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Apr 11 2013
Glover's Cover Comments (6)
Mariah anoints a new diva on American Idol as Candice Glover absolutely blows the roof off the joint with her take on The Cure's "Lovesong"...

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Mar 28 2013
Of Thee I Oversing Comments (24)

Madonna-Mariah"You ain't got a prayer, honey."

Last night on American Idol, Mariah dismissed "Like a Prayer" as being "not a big singing song." Look, plenty of Madonna's songs, including indelible pop classics like "Into the Groove" or "Borderline," could fairly and objectively be classified outside the "big singing song" category. Not so with "Like a Prayer," which even without its big singing choral aspect has plenty of opportunity within its verses for belting (and which features one of Madonna's best vocal performances ever).

For Mariah Carey to sing a song, she almost always insists on oversinging it. Give her "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and "fellow" would have 18.5 syllables.

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Mar 09 2013
Need To Know: Something Good Happened On The Subway, The Tribe Has Spoken, Bieber Acts Like a Baby-Baby-Baby + MORE Comments (1)

Elisabeth-Hasselbeck-firedBut I had the immunity idol!

*widget boy cultureElisabeth Hasselbeck has been voted off the island after 10 years.

*widget boy cultureAnn, starring Holland Taylor, charms The New York Times. Shemar-Moore-gay-dads

*widget boy cultureSurprisingly, a complete asshole blogs for Field & Stream.

*widget boy cultureBee venom kills HIV.

*widget boy cultureTelling Canadian Bieber to "go back to America" rankles.

*widget boy cultureShemar Moore-Moore-Moore...how do you like it, how do you like it?

*widget boy cultureJuan Williams blames plagiarism on researcher.

*widget boy cultureSweden's the best place to be gay, Iran's the worst. Your guide.

*widget boy cultureIs Keith Urban homophobic on American Idol?

*widget boy cultureMatthew Fox hypocritically critical of Harry Styles.

*widget boy cultureWait, why are small knives okay on planes suddenly???

*widget boy cultureGay dads who found son in subway on Anderson Live.

*widget boy cultureJust because you've always wanted to see the Teen Wolf cast nose-free:

Tumblr_mj91774rQN1rbl1aio1_250You'll howl with laughter

Jan 29 2013
Choosing Sides Comments (7)
Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): I know Madonna is considered massively vain (in spite of running around with zero makeup in public all the time), but is any star more vain than Mariah Carey? I don't see any difference between her right and left sides—she looks fine!—and yet in this interview, where the camera was set up on her "bad" side, she spent the entire time awkwardly craning her face in the opposite direction. Hysterical.
Dec 31 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Ryan_dunn_201202_1Screech for it

*widget boy cultureSuperhot, superbuilt nerd of the day. (And many more!) Gay-Neil-Patrick-Harris

*widget boy cultureLAME: White House seems to fold on fiscal cliff.

*widget boy cultureMadonna to duet with Anne Hathaway?

*widget boy culturePICTURED: The gayest work of art EVER!

*widget boy cultureThe gayest songs of 2012.

*widget boy cultureModern Family star & Pres. Obama for Illinois marriage.

*widget boy culture"Mary Richards" slept here: Iconic home 4 sale.

*widget boy cultureJeremy Hooper's book sold like hotcakes in '12.

*widget boy cultureSkanky singer Fantasia Barrino is anti-gay & anti-weed.

*widget boy cultureHulk Hogan opening a "breastaurant?"

*widget boy cultureEx-gays open their mouths and purses fall out:

Oct 03 2012
Minaj Said Knock You Out Comments (7)

Idol Nicki Minaj Mariah Carey"Get in control! Get in control!"

Nicki Minaj brought the North Carolina American Idol auditions to an end with a tirade against "her fucking highness" Mariah Carey, and TMZ has the full video. It's shocking to see an actual diva war amidst so many fake or overblown battles. Off video, Minaj allegedly threatened to knock Mariah out.

I'm not a fan of the series, but I'd tune in to see that.

Sep 18 2012
Voicing Her Opinion Comments (5)
Shakira The Voice
Shakira and Usher are replacing Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green on The Voice next season. Smart for Christina—she exits just as Britney Spears is entering The X-Factor, making it seem like her work is done/this genre is passé. But imagine getting vocal coaching from Shakira? Hers is so...unique! Good move for her that will help make her Topic A again, or at least B+. Hey, if J.Lo can be turned into the #1 Forbes star via a TV show, Shakira should be positioned nicely to do the same.
Sep 11 2012
Frenchie Davis Holds On For One More Day Comments (0)
Frenchie Davis Loves Got a Hold On Me
Bisexual diva Frenchie Davis was unfairly booted from American Idol ages ago in spite of her soaring voice and indelible personality (and being a good neighbor—I lived in the same building as she did on 42nd Street briefly). She bounced back on The Voice and now has an anthemic club tune out called "Love's Got a Hold on Me". See and hear the video after the jump...

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Aug 03 2012
Triumphantile Comments (7)

Mariah Carey
Here is Mariah Carey's new single, "Triumphant (Get 'em)". Haven't been hearing enthusiastic reactions from people who like or love Mariah—of which I am not one (hence the totally biased title)—but what do YOU think?

And what about the artwork?

And do you think she will spice up American Idol? I must admit I'd be scared shitless to sing in front of a real singer like her and yet, as someone who's never sung, I wouldn't sweat it if I had to warble for the likes of Paula Abdul or Britney Spears.

Jan 29 2012
Madonna Prepares To Give Us All Her Luvin' Comments (19)

1"Fuck—you!" [Smiles with satisfaction]

Via MadonnaTribe: Absolutely love the official art for "Give Me All Your Luvin'," which has a lot of energy and style. Love the treatment of the title on Madonna's top. (Fritz thinks that because presenting a person in triptych has occurred before, that makes this somewhat unoriginal. I think Madonna's triptych has a unique, demanding vibe and don't believe it's important for a single cover to be 100% unrecognizable as anything that's ever been done.)

Madonna give me all your luvinThought of this cover because of its resemblance to the third pic above

Madonna89gMadonna's triptych "Give It 2 Me" came out June 4, 2008, before Whitney or Mariah's (dramatically different anyway) covers

6a00d83451715e69e200e54f43815f8833-800wiAny other single covers on which Madonna appears thrice? Oh, yeah! 

Even more in love with the info that "Give Me All Your Luvin'" will be released on February 3 and that iTunes will have an exclusive pre-order of an 18-track deluxe edition of MDNA (including a remix of one song) from February 3—February 6 for just $9.99. Starting February 3, go here for the offer.

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