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Dec 01 2012
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SITTING-IN-A-TREEX400_0I don't wanna hold your hand

Widget boy culturePunishment for Boys: Holding hands.

Widget boy cultureToday is World AIDS Day.

Widget boy cultureChristian Slater's Florida ballot rejected.

Widget boy culturePortuguese underwear model guilty of castration/murder. Sally_oprahx400_0

Widget boy cultureSally Field loves her gay, Towleroad-affiliated son.

Widget boy cultureBloody rat carcasses are not welcome in court rooms.

Widget boy cultureMadonna bleeds for Colombia.

Widget boy cultureDanielle Fishel is Lizday Taylorhan.

Widget boy cultureDavid Drake remembers his role in Philadelphia. (Work Unfriendly)

Widget boy cultureDon't Hate the Player: Anti-gay messages on one guy's Xbox:

Nov 22 2012
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Quinn-Jaxon-bulgeEnjoy this trip-dych

Widget boy cultureQuinn Jaxon, underwear godling, spills his guts.

Widget boy cultureJustin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Liz & Prick. Rupaul-Live_Forever

Widget boy cultureYou Better Re-Work: RuPaul releases a slew of remixes.

Widget boy cultureDon't Like It, Like It: Rihanna's outfit resembles Webster S/M chic.

Widget boy cultureDamiana does Thanksgiving.

Widget boy cultureIs Truvada effective in preventing HIV?

Widget boy cultureAnti-Planned Parenthood Komen ex-exec eyes Senate bid.

Widget boy cultureU.N. pushing for gender-ID protection.

Widget boy culturePulling Some Strings: Neil Patrick Harris's new Nerdist puppet series.

Neil-Patrick-Harris-Nerdist-Puppet-DreamsAnd they call it puppet love

Nov 20 2012
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ALi-ForneyThe late Ali Forney

Today is the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, in honor of all those killed for who they are. The Advocate has the touching stories of 13 transgendered people killed so far this year.

Nov 05 2012
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Christina-Aguilera-Lotus"Lotus" blossoms

Widget boy cultureMore of Christina Aguilera's album is previewed.

Widget boy cultureLady Gaga brags on her perfume's success.

Widget boy cultureMadonna on Gaga: "I invited her to sing with me on stage—she turned me down." Cheyenne-Jackson-shirtless-Performers

Widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson flaunts skin in his new show.

Widget boy cultureSarah Palin endorses Romney/Ryan—36 hours out.

Widget boy cultureEx-NJ Gov. Whitman: FL voting mess "inexcusable."

Widget boy cultureJohn McCain strategist: Voter fraud is Republican "mythology."

Widget boy cultureNice Knockers: Linda McMahon is one desperate Republican.

Widget boy cultureRomney's anti-factual pollster leaks fantasy internals.

Widget boy cultureFinal ABC/WaPo poll = 50 (0) - 47 (R) : Undecideds breaking for Obama.

Widget boy culturePresident Obama responds to daughter of gay dads:

LgbtWhat's the difference?

Nov 01 2012
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Ex-gay-Blake-SmithMen's retreats helped "cure" this lustful cockmonster

Widget boy culture"Every inch of my body craved male sexual contact."—Ex-gay loon

Widget boy cultureJimmy Savile molestation scandal crosses the Atlantic?

Widget boy cultureRomney losing ground as election nears.

Widget boy cultureFive things you don't know about Barack Obama. Jean-Paul-Gaultier-Madonna_1

Widget boy cultureHow to buy Madonna's ugly-coolest outfit EVER.

Widget boy cultureP!nk interprets Madonna.

Widget boy cultureJoy Behar can't say "fuck," can't say, "cocksucker."

Widget boy cultureOcto-Grandpa said, "No, no, no!"

Widget boy cultureCharlie Sheen's crack addiction winning.

Widget boy culturePuppet show: Gaga v. Die Antwoord.

Widget boy cultureLatinos fired up for Obama.

Widget boy cultureLawrence Schiller's Marilyn Monroe images get a gallery show.

Heather James DOT COM Marilyn Monroe Lawrence Schiller artDon't know much about art, but know what I wanna be loved by you...

Oct 29 2012
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Beth Ditto The Advocate
Gossip queen Beth Ditto opens up to The Advocate as she promotes her revealing memoir, Coal to Diamonds, saying that she has suffered from sarcoidosis, the deadly disease that killed Bernie Mac:

Beth Ditto Coal to Diamonds lesbian"I'm so lucky that my disease was so fucking weird and with a really strange version of it because the doctors were superinterested. They would comp things, they would give me a discounted rate because it was so weird that they were intrigued—and thank God for that. I know that sounds totally weird. It was surreal."

Ditto also writes about being molested by an uncle, battling depression and embracing her sexuality and her body size in what sounds like the queer read of the year.

Oct 23 2012
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Chely WrightFor your holiday wish list?

Widget boy cultureChely Wright: Wish Me Away, the documentary about the country star, comes out on DVD.

Widget boy cultureSoledad O'Brien reminds Rudy Giuliani of her job description.

Widget boy cultureBloomberg for marriage, against "socialism."

Widget boy cultureUnsavory rumors swirl around The Advocate.

Widget boy cultureCavalrymen for Romney. Obama is losing the aughties vote. Romney horses bayonets

Widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake sang to his bride. Uh, he better have!

Widget boy cultureFlorida firm connected to voter fraud on Republican payroll.

Widget boy cultureC'mon, vote! Let your body move to the Madonna music.

Shirtless drag votingDid she just do a party line with that guy?

Oct 17 2012
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Thom EvansDrawing attention to Thom-Thom's club

Boy culture WIDGETThom Evans spreads the love.

Boy culture WIDGETTerrorist attack on NYC's Federal Reserve thwarted by FBI.

Boy culture WIDGETWhat's so great about reproduction?

Boy culture WIDGETSip some of his tea.

Mika_tallBoy culture WIDGETMika co-wrote five songs in an afternoon, including Madonna's "Gang Bang".

Boy culture WIDGETBeyoncé to tear up the Super Bowl.

Boy culture WIDGETTowel boy.

Boy culture WIDGETMaksim Chmerkovskiy shirtless and wet.

Boy culture WIDGETSame-sex nuptials don't sit well with black frat traditionalists.

Boy culture WIDGETLance Armstrong unceremoniously dumped.

Boy culture WIDGETFlip-flopping flim-flammer Linda McMahon dreams up "emergency rape."

Beach boys shirtless showersBoy culture WIDGETDid these three have "Sex on the Beach"?

Boy culture WIDGETAssociate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion at Gallaudet is a poster-girl for discrimination.

Boy culture WIDGETDebate questioner Katherine Fenton is still undecided, has been smeared by the right as a "feminazi."

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney's "binders" lie didn't work out too well for him:

Oct 16 2012
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Shaun_T-Scott_BlokkerShaun T's Instagram wedding photo

Boy culture WIDGETInsanity work-out god Shaun T comes out in the wake of his wedding.

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney's father's longtime aide calls Mitt "erratic," says he fails to live up to his dad.

Walking DeadBoy culture WIDGETBarbra Streisand's "stage persona and her look were shaped by gay men."

Boy culture WIDGETThe Walking Dead's vivacious ratings: 10.9 viewers tune in for season opener.

Boy culture WIDGETCandy Crowley vows not to be a "fly on the wall" at tonight's prez debate.

Boy culture WIDGETAmerican Family Association still supports bullying.

Boy culture WIDGETMadonna launches yet another fragrance: Naked.

Boy culture WIDGETFlorida centenarian uses Vote Now to vote now for Barack Obama.

Boy culture WIDGETTeabagger fantasizes that President Obama and Rev. Wright ('memba him?) are gay lovers.

Boy culture WIDGETLatter-day Staci Keanan Selena Leffew has two fathers:

Oct 03 2012
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November 2012 - Pink LOW
Pink talks to The Advocate about her gay fans/friends:

"They’ve been the most loyal part of what I do. They’ve been my most loyal friends, to be honest. I’ve had a lot of my gay boys around, but my gay girls are my rootstalk. They’re my honesty in an ocean of bullshit. I should be gay by the way that I look and the way that I am. I just happen to not be. But it just makes perfect and complete sense."

The (formerly) working-class girl from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, goes on to discuss the state of the economy in this turbulent election year:

"I just know that half of my family is pissed off, and we’re all working-class people. My mom is a nurse, and my dad was an insurance salesman, and my brother works for pennies for the military, and some of my family is unemployed. People are like, ‘You live in a fucking bubble, you live in Hollywood.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve got money now.'"

I still remember when, back in my teen-mag days, Pink first arrived on the scene. Her record label scolded us: "You're not embracing Pink." So we tried harder, but she was never a hot teen star, she was just a hot star-star, a radio favorite, an artist. All better things to be. Never dreamed a girl whose entire gimmick seemed to be pink hair would last so long and have so much in her.

Read more here.