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Jul 11 2013
Need To Know: Bears...Oh, My!, Immigration's Green Card Denied, Britney's Voice + MORE Comments (2)

Bear Mania"Oh, my God, I forgot to have children!"

*widget boy cultureIs Provincetown ready for an infestation of bears?

*widget boy cultureRepublicans in the House say "F.U." to immigration reform.

*widget boy cultureDzhokhar Tsarnaev says he's not guilty.

*widget boy cultureBullying lawsuit settled for $65,000.

*widget boy cultureTwo and a Half Men adds gay character: "Charlie"'s long-lost lesbian daughter.

*widget boy cultureJennifer Lopez continues her love affair with fur.

*widget boy cultureBig bucks for Ali Forney Center!

*widget boy cultureJapanese teens have new fad: Same-sex kissing.

*widget boy cultureBritney Spears "never needed that auto tune thing."—William Orbit

*widget boy culturePalm Springs fantasia:

Ryan-BarryStill a little Palm Springs in his step.

Jun 21 2013
Are You A Partyboy? Comments (3)
Nasty-Pig-hottie Shred_of_Hope_Invitation_v3

Last night was the party for Shred of Hope, a unique campaign designed to raise cash for The Ali Forney Center. A slew of celebrities and LGBT personalities has donated unique shirts, each being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Among those offered are shirts by Michael Stipe, Andy Cohen, Dustin Lance Black, blogger Joe Jervis, Jake Shears and many more; Adam Lambert's already had a bid of over $1,000 as of last night!

Nasty-Pig-modelThis SO-hot model sold me $20 in raffle tickets for the over-the-shoulder pose. I've got more than $20 for him.

CEO and founder David Lauterstein was on hand to greet us as we arrived, and to pose wearing a special $200 T-shirt that was being sold last night only to help jack up proceeds even further. Lovely guy—not nasty at all! (At least in that sense.)

Mr-nasty-pigThe David. (Not that this shirt would look so good on ME.)

We also chatted with Ali Forney's sexy Carl Siciliano, he of the non-profit mind and the bod for sin. He was showing off his impressive rack, telling me, "I felt like I had to do something to go along with the Nasty Pig theme." The pic he posed for with Joe Jervis was much nastier than the chaste one I got.

Carl-Siciliano-2Better than Keanu Reeves (an in-joke, but Carl is thinking of Kenneth In the (212) when he uses it.)

The hottest model ever lectured us on why bidding was helping kids (it is, and I plan to), but we could only focus on his very light underarm aroma, which was intoxicating. Not to mention his, well, everything else.

Fred-SchneiderI missed Fred's photo op, but he kindly returned just for me.

Le-TigreJD's Le Tigre shirt isn't a polo and doesn't involve a little tiger logo.

Also in attendance were Le Tigre's JD Samson, Fred Schneider of The B-52s and a host of horny, hairy do-gooders. Everyone mingled amidst the cool T-shirts and a very arty set-up involving mannequins and dramatic lighting. Someone gives a great tableau-job.

Jake-ShearsAbove, Michael Stipe & Jake Shears contributed my favorite shirts.

If you'd like to bid on a shirt, click here—you're helping homeless LGBTQ youth with every bid.



Bloggers Kenneth-Walsh-Michael-Goff-Matthew-RettenmundHere I am with Kenneth Walsh and with (top to bottom...allegedly!) Andy Towle & Michael Goff.

Next up was the 10-year anniversary party for Towleroad tossed by co-founders Andy Towle and Michael Goff at Lafayette on Lafayette (try to keep up). It was a spirited get-together with a who's-who of bloggers and LGBT movers and shakers, moving around the room and shaking either other's hands—networking at its finest.

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Jun 11 2013
Rip 'em To Shreds Comments (0)
Check out the Shred of Hope auction, which raises cash for the Ali Forney Center.
May 22 2013
Need To Know: The Art Of Being Gay; No GIFs, Ands Or Buts; Dancing Cheek To Cheek; Madonna Forever + MORE Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiAbove: "Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise: MarriageEvolved Edition" goes on sale.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiMr. Pippin, Orion Griffiths, wins 7th Annual Broadway Beauty Pageant.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiVirginia GOP nominee might be craziest right-winger yet.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wi"Gif" is pronounced "jif." Who knew, besides Dina Martina?

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiGiorgio Moroder, 73 plays his first DJ set.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiDaft Punk bonus track "Horizon" appears.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiVia Towleroad: Man, 30, underwear-dances with himself, 20:

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiWhy Madonna has endured for 30 years.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiMadonna & Li'l Wayne on Nicki Minaj's road to Billboard.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiYet another racist claims his racism wasn't racism.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiAnti-gay nutjob's suicide note. See you in hell!

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiJailed Pussy Riot member begins hunger strike.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiNew (gay) Dads on the Block share family photos.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0192aa178b9c970d-800wiApparently, Lance Armstrong loooves to be gang-rimmed.

Lance+Armstrong's+Bicycle+Releases+Tell-All+BiographyUm, I want in on a round, too, but Sheryl Crow was unavailable for comment.

Dec 17 2012
It Got Better: Raising $$$ For Ali Forney Comments (2)

  Max-von-Essen-profile Christina-DiCicco-Max-von-Essen

Carl-Siciliano-Ali-Forney Donna-Vivino

Above, two galleries of fun photos

Had a lot of fun at the A Better Holiday fundraising event for the Ali Forney Center at XL Nightclub, Mainand came away feeling good after a weekend of so much bleak news.

The Center was hard hit by Superstorm Sandy, but director Carl Siciliano told everyone that their new place will actually be even better than what they had before, including being open 24/7.

It seems to be a case of something good coming from something bad. Maybe there is a case to be made for optimism after all.

Carl-SicilianoCarl Siciliano: The #1 hottest charity director?

Carl also told me he'd seen my list of hottest TV actors around a lot and suggested I do one of hottest charity directors. Where do you think he'd fall on that list? (And how long would it be?)

Randy Harrison-Carl-Siciliano*DSC03389
Sing-Queer-as-Folk-Randy HarrisonRandy alone, with Carl and performing

Before the show, I spoke briefly with Queer as Folk gay icon ("People say that and I don't even know what that means," he laughed) Randy Harrison, who was all smiles, and with dashing Max von Essen, currently wowing them in Evita...at least until January. (I actually really like this production, so if you haven't seen it yet, give it a try.)

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Nov 13 2012
Men's Clothing: Half Off! Comments (0)

Half-Share-Jesse-ArcherSonny, check out Half-Share

The fiery Fire Island pilot Half-Share will be available for streaming FREE, or if you pay, 50% of all profits will go to the Ali Forney Center rebuilding efforts.

To check it out, visit the official site on Tuesday, November 20, or Ustream. You can rent or buy it on Amazon.

For a taste, keep reading...

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Jun 29 2012
The Champ Comments (2)

Carl-SicilianoCarl's Ali (Forney) is the greatest!

2390990_thbCarl Siciliano, founder and executive director of the Ali Forney Center, has been chosen as a "Champion of Change in the Fight Against Youth Homelessness" and will attend a special reception at the White House on July 12. Siciliano (pictured above and, at left, as a teen) says:

"It is thrilling that as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ali Forney Center, we are also being recognized by the White House for our pioneering work on behalf of homeless LGBT youth...I am very grateful to President Obama for recognizing the needs of homeless LGBT youth."

Great org. Check it out and see if you can help.

Mar 24 2012
Beautiful Boys: A Review Of The 6th Annual Broadway Beauty Pageant Comments (2)

IMG_6567And this bitch didn't even win!

IMG_6461This past Monday, I was thrilled to attend The 6th Annual Broadway Beauty Pageant, a hilarious and ribald event staged at Symphony Space (before a sold-out crowd) to raise money for The Ali Forney Center.

As a member of the Host Committee, I'd pledged to sell $500 worth of tickets, which I absolutely did—mostly to myself! I took José, brought my pal Jason along 6a00d8341c2ca253ef016764157837970b-400wi(VIP tickets including the afterparty) and the rest went to a Boy Culture reader who later informed me he'd been a homeless gay youth just a couple of years ago and to a lucky, last-minute couple.

As much work as it was trying to interest people in tickets, the show would go on to sell out, raising a record-breaking $75,000.

Arrived early to cover the junior red carpet, but it was kind of a bust for me because as a hobbyist blogger, I don't have pro lighting and it was in a 100-degree antechamber that might as well have been a cave.

I grabbed a few quick tidbits from the contestants but skipped everyone else, including judges Jackie Hoffman, Michael Musto and Tonya Pinkins, feeling bad about taking up anyone's time when they were impossible to see. Speaking of which,I didn't see expected guests Paul McGill, Rachel Dratch or John Glover, but I did at least make the acquaintance of Broadway expert Richie Ridge, one of whose helpers turned out to be Alex, a Boy Culture reader who kept my spirits up in the stifling heat.

IMG_6464Probably lots of Preparation H on those fresh faces (in some cases, perhaps coincidentally)

IMG_6492Sat down just in time to see the show open, featuring hysterical emcee Tovah Feldshuh who, as she pointed out, starred in Broadway's longest running one-woman show—take that, Lena Horne. She cracked wise about Grindr, Boy Butter and her many unconsummated Tony nominations. She was, without a doubt, 10 times funnier than last year.

IMG_6481Tonya Pinkins, Jackie Hoffman, Ali Forney's Carl Siciliano & Michael Musto

IMG_6486With Body (& Soul) Beautiful, Carl Siciliano, the director of Ali Forney


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