dave and AJ 3 AJ - GM boy wearing Watson briefs by Garcon Model IMG_7094 Dave and AJ 2 Dave and AJ playing around in their Garcon Model briefs Dave and AJ's booty in Garcon model underwear

(Images via Garçon Model)

Canadian undies line Garçon Model has not one but two new spokesmen — real-life couple Dave and A.J.

You can follow their antics on Instagram after checking out some of their sexy poses in the gallery above.

Nov 17 2016
Every Word Of This Comments (0)
Oct 22 2016
6-PACK/politics — Gay History Lesson + Trump Not On Georgia's Mind? + How Hillary Beat Trump + Olbermann Calls On Trump To Withdraw + Christie Going Down Like London Bridge + Late-Term Paper! Comments (0)

Pietro-hot-for-teacher-headmaster-desk-finalYeah, this is not what teaching gay topics is really like, guys! (Image via Charlie by MZ)

*widget boy cultureIn Utah, activists filed a federal suit to fight a law that bans educators from discussing LGBTQ topics.

*widget boy cultureCould Trump lose Georgia?

*widget boy cultureVox: Trump didn't just lose the debates, Hillary beat him

*widget boy cultureKeith Olbermann argues passionately that Trump should withdraw over “rigging” remarks.

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 11.06.08 AM(Video still via GQ)

*widget boy cultureChris Christie continues to twist in the wind over Bridgegate. Will he wind up resigning? Jailed?

*widget boy cultureDo not miss this viral post from a woman who actually had a late-term abortion: 

Oct 07 2016
Table For Two: VP Debate By Super Deluxe Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 2.51.17 PM(Video still via Super Deluxe)

Mike Pence's absurd lies were almost too easy to parody, but as always, Super Deluxe finds ways of zooming in on the craziest aspects of an event in a totally singular way ...

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Oct 06 2016
Randy Rainbow Let-Me-Be-Your-Slut Shames Mike Pence Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 2.40.34 PM(Video still via Randy Rainbow)

Mike Pence's lies and Tim Kaine's interruptions have inspired the already-inspired Randy Rainbow to do something he doesn't usually do: Spit.

Keep reading ...

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Oct 04 2016
Highlights From The VP Debate: Testy Kaine, Smooth Liar Pence Comments (0)

 ABOVE: Kaine owning Pence on the issue of Trump's unapologetic and unnecessary, petty nastiness.

The boys got into it in tonight's veep debate. Pence seems to have won on style by bald-face lying regarding all of Trump's past statements and policies, but it will be up to Dems to underscore that lack of substance, that falsity. Consensus is that Kaine was overeager and snippy, cutting Pence off too much—in spite of the fact that the powerless moderator let Pence drone on, and the format—a conversation?!—made interrupting mandatory.

Good Kaine zinger:

Governor Pence made an odd claim. He said, “Inarguably, Vladimir Putin is a better leader than President Obama.” Vladimir Putin’s run his economy into the ground. He persecutes LGBT folks and journalists. If you don’t know the difference between difference between dictatorship and leadership, you’ve got to go back to a fifth grade civics course.

Meanwhile, the RNC declared Pence the winner before the debate began, and check out this nakedly sexist appeal: 

Gotta say that I think Mike Pence screwed up royally in the end, probably thinking he was home free, by saying, “You whipped out that Mexican thing again.” Sounds utterly racist and elitist. That line is going to be blasted everywhere by the Dems.

That and ending on abortion helped Kaine, who just isn't fantastic. But I'm not sure he needed to be—he succeeded in reminding people about Trump's words and ended well, whereas Pence lied like a rug and ended poorly.

Most humorously:

Jul 16 2016
Elizabeth Warren Makes Mincemeat Out Of Trump/Pence Comments (0)

This woman is gold. I am guessing Hillary won't tap her as her running mate, but (wo)man, I wish she would:


Jul 15 2016
On The Pence Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via UltraViolet Action)

Turns out Trump actually wanted to go back on his offer to pick Pence, but advisors told him it was too late. Hilarious.


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