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Sep 18 2014
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If this guy—who “looks like Adam Levine”—were cleaning my apartment in a jockstrap, he'd probably have to clean it again once he was finished. (Work Unfriendly)

Sep 13 2014
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Via Tommy Hilfiger.

Oh, I See They've Lowered The Age Of Consent For Porn To 12 Comments (0)


Sep 12 2014
Ad Men: Wayback Machine Comments (0)


Sep 10 2014
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An old Nike ad, surprisingly.

Sep 07 2014
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Aug 29 2014
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Aug 28 2014
#TBT: Gay TV Ads Comments (0)


Check out these vintage 1995 gay TV ads, including one for the late, great Splash (with jarring sequence showing a closeted married man kissing his smoking wife and infant baby good-bye before heading out to the bar!), Genre Magazine (“no wishy-washy writing here!” was the 1995 version of masc only), Pacific Pride Gay & Lesbian Business Expo, Party of Life V, To Wong Foo, HX Magazine, L'Allegria Restaurant at 44th and 9th, Penguin Hotel of South Miami Beach and the much-missed Florent...

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