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Jan 16 2018
Don't We All Know It? Comments (0)


The boys of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend did a little dance without their pants to communicate the truism that “fit, hot guys have problems, too” ...

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Jan 15 2018
The Gaze: Bryan Hawn's New STARGAZING Stud Comments (0)

Bryan Hawn includes Andrew Adorno in his latest miniromance, a take on Kygo's “Stargazing” ...

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Jan 13 2018
Your Nightly Briefing: Modus Vivendi '90s Line Comments (0)

Modus Vivendi 90s Line (9)(All images via Modus Vivendi)

More of that Modus Vivendi '90s Line, this set guaranteed to leave you royally flushed ...

Keep reading to see more ...

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You're Welcome: Scott Herman Comments (0)

Been forever since I shot him at an event, but Scott Herman's still got it.

GiphyMy footage of Scott from 2010 (GIF by Matthew Rettenmund)

More after the jump ...

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Jan 12 2018
Nick Sandell Drops Trou + Trump Called Out For RACIST Words + Franco Wins, Loses At Critics' Choice Awards + Hot Coverage + Weir Verbally Crowbars Harding + New Troye Sivan — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: Gorgeous Michael Dean, an Insta-snack.

Below: Keep reading for Nick Sandell's goodies, Trump's shitty lie, hot gay mags, Weir vs. Harding, Critics' Choice tea leaves and red-hot Troye Sivan ...

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Dress Me In The Fashions Of The 1990s Comments (0)

Modus Vivendi 90s Line (14)(All images via Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi intros its new '90s line, inspired by that decade I'd rather forget — and yet, the fashion of the time was simple and jockish, so it makes for a great underwear cycle.

Keep reading to see more 'n' more so you can mmm-bop to this spice boy ...

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You're Welcome: George Stephenson Comments (0)

Unnamed-2(Images via

George Stephenson has a great, '80s-GQ look. And if you wanna '80s-GQ look at 'im in his underwear, keep reading ...

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Jan 11 2018
Your Love Is Martin King Comments (0)

Martin_hotbeard(Images by Michael Downs)

Fitness model Martin King (Instagram here) is spoiling his admirers with a new Only Fans account. 

Keep reading for some of his best shots ...

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