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Jan 07 2015
Fry Do! Comments (0)


Actor Stephen Fry is set to wed his 30-years-younger boyfriend, a comedian. Will be interesting to see how much shit they get for their age gap.

Jan 02 2015
Old Gold Comments (0)


You must check out Nathaniel's list of the 100 Oldest Living Oscar Nominees!

Dec 31 2014
Mr. Smith Goes To Piggly-Wiggly Comments (0)


I was stunned to see a magazine called Closer that was at the checkout (therefore, they're paying big bucks to have it there, or its publisher Bauer is muscling in based on all of its other big-bucks P.O.P. pubs) bearing cover images of Jimmy Stewart, Doris Day, Clark Gable, and Vivien Leigh. Minus that cover chip of the royals, this looks like a fan mag aimed at the recently deceased.

Pretty bold move! I can't imagine it will sell. There's interest in Old Hollywood still, but not to the tune of a mass-marketed magazine at grocery check-outs. Good luck to them, though.

Dec 30 2014
Luise Rainer Slips The Surly Bonds Of This GOOD EARTH: Dies @ 104 Comments (0)

Luise-RainerRainer (L) at the peak of her fame and (R) winking at her Oscar glories at 100ish

Luise Rainer, the oldest living Oscar winner and the first person to win back-to-back acting Oscars, has died at 104, just a few weeks shy of her 105th birthday.

GiphyIf Luise calls, I'm here!

Rainer's role as Ziegfeld's wife in The Great Ziegfeld (1936) is noted for her amazing performance with a telephone (remember those?), while her performance the following year in The Good Earth remains an achingly modern, naturalistic portrayal, even in the face of the Austrian-accented actress playing a Chinese peasant. Rainer was the only Caucasian in the film to do without extensive “yellowface”; her work exposes her power as an actress while Paul Muni's is marred by ridiculous prosthetics. I suggest you watch this film if you haven't, and pay special attention to a scene where Rainer's character faces execution.

Luise Rainer in The Good EarthAs O-lan in The Good Earth

After those two Oscar-winning roles, her career tapered off. She had virtually retired after 1954, with just four more (eclectic) acting gigs: on a 1965 episode of Combat!, an engagingly nostalgic role on The Love Boat (1984), in the 1991 TV film A Dancer, and in 1997's The Gambler—based on Dostoevsky's novel.

Combat1Rainer at the time of her appearance on Combat!

Luise-Rainer-Love-BoatIn her dual Love Boat role, with leading men Don Ameche and, uh, Fred Grandy

Gambler-1997-01-gPlaying a grandmother in her final film, The Gambler

Rainer, who at 100 was the oldest person to fill out Vanity Fair's Proust Questionnaire, was one of the world's longest-lived actors—ever.

After the jump, watch her speak about her favorite memories from her short time in Hollywood...

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Dec 29 2014
RIP Arthur Gardner, Dead @ 104 Comments (0)


I missed the December 19 passing of Arthur Gardner. Gardner was an accomplished TV producer with two unique claims before his death: He had been the oldest voting member of AMPAS, and he was the last surviving member of the cast and crew (he had a bit part) of the 1930 classic All Quiet on the Western Front.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01901bb5bb28970b-800wiMeeting Mr. G in 2013

Dec 25 2014
#TBT: A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots Comments (0)


Me in my aunt and uncle's finished basement on the leopard pillow I loved. I guess prints were really in that year.

Today is my 46th birthday! Hopefully, I'm middle-aged, because 92 doesn't sound so bad once you're 46.

Dec 17 2014
11 O'Clock Number: Anita Gillette - LIFE IS JUST A BOWL OF CHERRIES Comments (0)


Anita Gillette, 78. She never gets old...

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The Last Picture Show Comments (0)


TCM's salute to the film community's losses in 2014 is here, and is guaranteed to make you weepy and probably surprise you with a few you didn't realize had departed...

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