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Nov 26 2014
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Via Nautica.


Nov 12 2014
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Calibre Underwear has cooked up a very clever short ad in the form of “The Briefing” starring Diego Miguel, which uses double entendres to double your pleasure...

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Oct 10 2014
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Oct 05 2014
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Vintage underwear

Sep 30 2014
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Love this stylish print of Gary Cooper (May 7, 1901—May 13, 1961) by fashion designer Michaele Vollbracht (b. 1947), which was offered in Interview Magazine ads in the '80s. 

Sep 18 2014
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If this guy—who “looks like Adam Levine”—were cleaning my apartment in a jockstrap, he'd probably have to clean it again once he was finished. (Work Unfriendly)

Sep 13 2014
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Via Tommy Hilfiger.

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