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Oct 26 2016
Happy Birthday To The Next POTUS! Comments (0)

I love these candids of a truly tickled-looking Candidate Clinton at her staff surprise birthday party. Hillary turns 69 years young today, which means she will be the second-oldest person ever to be elected president, after Reagan, if she succeeds on November 8.

Trump would be the oldest, at 70, if he pulled the greatest upset in election history.

What to get the girl who soon could have everything? Well, William Weld has a great idea—don't vote for the Libertarians.

Oct 25 2016
Death Of The Party Comments (0)

I'm usually on top of major and minor celebrity passings, but I have been lax, hence this little catch-up:

PATRICIA BARRY: Early-TV actress and soap star Patricia Barry died at 94 (some say 93) mid-month and I totally Screen-capture-10missed it, even though I've been fixated on her presence on my list of the Greatest Living Stars 80 & Over. She was a captivatingly patrician presence on episodic TV, memorabily The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and in film.

KATHRYN ADAMS: Kathryn Adams, an original cast member of the 1939 classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame as well as a Hitchcock player, died at 96 on October 14. Though she appeared in Kathryn-adams-1-sizedHunchback, she almost had the lead—until Charles Laughton insisted on Maureen O'Hara. O'Hara also just recent died in her nineties. (My list of surviving Hitchock leading ladies is here.)

TOM HAYDEN: Finally, anti-war icon Tom Hayden died yesterday at 76. Hayden was married to Jane Fonda at the height of his notoriety, and in spite of being scorned as a radical, served for many years in the California Senate.

BOBBY VEE: Fifties teen idol Bobby Vee died at 73 yesterday after battling Alzheimer's disease. His final performance was in 2011, not long after his diagnosis.

Oct 16 2016
Singin' Through The Pain: A Review Of BRIGHT LIGHTS Comments (0)

4777060_orig(Image via HBO)

You may think you learned all you needed to know about the mother/daughter relationship of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher when you saw Shirley MacLaine and Meryl Streep play them in the film adaptation of Fisher's roman à clef Postcards from the Edge (1990)—but that's only part of the story.

DSC00721Fisher with her dog, Gary, at the NYFF (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

That's a really juicy part of the story, but still, only part of it.

Since then, Fisher—who has gotten her bipolar disorder under control—has been a devoted caretaker, best friend and immediate neighbor to her mom, one of the last survivors from Hollywood's Golden Age, and their whacky, tempestuous, deeply loving relationship is captured in all its gory glory in Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds, which screened October 10 at the New York Film Festival in NYC.

The film, directed by Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens, bravely and honestly follows what appears to be the twilight of 84-year-old Reynolds' time as a star, as a working performer and on earth.

Though she seemed as sharp as a tack and as spunky as ever when I saw her four years ago at the Cinecon film fest, she was visibly diminished accepting her SAG Award in 2015, a process captured in heart-stopping detail in Bright Lights.

Now, Reynolds seems to be almost 100% retired, and it's certainly against her will. Fisher—who says many poignant and thought-provoking things in the documentary—sums up why her mother's journey is so interesting to us all, pointing out that, “Age is hard for all of us, but she falls from a greater height,” something that's true of any great star, great beauty, greatly physical performer.

Fisher and her brother, Todd Fisher, display complete love and clear-eyed understanding of their superstar mom, who is both genuinely sweet and genuinly smitten with stardom, battling forces that led to a successful career but family strife in the past, and above all, all three of them approach themselves and their situations with admirable and infectious humor.

What can you say about these people whose family unit was torn asunder by Elizabeth Taylor—who ran off with Reynolds's husband Eddie Fisher (who appears in the film on his deathbed)—and yet who seem to reference her on a daily basis? Reynolds owned many of La Liz's most famous movie costumes, Todd Fisher has a Cleopatra poster hanging in his house.

When Bright Lights airs on HBO later this year, you'll undoubtedly find yourself more impressed than ever by Fisher's wit and grit (and her singing voice), and by Debbie's determination to remain as optimistic as her body will allow.

Just an absolutely touching and enthralling piece of work—which could also be said of the people in it.

After the jump, Debbie filmed this year for her Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Oscar ...

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Oct 14 2016
6-PACK — Luke Evans Protecting His Gayness + WaPo Is With Her! + Pence: FECKLESS Driver + Trump Jr. Slams Women Who Object To Sexual Harassment + Happy B'Day, BJ! Comments (0)

Tumblr_n23vk9F0491qbq6reo1_500(Luke Evans GIFs via TonsOfGIFs)

*widget boy cultureNewly single Luke Evans isn't “embarrassed” by being gay, but he won't talk about it. Because privacy.


*widget boy cultureThe Washington Post endorses Hillary Clinton “without hesitation,” not just 'cuz Trump is “dreadful.”

*widget boy cultureTrump says he didn't attack Natasha Stoynoff: “You take a look, look at her ... I don't think so.”

*widget boy cultureMike Pence answers 11-year-old girl's body-shaming question with lecture about “feckless” Hillary:

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump Jr. says women should put up with sexual harassment or they don't belong in the workforce:

*widget boy cultureGuess how old Greg Evigan is?

9532a4b120fbfdacb3d86a979717845d(Image via SuperTeen)

Sep 26 2016
Haunting New Ad For Hillary Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 8.58.54 AM(Video still via Bend the Arc Jewish Action)

This ad is hysterically funny—Jewish grandparents urge their grandkids not to vote for Trump, and do it at first in sobering and later in knee-slapping terms ...

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Sep 23 2016
Ageism Ain't Nothin' But A Number Comments (0)
Sep 14 2016
6-PACK — xHamster's Obscenely Gracious Gesture Toward Alexis Arquette + Trump BURNED By Flint Pastor + Flint Mayor Praises Hillary + Nyle DiMarco To Trump: Talk With The Hands + The Memory & Lifespan Of An Elephant + HUNG Up On You! Comments (0)

*widget boy culturePorn site xHamster bought an Alexis Arquette sex video—in order to destroy it.

*widget boy cultureTrump tries to make his Flint, Michigan, photo op into a campaign speech—a pastor put on the brakes!

*widget boy cultureFlint Mayor Karen Weaver praises Hillary Clinton, chastises Trump, over water crisis. Hillary up 5 nationally.

*widget boy cultureSILVER LINING: Nyle DiMarco is deaf, but at least he can't hear Donald Trump:

*widget boy cultureWhy do some super-agers have great memories, while others have—wait, what?

*widget boy cultureDo you like 'em “Dumb & Hung”? (Who doesn't? I'm an ass-man, but still.)

Double life(Image via Liquid Diet)

Sep 12 2016
She's (Still) So Fine Comments (0)

Check out this recent video of choreographer, dancer and onetime—literally, it was just one time, but it was a big one!—pop star Toni Basil, still confidently strutting her stuff at 72 years old.