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Dec 01 2016
6-PACK —Abs-Olutely No Regrets + Twitter Titters + Royal Test + Trump's Chumps + V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N In The Hummertime + Bradley Cooper, Breeder! Comments (0)

Ab Flash by @brenteverettxxx

A photo posted by Steve Peña (@therealstevepena) on

WIDGETABOVE: Steve Peña shows you his ... abs-a.

WIDGET100 hysterically funny tweets. I LOLed dozens of times.

WIDGETPrince Harry & Rihanna take HIV tests on World AIDS Day to destigmatize the virus.

WIDGETVia Joe.My.God.: Trump voters are full-on stupid. See above.

WIDGETDominic Thiem posts vacay pics with hot dudes. “Is one of them your special guy?”

WIDGETBradley Cooper is having a baby with Irina Shayk. She's carrying it. It'll have Mom's cheekbones and Dad's beard.

Tumblr_mkutnzSqK11r9pt1so2_r1_250(GIF via 20th Century Fox)

In Honor Of World AIDS Day: Tom Andersen's YARD SALE Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.19.24 AM(Video still via Tom Andersen)

I've posted this in previous years, too, but it's always worth watching/hearing again ...

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A Pill, A Promise: On PrEP Comments (0)

Joseph Osmundson writes extensively about PrEP — his personal experience — for this week's Village Voice. Osmundson_NonfictionLike so many great essays, it's not 100% about the thing you think it's about, and there are going to be passages that most gay men will recognize.

On how AIDS has always informed his sexuality:

My generation of gay men came after the plague but before the pill. What I knew was that fifty thousand people died in the U.S. in 1995. I was thirteen. What I knew was that sex kills, that no pleasure is ever free of worry, of death. The first thing I learned about sex was Kaposi's sarcoma lesions, gaunt thirty-two-year-olds on TV. I became a gay man and a scientist with a background in microbiology and biochemistry. Viruses have always fascinated me for being so complex and yet so simple, for being so deadly with so few genes.

On the tendency to have condomless sex as soon as you're in something like a relationship:

We'd been having unprotected sex for a year. I've always had unprotected sex with my boyfriends, a sign that we cared for each other, that we had built something like trust. I insisted on couples trips to the free clinic after three months of monogamy. I loved this man in part because his sex seemed so free, so out of my control. I begged him not to put me at risk. I told him my body was in his hands. He looked me in the eye and said I could trust him. I did trust him. After I caught him cheating, we used condoms. I got tested. He said that he never had raw sex with anyone but me, that it was an intimacy I alone had earned. I believed he was telling the truth. I trusted that he only cheated safely.

Read more at the Voice.

World AIDS Day Today: Riskiest Places For HIV Comments (0)

Gettested-hivmap-2016(Image via

The riskiest places in the U.S. when it comes to HIV — an interesting map. I'm willing to bet most would think California would have been riskier than Texas or Florida.

You can get HIV anywhere, depending on what you're doing, with whom you're doing it, if you're on PrEP, if you're using condoms and pure luck, but the map is nonetheless a sobering reminder of that fact:

The Top 10 Riskiest Cities for HIV
(Rank - City - New Diagnoses per 100,000) 

  1. Baton Rouge, LA - 44.7
  2. Miami - 42.8
  3. New Orleans - 36.9
  4. Jackson, MS - 32.2
  5. Orlando, FL - 28.8
  6. Memphis, TN - 27.6
  7. Atlanta - 25.9
  8. Columbia, SC - 25.6
  9. Jacksonville, FL - 25.1
  10. Baltimore - 24.3 
Nov 29 2016
Great Holiday Gift Idea! Comments (0)

Carols-for-a-cure-2016-volume-18-2-cds-3.gif(Image via Broadway Careds/Equity Fights AIDS)

For the gay who has everything!

Nov 23 2016
6-PACK — As Is + Holiday Gift With A Conscience + Elton John NOT Playing For Trump + Trump Sells $149 Ornament + Someone's Got Breitbart's Number + Movie Actress Re-Emerges! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 12.10.04 PM(Images by Adam Moco/Tryst Pic)

*widget boy cultureCheck out this (Work Unfriendly) series of images of nude men with an emphasis on reality, diversity.

*widget boy cultureA useful, cheap, stylish gift that also helps with HIV/AIDS awareness.

*widget boy cultureAnthony Scaramucci is full of shit — Elton John is not playing Trump's inauguration.

*widget boy culturePROSTITUTING THE PRESIDENCY: Trump hawking $149 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ornament.

*widget boy cultureAppNexus, Inc., drops Breitbart as hate speech.

65bv1xh2h0y3y0hMeg Randall (Image via Universal)

*widget boy cultureAFTER THE JUMP: '40s film noir & comedy actress Meg Randall re-emerges in spunky Subaru commercial:

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Nov 16 2016
The More You Know: At-Home STD Testing Service Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9.31.43 AM(Video still via GetTested PSA)

Video interviews explore why people resist getting tested for HIV or other STIs, a big issue as formerly easy-to-fix diseases become drug-resistant ...

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Gene Anthony Ray Of Light Comments (0)

Slava-2-e1474702265435(Movie still via MGM)

Jeremy Kinser's got a fascinating remembrance of gay actor Gene Anthony Ray, known to us all as Leroy Johnson in the 1980 film Fame.

Ray stole his first scene in the movie like so:

Clad in barely-there satin shorts and a sleeveless shirt pulled behind his head to accentuate his flawless torso, Ray electrified audiences with his sultry dancing. “What do you call that?” a teacher asks the instructor played by Debbie Allen as they take in Leroy’s suggestive moves. Allen, no slouch on the dance floor herself, instinctively replied, “Wicked!” Movie viewers couldn’t help but agree.

Kinser's remembrance is biographically complete, including details about his family life and his slide into drugs and eventually ill health.

He was iconic for many but couldn't make a living—but we do, at least, remember his name.


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