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Jan 04 2016
RIP Tim Campbell, Gay-Rights Activist Comments (0)

Gay activist Tim Campbell, once the publisher of the GLC Voice newspaper, has died in hospice at Ows_145187700774233 the age of 76.

Campbell is remembered as confrontational and controversial, speaking out on hot-button issues and in public forums even when more buttoned-down activists would not. This did not make him universally popular.

Campbell is also known as an early and vocal supporter of both marriage equality and safer sex.

Check out this notation on Campbell's work regarding police harassment of gay men in the '80s:

First, it is critical for our community to reckon with the tragic effects of this police harassment. Arrests were a matter of life or death for many of the targeted men, who had not chosen to identify as gay. One of the most devastating stories uncovered by Kevin is that of the Reverend James Santo, who set himself on fire in the basement of his Hopkins church rather than face his family and congregation after his arrest in a bookstore on an indecent conduct charge. And many of these men were not only arrested, but also were beaten by police, brutality that was chronicled at the time by crusading journalist Tim Campbell in the radical GLC Voice.

GLC-Voice-police-abuse-1984Page from GLC Voice, 1980s

Need To Know: WICKEDly Romantic + The Road To Sedition + Saudis Lose Their Heads + Zack Attack + They Sure Is Ugly + Who Cares If Bill Feels The Bern During Urination? + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBroadway hotties Daniel Robinson & Josh Daniel Green get engaged on Wicked stage.

*widget boy cultureHORROR: ISIL tosses boy from roof for being gay—because he was raped.

*widget boy cultureArmed militia takes over part of federal refuge in Oregon. (But it's okay; they're white.)

*widget boy cultureTROUBLE: Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran. SA had executed Shiite cleric.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton says SA wasn't smart to go through with executions.

*widget boy cultureSan Diego cops shoot, kill gay man in domestic dispute.

*widget boy cultureZack Hardt would've been great on my list.

*widget boy culturePrEP and HIV-drug resistance studied.

*widget boy cultureChris Brown & latest accuser get into ugly battle.

*widget boy cultureComic: Cosby accusations = anti-black conspiracy.

*widget boy cultureDisney prince-tastic Logan Paul.

*widget boy cultureSanders objects to Trump bringing up Bill's sex life.

*widget boy cultureRare color pics of the making-of Some Like It Hot.

*widget boy cultureCéline Dion sings the FUCK out of Adele's “Hello.”

*widget boy cultureKylie Minogue camps it up with “Off with His Shirt.”

Kylieshirt-660x330Off with Joshua Sasse's shirt!

*widget boy cultureAmber Rose appreciates men who treat women well. (???)

*widget boy cultureFirst pic (sorta) of Saint West.

*widget boy cultureSexxxy UPS guy. Sexxxy, hairy legs. Sexxxy, spread legs.

*widget boy cultureTop 5 celeb peen moments of '15. (Work Unfriendly)


Dec 17 2015
What The Doctor Ordered: Price-Gouger Facing Prison Comments (0)

Price-hiking pharma vulture Martin Shkreli has been arrested on securities fraud charges. In an unrelated move, this ghoul recently bought the rights to yet another life-saving medicine and announced he would charge $80,000 for it instead of its current price—just $100.

Watch the oh-so-articulate kind of waste-of-space who supports Shkreli:

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Dec 14 2015
Pintauro Concedes: Maybe He Didn't Get HIV From Oral Sex Comments (0)


Danny Pintauro is speaking out about the uproar he caused with some of his comments on HIV once he came out as HIV positive this year. As the cover guy for POZ Magazine, he notes of criticism that he received by stating he got HIV from oral sex:

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Dec 09 2015
Burt Reynolds Kicks Charlie Sheen When He's Positive Comments (0)

S-l1000Nobody deserves AIDS ... is that such a radical thought?

Wow, Burt Reynolds coldly says Charlie Sheen is “getting what he deserves”, in regards to Sheen's HIV diagnosis.

Reynolds—who has presumably bedded lots of people without protection—seems to think people who bed people without protection deserve HIV. Interestingly, Reynolds was once the subject of AIDS gossip when he was ill and in seclusion in Florida.

Seems like he's been away from the public eye for so long he's still talking like he was when Stroker Ace came out.

Cue sanctimonious gay people responding to this story supporting Reynolds.

Dec 08 2015
You Don't Know Jack Comments (0)


My pal Jenni Olson drew my attention to this interesting Kickstarter, for a “non-documentary” about '60s underground filmmaker and artist Jack Smith. Check it out—it looks fascinating and the rewards are pretty cool, too.


A Jack Smith primer, from director Jerry Tartaglia's Kickstarter page:

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Dec 03 2015
Some Of His Best Friends Were Comments (0)


Ironic, in light of his non-response (and his wife's non-response) to AIDS.

Dec 02 2015
Need To Know: AIDS Aid + Us Against They + ISIL v LGBT + Dem Landslide? + Broken Foster Family + Shares & Share Alike + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.00.37 PMMadonna has a good time, but pauses to get serious about AIDS. (See below.)

*widget boy cultureFive-star Madonna lets Graham Norton wiggle into her act. Images

*widget boy cultureThey are kicking our asses, but they is, too.

*widget boy cultureUnsurprisingly, things are horrific for gays under ISIL.

*widget boy cultureWhat would you pay for One Direction's used shoes?

*widget boy cultureBoth Hillary and Bernie handily beating all Republican comers.

*widget boy cultureJennifer Granholm implores Trump to abandon campaign.

*widget boy cultureRHOBH star Yolanda Foster & superproducer hubby David Foster kaput.

*widget boy cultureLA guv John Bel Edwards is pro-LGBT.

*widget boy cultureWas #BlueLivesMatter more about #BlackLivesDontMatter?


*widget boy cultureAccomplished VFX producer Eric Kohler vanishes in L.A. Images

*widget boy cultureThree daddies, little lady.

*widget boy cultureTech industry is very LGBT-friendly, say these numbers.

*widget boy cultureFormer Clinton official Sandy Berger dies of cancer @ 70.

*widget boy cultureThe nekkid Dukes of Hazzard.

*widget boy cultureBig-hearted Facebook founder will give away BILLIONS.

*widget boy cultureWhy fake racism when it's all around you already? Pathetic.

*widget boy cultureAfter the jump, Madonna—on World AIDS Day—remembers son's birth family ...

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