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Mar 20 2017
Suction It Up, Snowflake: Tomi Lahren's Show Suspended Comments (0)

Tomi Lahren, right-wing douchette for the ages, has come out as being pro-choice — a direct flip-flop from previous statements that people who are pro-choice are straight-up baby-killers:

Oh, and she's gettin' punished over it.

It's a joke that someone as dumb as she is has a job in the first place.

Feb 12 2017
Signs Of The Times Comments (0)

IMG_8416(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Jan 31 2017
The Celebrity Supreme Court Justice Comments (0)

During a primetime announcement, Trump selected Neil Gorsuch as his pick for SCOTUS.

You can read about Gorsuch's unflappable conservatism here.

Under normal circumstances, Gorsuch's credentials would make him an easy confirmation, but considering the fact that he represents a stolen nomination, the Democrats should stonewall him indefinitely.

So, filibuster, filibuster, filibuster.


Jan 29 2017
This Is Who We're Dealing With: Loons Who Want Contraception Banned Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 2.52.43 PM(Video still via MSNBC)

How is Joy Reid not being pushed hard by MSNBC? She's the best!

Watch her get this anti-abortion crusader to spell out just how right-wing nutty she is, admitting she personally feels IUDs and the damn birth control pill should be illegal.

Some of you are so liberal and so good you're already mentally chastising me for the obvious joke that could be made here.

Keep reading and watch this weasel admit how sharia-friendly she is ...

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Trump's Lackeys Take Over National Security Council, Ivanka's So Purdy + Kushner's Grandma On Rejecting Refugees Comments (0)

Not-My-President Trump has dropped the Joint Chiefs from our National Security Council, replacing them with his malevolent yes-men Steve Bannon — the white nationalist who was making millions off of fake news before it was chic — and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Even right-wing tool John McCain recognizes that this is a radical departure.

This is not scare-mongering. This is terrifying. These people are utterly unprepared to lead and are ideologues, and they are filled with hubris if they think they know better than security and military experts.

They're hijacking our system, and are now talking about asking foreign travelers to supply personal info about their social media accounts and their cell numbers. They presided over the Muslim ban, which led to green card holders being illegally detained — and which spurred some agents to openly defy court orders that found parts of Trump's order to be potentially illegal.

And at the height of this tumult, Ivanka Trump — who I am calling Marie Antoi-NYET — takes time out to pose for a me-so-pretty selfie with hubby Kushner, a Jew who seems intent on helping to nudge the U.S. into its own version of, perversely, Nazism.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 2.14.47 PM(Image via Twitter)

Want to gag on irony? Watch Kushner's own grandma talk about the dangers of ignoring the plight of (Jewish) refugees. Bet she never could have guessed her own grandson would be spearheading the same damn thing:

Jan 24 2017
6-PACK/trump — The Many Ways In Which Trump Makes George W. Bush Look Fantastic Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 8.44.38 AMTrump's antics are hair-raising. (Video still)

WIDGETTrump reinstates so-called “Mexico City rule” — no U.S. money to orgs that perform any abortions.

WIDGETHerr Trump also goes after the EPA — freezes grants, demands workers zip lips about it.

WIDGETTrump declares his own inauguration day “National Day of Patriotic Devotion” — this is fascism, folks.

WIDGETFearing citizens want her to be alternative alive, Kellyanne Conway demands S(ecret) S(ervice) protection.

WIDGETA list of the insane whities Trump has on his SCOTUS short list. NONE acceptable, Senate.

WIDGETTrump continues to insist millions of illegal immigrants voting cost him the popular vote.

Dec 21 2016
Couple Of Hotties Comments (0)
  Dave and AJ 3 AJ - GM boy wearing Watson briefs by Garcon Model IMG_7094 Dave and AJ 2 Dave and AJ playing around in their Garcon Model briefs Dave and AJ's booty in Garcon model underwear

(Images via Garçon Model)

Canadian undies line Garçon Model has not one but two new spokesmen — real-life couple Dave and A.J.

You can follow their antics on Instagram after checking out some of their sexy poses in the gallery above.

Nov 17 2016
Every Word Of This Comments (0)
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