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Aug 23 2016
Beach Babes Comments (0)

She re-posts a lot of nutty stuff without any indication which things she supports at times, but Mamie Van Doren, 85, has one helluva interesting Facebook page. Yesterday, she posted this manipulation that puts her (that's how she looks now) alongside her old pal and rival sex siren Marilyn Monroe (that's how she looked then) on the beach.

Barbara Eden Turns 85 Comments (0)

Tumblr_na7y8oWHx51qzk2apo1_500(GIF via CBS)

Everyone's favorite bottle blonde—Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie fame—turns an impossible-to-comprehend 85 years old today.

Aug 21 2016
6-PACK — Ryan's Still Lyin' + Cher-able Assets + Who's That Girl On Film + Clinton Foundation Lodestone? + Kim Cattrall Older Than The Sexual Revolution + Céline Dion's Fan-Filled Arrival! Comments (0)

Nbc-lochte-lauer-team-160820-825x580He told Matt Lauer he was still drunk when he made up parts of this gunpoint-robbery tale. (Video still via NBC)

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte says he “over-exaggerated” his Rio story, still clings to basic truth of it.

*widget boy cultureCher stumps for Hillary, calls Trump “the worst person I've ever seen.”

*widget boy cultureI KNOW WHAT IT IS TO BE NOT HALF-BAD: Madonna's film career, revisited.

Desperately-Seeking-Susan-madonna-13413034-400-213This is me, the Cheetos are you. (GIF via Orion)

*widget boy cultureClintons urged to shut down controversial Clinton Foundation, avoid high-profile bash.

KimCattrall-Porkys004When Kim was in 1981's anti-gem Porky's (GIF via 20th Century Fox)

*widget boy cultureFlawless Kim Cattrall just turned 60, is probably having bendy, bendy sex somewhere.

*widget boy cultureCéline Dion knows how to make le freakin' entrance:

Aug 20 2016
85 Going On 30 Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.22.45 AM(Video still via Videofashion)

The legendary Carmen Dell'Orefice is 85, has had more work on her than the skyline and looks PHENOMENAL. She's also bright and seems lovely—she sent me an autograph in lieu of a quote for my Madonna book.

Sadly, she was taken for all she's worth by horrible Bernie Madoff. More power to her in every way.

Video after the jump ...

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Aug 17 2016
6-PACK — Madonna In The '80s! + Madonna In The '90s! + Porn Icon's Memoirs + Hugh Must Be Kidding Me + Jason Dottley Leaves Music, Drops Web Series + The Bond Between Gay Men & Straight Women! Comments (0)

66-long-lost-casting-polaroids-of-madonna-show-a-mega-star-on-the-verge-body-image-1471356607Madonna in 1983 (Image by Richard Corman)

*widget boy cultureMr. Corman let a Web site publish hi-res scans of some of his 66 Madonna Polaroids.

UnnamedMadonna celebrating Vincent's b'day on May 4, 1990, in Houston (Images via Vincent Paterson)

*widget boy cultureAn Evening with Vincent Paterson should be on your to-do-list.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.52.52 PMShawn Mayotte as you may remember him (Image via I.T. for Men)

*widget boy culturePorn icon Shawn Mayotte is alive and well ... and publishing his memoirs.

710316_2c6dee09508c419693a5701c7e366617~mv2(Image via Jason Dottley)

*widget boy cultureJason Dottley retires from music, drops surprise Web series: Body Hair.

*widget boy cultureHugh Grant looks “like a scrotum now.”

*widget boy cultureA gay black man and a straight white woman hit it off real well in El Ganzo, opening 9/9 in L.A.:


Aug 16 2016
Madonna Turns 58: What 10 Other Great Ladies Were Doing @ 58 Comments (0)

What some other great dames were doing at 58:

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Jul 01 2016
Olivia de Havilland Turns 100 Comments (0)

Olivia de Havilland wrote her first memoir in 1962. Fifty-four years later, Every Frenchman Has One is being reissued, and if its mission then was to remind people she was still alive, it can only be even more helpful in that regard now that she is turning 100 years old.

That's right, today, the two-time Oscar winner (she nabbed her first one 70 years ago and her second three years later) becomes one of the very few major actors to celebrate a centennial.

While I know a number of lesser and perhaps even mid-level movie and TV performers have hit 100, the only major stars I could think of to do it are George Burns, Bob Hope (both died at 100) and Luise Rainer (she passed away in late 2014 at 104). Of those three, certainly only Burns and Hope were major stars throughout their lives and died as household names.

READ: Definitive List of Performers Who Are 80+ Years Old

Now, we have Olivia de Havilland. (Kirk Douglas will have to wait until December to become the fourth.)

When we think of major stars who lived very long lives, we think of people like Marlene Dietrich (90), Mae West (87), Greta Garbo (84), Gloria Swanson (84) and while they didn't exactly die young, their ages are less wow-inducing today than when they died in the '80s and '90s in their eighties and nineties.

But 100 is still something special.

Hats off to de Havilland, who—according a recent Vanity Fair profile—still climbs up and down the five flights of her Paris townhouse.

Jun 20 2016
6-PACK — Gun Control Shot Down + Nobody Sad For Madonna + LOOKING Good + More To Bare + Knott Going Anywhere + What The World Needs Now Is A Roomful Of Broadway Singers! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureIn spite of widespread support, gun-control proposals die in the Senate, thanks to handiwork of Republicans.

*widget boy cultureA person named Donna Lewis is sad that Madonna is obsessed with staying young, and with the sexualization of an industry of which she is apparently a part.

*widget boy cultureHBO's Looking movie gets a trailer, even if the show was denied a third season.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 7.33.04 PMThe man in the mirror: Jonathan Groff (Video still via HBO)

*widget boy cultureStill more Broadway Bares pics, this time via The Men Event. Grrr.

*widget boy cultureGay basher Kathryn Knott will Knott be getting an early release from prison. Rot, entitled monster.

*widget boy cultureBroadway stars get together to cover 1965 Hal David/Burt Bacharach gem “What the World Needs Now Is Love” in support of Orlando victims: