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Dec 20 2015
A Tale Of 2 Hillarys (And 1 Sarah) Comments (0)


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to SNL last night, bringing with them their most famous political impressions—Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. This led to an A Christmas Carol-esque situation, with Hillary 2008 (Poehler) advising Hillary 2015 (Kate McKinnon), with Palin playing the role of spoiler.

Here is the sketch.

And this is the impressive pep talk Palin had for the Hillarys:

Now here's my advice: Ya gotta do what ya believe in your spirit, but also: America. But not teachers and their fat, liberal books, but also. And even, why worry about fast-food wages with their status quo, which is another Latin word — 'status quo.' Meanwhile, Americans are bein' taken for a ride, and also, the man can only ride you when your back is bent, so ...

The real Palin may want to consider hiring Fey as her speechwriter; it's nonsense, but it's still better than her usual fare.

Jan 11 2015
Award-Worthy Comments (0)


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler owned at the Globes; their opening monologue was the perfect combo of topical, funny, edgy and yet not pointlessly mean-spirited. Loved many of the winners, too, especially Matt Bomer, Patricia Arquette and Transparent.

Nov 30 2014
Need To Know: REBEL, REBEL + RAGING Gyllenhaal + Don't Masc, Don't Tell + World AIDS Daydream: No New HIV Cases + MORE! Comments (0)

10440230_1517078205235847_8646130388411143096_n copy

*widget boy cultureABC implies Madonna's song leaks may be on purpose.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's manager asserts the leaks are not on purpose.

*widget boy culturePop Justice likes the leaks.

*widget boy cultureJake Gyllenhaal goes full Raging Bull for new role.

*widget boy cultureGirl, you need this before you hit Grindr again.

*widget boy cultureStill more info on Shia LaBeouf's alleged rape.


*widget boy cultureDJ Konai remix of “Let It Go” by Dragonette.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama on World AIDS Day.

*widget boy cultureSF leaders have a plan to cut HIV infections to ZERO.

*widget boy cultureThis kid should go on tour with instead of Mariah.

*widget boy cultureAmy Poehler & Tina Fey are back to rule the Golden Globes.

*widget boy culturePutin's pal Mickey Rourke boxed in Russia.

*widget boy cultureGOP bombs out on tech charm offensive.

*widget boy cultureThis one word saved former Officer Darren Wilson from prison?

Jan 21 2014
Need To Know: Some Ugly Baby, The Icing On The Cake, You Must Be Putin Me On, What Child Is This? + MORE! Comments (0)

Michael-Sporn-Doctor Desoto 2Sporn graphic

*widget boy cultureOscar-nominated animator and film blogger Michael Sporn passes away.

*widget boy cultureDOWN UNDERWEAR: Aussie undies.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers insults North West, an infant.

*widget boy cultureTAKE A SEAT, RACISTS: Does that chair come in "Asian woman?" Mark-Ruffalo

*widget boy cultureAmazing daguerreotype-style images of Sundancers.

*widget boy cultureLET US EAT CAKE: Anti-gay bakery violated civil rights.

*widget boy culture"Leslie Knope" is back as Parks & Rec gets a 7th season.

*widget boy cultureObama evolves on pot.

*widget boy cultureIf you're a gay friend of Mary Matalin's, go to hell.

*widget boy cultureIf you're a gay friend of Putin's, hell's too good for you.

*widget boy cultureBAD HABITS: Nun bears a child, was unaware she was preggers.

*widget boy cultureChris Christie claims he'll learn from his scandal.

Chris-ChristieBut will he learn nothing?

Jan 12 2014
Golden Moments Comments (0)


The best Golden Globes takes so far are from Mia Farrow (above), who was not even gonna try with the Woody Allen tribute, and from Colton Haynes (below), whose closet door isn't glass but is instead a handy bedsheet.


I think Amy and Tina are insanely suited to this kind of thing and it was gratifying that Amy finally won a goddamned award for "Leslie Knope."

It was nice that Jackie Bisset won her first award ever for anything, though she kicked off a lot of long, uncomfortable pauses in acceptance speeches, as well as long journeys from disadvantageous seating.

I was happy for Leo DiCaprio; just saw and loved Wolf of Wall Street (great movie about terrible people I wish all died at the end), the second movie in which he's ever  impressed me. 

Amy Adams was incandescently amazing in American Hustle, so I'm on board with that win, too.

I'd never so much as heard of Brooklyn 99 before, so I'll have to seek it out.

Michael Douglas's "mincing" comment was annoying, but what do you expect from the son of Natalie Wood's rapist? He was totally overrated in the totally overrated Behind the Candelabra.

I'm dying that Steve McQueen called Sarah Paulsen the "Bette Davis of America." Dude, Bette Davis was the Bette Davis of America and there is no connection there. You'd be better off calling Jared Leto the Bette Davis of America.

I'll update this as the show draws to a close, but...what did you think?

Dec 12 2013
Snarks & Recreation Comments (0)

Amy-Poehler-Billy-EIchner-You-Know-Me-humor"You know me!"

Who wouldn't wanna sing Christmas carols with Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler? Other than Hasidic Jews?

Hilarious video to come...

 Read More

Jun 08 2013
Need To Know: I HART Amy Poehler, Your Phone Sex Is Safe, Dog Burglar + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAmy Poehler and Adam Scott recreate the Hart to Hart opening.

*widget boy cultureSAFE, NOT SORRY: President Obama passionately defends NSA intel gathering.

*widget boy culturePussy Riot—quiet—in NYC.

*widget boy cultureHOT BITCH: Brandi Glanville's dog stolen.

*widget boy cultureConservadem Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) thinks Eric Holder should maybe quit.

*widget boy cultureNYETEROSEXUAL: In Russia, Elton John's clothes are homosexual activists.

*widget boy cultureDavid LaChapelle's supercreepy Madonna sculpture:

Madonna-David-LaChapelleAll over "your" body.

Mar 06 2013
Need To Know: Swift Passage To Hell, Oprah Wins Breast Actress, Lisa Rinna Will Cut A Bitch + MORE Comments (0)

Carly-Rae-JepsenCalled off, definitely

*widget boy cultureBoy Scouts too anti-gay for Carly Rae. Hotshirtless-Turkish-oil-wrestling

*widget boy cultureTurkish oil wrestling is totally legit.

*widget boy cultureJeb Bush running for prez in 2016?

*widget boy cultureKate Middleton carrying a little princess?

*widget boy cultureDeborah Cox to women: HIV still a threat

*widget boy cultureWhy Republicans should support marriage equality.

*widget boy culturePro athlete to come out sooner rather than later?

*widget boy cultureGay Web series are where it's at.

*widget boy cultureLisa Rinna goes off on a chick for mauling Harry Hamlin in the can  at a Vegas eatery.

*widget boy cultureEllen's Ben Franklin: "We're here, we're queer..."

*widget boy cultureSuperman artist won't work with ultra-homophobe.

*widget boy cultureTerrence Howard's Oprah sex scene livened up by her "tig ol' bitties."

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper on Madonna: "I'm, like, the oldest groupie in the world."

*widget boy cultureBlog that smeared Madonna on AIDS removed.

*widget boy cultureTaylor Swift takes all comers, can NOT take a joke.

Madonna-AIDSHave you ever seen your best friend die?


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