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Mar 16 2016
Happy 100th Birthday To The Late Mercedes McCambridge Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 3.37.51 PMMercedes McCambridge: March 16, 1916—March 2, 2004 (Images via 20th Century Fox/Screen Gems/Columbia)

The Film Experience gets it right in calling Mercedes McCambridge “one of the most singular character actresses of the 1950s.” Her work in Johnny Guitar (1954) deserves a posthumous Oscar (let's start that as a thing, Nathaniel!) and she also shone in Giant (1956), among many other films and TV gigs.

Later on, she was just a hell of a lot of fun, but she also became an inextricable part of Linda Blair's performance in The Exorcist (1973) as the voice of that pesky demon, a job that has become the stuff of legend.

Check out The Film Experience's remembrance here

Keep reading to listen to an incredible interview with McCambridge, who re-creates her demon voice using—what else?—her chronic bronchitis ...

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Mar 14 2016
Losing A New, Old Friend Comments (0)

Where else but at a Tab Hunter movie would I get picked up by a 94-year-old man?

Last year, I went to see the Tab Hunter documentary at Film Forum with two friends. I wanted to be far forward to film Tab's responses at the Q&A after, so I made a beeline solo for the front row. Two seats down, an elderly gentleman made eye contact with me. I said hello and asked if he was a fan of Hunter's, to which he replied that they were social acquaintances from long ago. Then, he instructed me, “Move next to me—I don't want a fatty sitting by me.”

In today's climate, with our awareness of body shaming, it might seem an unfortunate remark. But it made me laugh, because he clearly just didn't want to be squished, he was so fragile and so far beyond worrying about stepping on toes in pursuing basic comfort. Also, I liked that he didn't think I was fat, so I guess we were both in the wrong.

We had a lively conversation. He was a director. In fact, his career went back to radio, and he directed some remarkable shows on early TV, retiring decades later, around the time I was graduating high school. To put some perspective on the greatness of his age, he was older than Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland would have been had they lived.

“I must take you out to dinner sometime,” he insisted within minutes. No one asks me out, and Grindr does not count. I accepted.

Taking me out to dinner turned into meeting him at his apartment for dinner in. He was such a flirt, such an operator, but only in the sweetest, more charming sense; nothing sleazy or desperate, just puppy-love pursuit. It's how he approached everything, from keeping up with the latest films (we watched Bridge of Spies on his bed) to reflecting on the shows and people he'd directed (James Dean, everyone else you can think of)—with kid-like enthusiasm.

I found out he was 94 years old, and was there when he celebrated turning 95; it was at an intimate, collegial gathering of gay men of a certain age (and a few younger than his retirement), filled with witty remarks, political ruminations and more harmless passes all around.

My new, old friend was truly an open book. Aside from handing me his brief memoir that was published some years ago (devoid of all the scandalous gay tidbits he would offer verbally, especially surrounding his notorious Hollywood pool parties held a stone's throw from Rock Hudson's pad), he let me interview him a few times and also would tell me things that made me feel surprisingly close to him, considering the newness of our friendship.

I won't give away everything he said—he was fairly private even while being relentlessly social, hosting a separate birthday party for the boys and one for the rest of his friends—but one thing he told me I'll never forget involved his childhood dog. He expressed to me the love he had for this dog, and how crushed he was when he needed to have it put down. He was sick doing it, but the vet assured him it would be painless. Nonetheless, when the vet administered the shot, the dog looked at him in alarm. He described it as a look of betrayal. It hit him so hard he passed out for the first and only time in his life, hit him so hard that he remembered the dog's face vividly 80 years later.

I'll miss my new, old friend. He taught me a lot in a very short time, maybe because he knew odds were it would end up being a short time for us, in spite of his doctors routinely telling him there was no reason he couldn't live to be 100.

Mar 05 2016
The Last Living Silent Movie Star's Career Ended 91 Years Ago Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef017d3bdfb0b9970cDiana Serra Cary in 2012 (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Great Hollywood Reporter profile of Diana Serra Cary, formerly Baby Peggy. Correctly described by THR as the last living silent star (the last adult silent actor who'd appeared in starring roles was Barbara Kent), Cary, an avid chronicler of the Hollywood experience via her vividly written books, speaks poignantly of how her parents squandered the fortune she made as a child star:

For the next few years, Peggy supported her family by touring with vaudeville acts, even then a dying art form. Much of the $1.5 million already had been spent—on a 14-room house in Laurel Canyon, a $30,000 Duisenberg car, golf memberships for her father—although she says she doesn't blame her parents. “They did some silly things,” she says, “but they didn't do them viciously.” The last seriously silly thing her father did was buy a ranch in Wyoming, where he moved the family in 1929—right before the Great Depression. “He thought it was a solid investment, but it was six months before the stock market crash, and we lost everything,” she remembers. “The only place we could go was back to Hollywood. It was the only place that was still functioning.”

Her story in Hollywood is nearly singular, but her fate financially is all too familiar; down on her luck and having had the fortune of living so long, she's now dependent on the Motion Picture & Television Fund, which absurdly denied her request for aid.

BabyPeggy copyBaby Peggy (Image from here)

Wouldn't it be nice if someone who earned the modern equivalent of $14 million per picture had a nice, fast nest egg?

Read about my meeting with Cary here.

Check out my list of greatest stars 80+ here.

Mar 02 2016
6-PACK — Gay Wisdom + President Clinton II + Unifier Trump Threatens Paul Ryan + Voice Of NPR Dies + His Bully, His Boyfriend? + Get Your Head In The Game (Again)! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureGay seniors offer gay millennials advice. (No demands to get off lawn.)

*widget boy cultureWashington Post conservative write predicts President Hillary.

*widget boy culturePutin-style, Trump literally threatens Speaker Ryan.

*widget boy cultureNPR's Craig Windham dies unexpectedly @ 66.

*widget boy cultureU.K. Conservative accused of bullying young man to death was involved with him.

*widget boy cultureHigh School Musical 4 is coming!!! (Oh, wait, I'm not a tween. Still!!!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.21.53 AMCorbin Bleu, me & Zac Efron (Image by Anthony Cutajar)

Feb 22 2016
Dancing Her Way To The White House: Virginia McLaurin's Black History Month Jig Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.00.02 AM(Video still via Facebook @WhiteHouse)

When 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin finally made it to the White House, it was just her luck that the president and first lady happened to be black.

Keep reading to see her joyous interaction with the first couple, after the jump ...

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The YOUNGER Games: A Q&A With The Actress Behind The Show's Pansexual Publicist Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.28.25 PMMolly Bernard (L) in a still from Younger (Ali Paige/Goldstein/TV Land)

Actress Molly Bernard is currently spicing things up on TV Land's Younger, playing the pansexual publicist having a steamy relationship with Debi Mazar's character. The star, starring Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, and Nico Tortorella, provides many a water-cooler moment ... or would, if offices still had those.

FE5CFC43-E69A-6698-F3AF5CE9B5E33137(Image courtesy of TV Land)

Next up, she'll be seen in Sully, the biopic about pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) directed by Clint Eastwood.

Check out my interview with the multi-talented actress after the jump ...

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Feb 09 2016
RIP Tommy Kelly, Former Child Actor, TOM SAWYER Lead, Dies @ 90 Comments (0)

14114625224_2072a4f288_bApril 6, 1925—January 26, 2016

Tommy Kelly a child actor with film credits from 1938—his debut in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in the title role—through 1950, has died at 90 of congestive heart failure.

Though Kelly quit acting and seldom talked about it after his retirement, he worked in the Peace Corps and for the U.S. government, and was married to the same woman for 67 years.

One of Kelly's most noteworthy movie credits: He cried on camera in Gone with the Wind (1939); there are now precious few people known to be living who appeared in one of the most beloved spectacles of all time.

Jack-MoranJack Moran, Kelly's movie sidekick

Of his Tom Sawyer cast mates, the charming Jack Moran (1923—1990; pictured) as Huck Finn, who also appeared in GWTW, preceded him in death. Only Cora Sue Collins, 88, (I met her here!) and Ann Gillis, turning 89 on February 12, from the movie are still with us.

LIST: Greatest living stars 80+

Feb 06 2016
6-PACK — 99 Candles + They Came, They Arkansas, They Conquered + Feminist Shade + Jeb: Marco's A Bush-Leaguer + Gaga For Football + Queen Of Red Lobster Comments (0)

ZsazsaLaugh, but she's made it to almost 100 sitting on her ass. (GIF via It's Simple Darling)

*widget boy cultureZsa Zsa Gabor just turned 99 years old. She's lasted due to her workout video.

*widget boy culture86 “Arkansas helpers” are in New Hampshire, pushing for a Clinton win.

*widget boy cultureAlbright: Women against Hillary heading to hell. Steinem: They just want boys.

*widget boy cultureJeb Bush on Marco Rubio: “He's never been challenged in his life.”

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga loooves the national anthem, the Super Bowl, America, Whitney Houston.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé drops surprise single & video, “Formation” (Dirty), plugs Red Lobster:


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