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May 31 2013
For Those About To Rock: Jaymes & James Team Up Musically Comments (1)

Jaymes-and-JamesIt takes two to make a thing go right...

Jaymes & James captivated America as the hunky, relentlessly optimistic duo who wound up coming in second place on The Amazing Race. The guys were representing Chippendales, but they were hoping the million-dollar prize would help with the bills associated with Jaymes's dad's cancer. Sadly, his father passed away in March ("I got the best guardian angel in the world now," Jaymes says), but this duo's deep friendship has kept their personal and professional collaboration alive.


Today, Jaymes & James (who were innocent bystanders when Lance Bass made his concerned comments about Amanda Bynes, which led to another round of "ugly" comments from the troubled ex-starlet) are releasing their first single, the melodic thumper "Light Up the Skies," produced by Tanzer, and available at iTunes.

I spoke with the guys to get the latest on their plans...


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Nov 19 2012
Amazin' Chippendales: An Interview With Jaymes & James Comments (2)


"The Amazing Race" could easily refer to some superhuman species to which these two belong

I recently spent some quality time in a tiny hotel room with Jaymes & James, the world's most Jaymes-and-James-Amazing-Race-Matthew-Rettenmundfamous Chippendales dancers. With my camera in tow, we had to drag the bed out of our way and figure out a good spot to show them off to their best advantage while still accomodating their hulking frames. "This feels like a porn," Jaymes joked. I swear it actually did. But of course the Chippendales are not seedy—they're razzle-dazzle and wink-wink, fun and fantasy.

Jaymes-and-James-shirtlessThe guys are raising cash to help Jaymes's dad

These two Chips are currently promoting a sizzling Chippendales 2012/2013 Sixteen Month Calendar with photography by John Ganun, out now, as well as their solo music careers and their goal to raise $250K to help Jaymes's desperately ill father. I also got a little Amazing Race dish out of them

Shirtless-2013_Calendar_COVER_FinalDating the Chippendales

Keep reading to check out my Q&A with the boys, who were only to happy to bare all no matter what question I asked...

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