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Jun 29 2012
Cutest Of The Cute Comments (3)

Img723Alexander Ludwig, 20

Us: 100 Cutest Guys (Special Issue) seems targeted at teens, but why are they cramming so many full-on adults down little girls' throats when clearly there are so many adult men who'd enjoy that so much more?

Img724Garrett Hedlund, 27

Some of my top picks here and after the jump...

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Jun 08 2010
Standing Out From The Pack Comments (0)
I'm not sure where the pictures are from, but Wolf-Packer Alex Meraz from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is one fine specimen. Two more arguments on behalf of his fineness after the jump...

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Oct 29 2009
Wolfman Comments (0)
From People (November 9, 2009): New Moon's Alex Meraz looks set to replace Kellan Lutz as this Twilight Saga installment's beefcake. 


Aug 25 2009
Like The Wolf Comments (1)


New Moon wolf-packer Alex Meraz tears his shirt off in this short video portrait by Tyler Shields, after the jump...

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