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Aug 13 2014
Wish Upon A Star...While You Can! Comments (0)


No less an authority on the Golden Age of Hollywood than William Mann (I'm serious—he wrote the books on the subject) noted on his Facebook page that, with the passing of Lauren Bacall at 89 yesterday, there are only four true stars of that age left alive.

By his estimation—and I think it's a very supportable position—only Olivia de Havilland (98), Kirk Douglas (97), Maureen O'Hara (93) and Doris Day (90) remain. So of course the youngest of the Top 5, Bacall, died first!


Depending on your definition, there are a few other arguable contenders, such as Luise Rainer (104!!!), Sidney Poitier (87), Debbie Reynolds (82), Shirley MacLaine (80) and Sophia Loren (79). The last four could be said to have come in the next wave of greats, and the first could be argued to have had too short a career (and certainly was not a superstar). I'm also a booster, much to the chagrin of my pal Greg, of remembering Baby Peggy (95), who almost no one on earth remembers today, but who was a bona fide (child) superstar for a couple of years in silent films, making millions before losing it all and sinking from memory.

Don't even get me started on stars who were not nearly of the caliber we're discussing but who are nonetheless very much of that era and still alive, such as Zsa Zsa Gabor (97).


I'll be updating my list of last remaining stars. It's unnerving how few are left and how many have died recently: Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney and Joan Fontaine spring to mind.

Jul 21 2014
Need To Know: Daddy Dearest + FOX Flunks History + Supreme Corruption + Zac's Shirtless Buddy + Archie Gets Banged + MORE! Comments (0)

Anthony-Atkinson01_2980560cAtkinson with his family before coming out as gay...and that wasn't the worst of it.

*widget boy cultureLate Conservative MP David Atkinson called sexual predator...by his adult son.

*widget boy cultureFOX Newser mad Americans ignorant of history displays ignorance of history. Archie

*widget boy cultureWhy the Supreme Court is corrupt.

*widget boy cultureCongress has impeachment fever.

*widget boy cultureZac Efron gets shirtless with Bear Grylls.

*widget boy cultureIvana Trump is still alive—cheers, thanks a lot.

*widget boy cultureKluwe was right about his Vikings coach's anti-gay slurs.

*widget boy cultureMy invite to Susanne Bartsch's party? Lost.

*widget boy cultureComic icon “Archie” will die taking a bullet meant for his gay friend. 

Jul 18 2014
Need To Know: Getting To The Top Of Things + Kelly Ripa Bottoms For Botox + Justin Theroux Is Bulging With Talent + Photo Finish + 1 Gay NFLer To Another + MORE! Comments (0)

Anderson-Cooper-Kelly-Ripa-Andy-Cohen-gay-LGBT-topYou're the top!

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper, closeted 2 years ago, now comfy telling us Andy Cohen's a top.

*widget boy cultureKelly Ripa is a bottom for Botox.

*widget boy cultureWentworth Miller on being closeted: “I think audiences knew, to a certain extent.”

*widget boy cultureJustin Theroux's piece is...distracting.

*widget boy cultureTHEY'RE BREATHLESS: Crazy-funny '80s wrestling montage.

*widget boy cultureHot tennis players on hot beach vacays.

*widget boy cultureMalaysian Flight MH17 passenger tweets darkly funny photo before death.

*widget boy cultureGuy Ritchie's fiancée pops out THIRD kid in just over TWO years.

*widget boy cultureFormer child actor Drake now acting like a child, dissing Macklemore on TV.

*widget boy cultureNYC's Long Island Railroad strike averted after lots of “agita.”

*widget boy cultureAward-winning short(-ish) film Dirty Magazines.

*widget boy cultureCourtney Stodden takes blindfolded challenge.

Francesco-scavullo-with-his-photo-of-stingScavullo with his famous Sting portrait. Now, it's his lover who's been stung.

*widget boy cultureFrancesco Scavullo's longtime lover shut out in estate battle.

*widget boy cultureReporter recounts Israel's attack that killed four Palestinian children.

*widget boy cultureStockton bank robbery leads to tragic deaths of hostages.

*widget boy cultureBlues guitarist Johnny Winter dies @ 70 while on tour.

*widget boy cultureOne of Winter's final performances.

*widget boy cultureNFL's 1st out ex-player Dave Kopay was “unnerved” by Michael Sam's cake/kiss moment.

Dave-Kopay-George-DureauKopay supports Sam, but is old-school on kissing and cake-smearing. (Photo: George Dureau)

Jul 11 2014
Need To Know: Bi, Bi, Bi + Obama Parries With Perry + Rosie's New VIEW + Michelle O Engenders Contempt + MOCKINGBIRD Actress Dies + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureRacy new bisexual video (above) from Aris.

*widget boy cultureRuba Wilson wants to put out a visual album and needs your help.

*widget boy cultureGov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) caves, shakes hands with Obama. But that's it!

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell officially returns to The View.


*widget boy culture98-year-old San Franciscan evicted from her apartment of 50 years because $$$.

*widget boy cultureEven poor white people have it better than black people.

*widget boy cultureEmmy nominee Ferguson on hubby's cancer battle & Quinto rumors.

*widget boy cultureRadio host and nutjob Alex Jones calls Michelle Obama our “First Tranny.”

*widget boy cultureBe-Speedoed pornstar Jessie Colter called queer, kicked out of water park. Jessie-Colter

*widget boy cultureLindsay Lohan already proving to be a bad hire.

*widget boy cultureHeathers: The Musical posts closing notice.

*widget boy culturePageant: The Musical is back!

*widget boy cultureWell-off lady swiftly descends into poverty, crawls back.

*widget boy cultureOVER HALF of all statements on FOX News are false.

*widget boy cultureTo Kill a Mockingbird actress Rosemary Murphy dies @ 89.

Rosemary-MurphyDeath of an actor's actor

Jul 08 2014
Golden Oldies: 100 Most Memorable GOLDEN GIRLS Guest Spots Of All Time! Comments (0)


Who doesn't love The Golden Girls (1985—1992)?

If you're one of those who doesn't, please skip this mega-post, in which I struggle to count down my own personal 40 favorite guest-starring appearances on the show, with another 60 honorable mentions...for a total of 100.

The Golden Girls - Rue, Bea, Estelle & BettyI am counting anyone, outside of the four main cast members, who ever appeared on the show, whether it be a brief cameo, a one-off or a lengthy, recurring role. No animals, so “Dreyfuss” the dog, the piano-playing chicken and “Baby” the 29-year-old pig are outta luck.

There are many more appearances that just didn't grab me enough to warrant making my list, but that doesn't mean they were not valuable contributions to the show.


But the beauty of personal countdowns like these is that you can comment below with your own favorites and remind me of some I may have forgotten!

Of the 40 I picked, I provided as much info as humanly possible...and there are lots of criss-crossing connections and wonderfully HUH? factoids about what some of the lesser-known guest stars later did with their lives and careers.

Please share this if you're so inclined...and thank you for being a friend...

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Many Happy Returns Comments (0)

Nicholas-WintonSir Nicholas Winton with some of the over 600 children he saved during WWII.

This has been around for years, though it's being re-popularized by Lifebuzz. Also, it's so heartwarming it warrants a re-airing. The footage, from 1988, shows British Schindler Sir Nicholas Winton being surprised by a roomful of adults whose lives he saved from the Nazi when they were children.

This video is short, and sweet. Sir Nicholas's life, while sweet, has not been short—he is still alive at age 105...

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Jun 29 2014
Need To Know: Ian McKellen Gets VICIOUS + Amy Adams Is A Trooper + Bush's LGBT Traitors + CEOuting + A Tale Of Two French Bulldogs + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureVicious, with Ian McKellen & Derek Jacobi as 70something lovers, premieres tonight.

*widget boy cultureAnti-LGBT discrimination in long-term care facilities.

*widget boy cultureAmy Adams is a goddamned saint.

*widget boy cultureApproximately 70 douchey gays & lesbians worked directly for George W. Bush.

*widget boy cultureFor some odd reason, Paris Hilton is still alive.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama's pro-LGBT policies go global, come what may.

*widget boy cultureCNBC host accidentally outs glass-closeted Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

*widget boy cultureAuthor & ex-CEO says leaders should come out—being gay is good for business.

*widget boy cultureAbfab Herb Ritts outtake of Madonna a la Carmen Miranda leaks.

*widget boy cultureNew front in the Gaga & Madonna Wars: French bulldog copying.

SiaChoreographer Ryan Heffington, Sia's stand-in

*widget boy cultureSia performs “Chandelier” with NYC Gay Men's Chorus.

*widget boy culturePat Sajak needs to buy a consonant (LGBT?) when it comes to en-gay-gements.

*widget boy culturePrison record for crimes related to bizarre fetish? Perfect GOP candidate.

*widget boy cultureSam Smith wants your (homo)sexuality to be “a normality.”

*widget boy culture140 things you never knew about Twitter. The pager thing is crazy!

*widget boy cultureSen. Kay Hagan (D-North Carolina) leads her rivals in (conservative) poll.

*widget boy cultureFloyd, Virginia, expects dozens or more at 2nd annual Pride march.

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand thumbs his nose at his critics.

Steve-GrandHe ain't all that!

Jun 23 2014
Survivor: Hollywood—10 Classic Films' Last Living Actors Comments (0)

Lauren-BacallBacall of the wild

When Carla Laemmle died at 104 this month, the fact that she was the last surviving cast member 6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a511d20dc0970c-550wi(albeit uncredited) of both The Phantom of the Opera (1925) and Dracula (1931) tweaked this obsession I have with checking to see who's still alive from any old movie I'm watching. But reading that Pauline Wagner, Fay Wray's King Kong (1933) stunt double (for four hours), just died last month at 103 really kicked the obsession into overdrive; how fascinating that any human beings are still living from these films, all of which are over 80 years old. (In the case of Phantom, had Carla lived one more year, she would have survived until its ninetieth anniverary.)

Ann Blyth-1She displays real Ann Blyth spirit!

This interest dovetails nicely with my ongoing interest in tracking the last surviving handful of human beings—anywhere from 10 to 14 confirmed—known to have appeared in any way in a silent film.

A short list of survivors from some films of note follows. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts; I know there are many examples of movies with only one big star still living (Maureen O'Hara from Miracle on 34th Street, etc.).

I would also like to figure out what living person is a veteran of the oldest film. Perhaps Lassie Lou, Fay or Baby Peggy (see below) could be candidates.

Keep reading...

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