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Feb 12 2012
After Dark Special: 30th Anniversary of Making Love Comments (7)

Thirty years ago today, Making Love was released. It got a ho-hum critical reception and, after a boffo opening week, did lackluster b.o. But it was an important film, and one that many gay people still remember fondly. Especially the fondly bits between Michael Ontkean and Harry Hamlin.

For fun, here's a lengthy piece on the film from the March 1982 issue of After Dark. One of the most interesting passages:

"Kate Jackson, the quality of whose performance is likely to be compared with that of Mary Tyler Moore in Ordinary People or Meryl Streep in Kramer vs. Kramer (a role that had been originaly offered to her), is a revelation."

If only things had worked out that way. Full article after the jump...

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Jan 23 2012
After Dark Special #21 Comments (2)

Lush Simon MacCorkindale was touted as a fresh face in the March 1979 issue, and damn he looked good in them jeans. Poor Simon passed away much too young in 2010 after struggling with colon cancer.

SafariScreenSnapz001Bette Davis inspects Simon in Death on the Nile (1978)

Keep reading to see another hunk of the moment from over 30 years ago...

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Jan 20 2012
After Dark Special #20 Comments (0)

From January 1978, a model shows off the latest in Speedos. I'm so annoyed men don't wear these in the U.S. anymore, and so relieved I've never had to!

One more after the jump...

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Jan 16 2012
After Dark Special #19 Comments (5)

From January 1977, a great lay-out of sexy, mustachioed Perry King...

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Jan 09 2012
After Dark #17 Comments (2)

Actor, tennis player and pilot Dean Paul Martin (then going as Dean-Paul Martin), the crooner's namesake and pride 'n' joy, was looking spectacularly hot in the June 1979 issue of After Dark. The still is from his forgettable '79 film Players—it was so bad he was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Male Newcomer. A few years later he was marrying Dorothy Hamill, a few years after that he was divorcing her and in 1987, at age 35, he died when he crashed in his military jet during a snowstorm.

His son with Olivia Hussey, Alexander, is an actor, too.

Jan 07 2012
After Dark Special #16 Comments (0)

An unfortunate detail inside After Dark (September 1980)—poor guy's life has been a wreck since then.

Jan 02 2012
After Dark Special #15 Comments (5)

After Dark's March 1981 issue profiles Gregory Harrison (who's STILL this sexy) about his For Ladies Only, which at the time was a work in progress. Most interesting tidbit—they say he was intending to write all the music for the film and release a soundtrack of his work...which I don't think ever happened.

Dec 31 2011
After Dark Special #14 Comments (3)

My fave part? The "Make Offer" sticker that came attached to this September 1978 Richard Gere cover.


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