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Oct 12 2016
6-PACK —50 Shades Of Crazy + Trumpette Wants Armed Revolution + Women Sometimes Suck, Too + Trump Wants You To Vote 20 Days Late + GOLDEN GIRLS Get Some Action (Figures) + Milo Ventimiglia's Stache! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureON A ROLL MODEL: Ana Navarro calls Scottie Nell Hughes “50 shades of crazy.”

*widget boy cultureSupporter says she's like Trump, wants insurrection if Hillary wins:

*widget boy cultureLet's stop pretending that women automatically get it. They don't: 

*widget boy cultureTrump (who can't say “asterisk”) wants his supporters in Florida to get out and vote on November 28:

*widget boy cultureGolden Girls action figures are the latest rage. Kids today!

Golden-girls-action-figures(Image via Funko)

*widget boy cultureIn praise of Milo Ventimiglia's mustache.

Milo1(Video still via NBC)

Oct 09 2016
Anderson Cooper Talks About The Vulture-Like Quality Of Journalism Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.19.10 PM(Video still via Archive of American Television)

Anderson Cooper talks about looking for a good story at the expense of your own humanity in order to do a broader service to humanity ...

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6-PACK — Rudy Squirms + Hillary Soars + You're The Worst, Joe + Anderson Cooper's Debate Prep Revealed + Speedo Freak + Sara Ramirez: I'M BI! Comments (0)

Rudy-Giuliani(Video still via ABC)

*widget boy cultureRudy Giuliani sounds unbelievably squirmy trying to defend Donald Trump's sex-assault boasts.

*widget boy cultureHillary is ahead by a lot in PA, by a little in FL ... in polls taken before Trump's pussy-talk.

*widget boy cultureJon Voight claims Trump's words “did not hurt anyone,” were spoken in his “younger years.” (Age 59.)

*widget boy cultureDebate prep is hard:

Giphy(GIF via Telepictures)

*widget boy cultureIf you like 'em big, hairy and bulging in a Speedo, he's yer guy.

*widget boy cultureSara Ramirez of Grey's Anatomy comes out as bi.

Sep 15 2016
Trump Says Anderson Cooper Unfit To Serve As Debate Moderator Comments (0)

In a rather cunning move to set Anderson Cooper up to feel he must be nice to Trump to avoid being called biased, Trump has pre-emptively accused the CNN anchor of being beholden to Hillary Clinton—and says Cooper should not moderate a debate.

The remark came out of nowhere, but was no accident.

Gotta hand it to him—that was fucking smart.

Oh, and for good measure, he re-asserted that he isn't sure Obama was born in the U.S.A., so he hates black people, foreigners and also gay people (Cooper will be the first out gay man to moderate a presidential debate).

Sep 12 2016
6-PACK — Hillary: I THOUGHT I COULD POWER THROUGH + Hillary's Odds + Pence Won't Renounce David Frickin' Duke + Alexis Arquette Died Of AIDS + Brad Pitt vs. Mel Gibson + Sexy Football Jock! Comments (0)

Clinton: I thought I could power through illness - CNN Video

In a phone interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Hillary Clinton says she is feeling better and discusses fainting spells in the past.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton, in a call to Anderson Cooper, said she didn't think her pneumonia “was going to be that big a deal.”

*widget boy cultureHow to fix Hillary: Antibiotics and MORE WATER. How to fix Trump: ??? (Hillary's gonna win.)

*widget boy culturePence pretends Trump isn't still a birther, refuses to concede that David Duke is deplorable. DAVID. DUKE.

Alexis-Arquette-Wedding-SingerAlexis Arquette in 1998's The Wedding Singer (Image via New Line)

*widget boy cultureAlexis Arquette reportedly died of AIDS-related causes.

*widget boy cultureBrad Pitt compares The Passion of the Christ to Scientology. Jesus H. (for Hubbard?) Christ!

*widget boy cultureSexy mofo Jimmy Garoppolo, in various states of undress.

Sep 02 2016
6-PACK — Landlord From Hell + Garrison Keillor On Racist Trumps + Trumpette's Empty-Headed Dream + FBI Dumps Hillary Email Docs + Hillary's Advisors Think She's Got This Thing Won + El Paso County For LGBTQ! Comments (0)

Ad_217101270-500x666(Image by Olly McLellan & Scott Cole)

*widget boy cultureLandlord hates his gay tenants so much he hounds them out of a home—then stalks them 13 miles away!

*widget boy cultureKeillor on Trump, Inc.: “In Queens, blacks were a threat to property values — they belonged in the Bronx, not down the street.”

*widget boy cultureHead Trumpette hopes she's still friends with Hillary after founding group with Gennifer Flowers. You're not, girl.

*widget boy cultureFBI releases documents on Hillary Clinton server/email investigation, ruining right-wingers' vacation plans.

*widget boy cultureHillary's inner circle thinks she'll win pretty much no matter what. I kinda hate that mentality. Your debate moderators are ... !

*widget boy cultureEl Paso County, Texas, calls out anti-LGBTQ legislators

Jul 06 2016
Vacation Home, All I Ever Wanted Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 3.07.18 PM

(Image via Architectural Digest)

You can go inside Anderson Cooper and Ben Maisani's ultra-luxurious Brazilian vacation home with Architectural Digest ... but you may never wanna leave.

Jun 16 2016
Anderson Cooper On Pam Bondi: SHE'S EITHER MISTAKEN, OR SHE'S NOT TELLING THE TRUTH Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.05.28 AMAnderson's “bitch, please” face is priceless! (Video still via CNN)

Florida A.G. Pam Bondi was ever-so-pissed when Anderson Cooper dogged her over the question of whether she—in arguing to defend her state's position against marriage equality—she used language that accused LGBT people of harming Florida. She denied it, even though the record shows she did just that. 

Cooper's point was clear: How can she now decry violence against LGBT people when she has professionally smeared us in the course of her duties?

Bondi pushed back, but Cooper isn't having it, saying:

But today, the Attorney General went on a radio show and made some claims about our interview that are just factually incorrect. Now, she's either mistaken, or she's not telling the truth.

In a video, Cooper held up all of his office's pre-interview notes, stressing that Bondi's claim that she only went on CNN to talk about scams in the wake of the mass shooting is bogus:

...I chose to ask her about comments she herself publicly has made on numerous other television-show appearances in just the last few days ... comments which seemed contradictory to her record in dealing with gays and lesbians in [Florida].

Cooper also zinged Bondi for lying in claiming that CNN edited out the beginning of her interview—pointing out that it aired live.

When Bondi absurdly accused Cooper of conducting an angry interview that ginned up hate and mistrust in her office, Cooper's expression said it all (see pic at top of this post). To that, he said:

I don't know Pam Bondi, personally. She seems like a nice person, actually. I don't think she has hate in her heart. But what I think doesn't matter—it's my job to hold people accountable, and if on Sunday a politician is talking about love and embracing quote our LGBT community, I don't think it's unfair to look at their record and see if they have actually ever spoken publicly that way before, which I've never heard her say. The fact is, Attorney General Bondi signed off on a 2014 federal court brief that claimed married gay people would quote impose significant public harm—harm. She spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers money—gay and straight taxpayers' money—trying to keep gays and lesbians from getting the right to marry ... [T]he very right which allows gay spouses to bury their dead loves ones, that's a right that would not exist if Ms. Bondi had had her way. I think it's fair to ask her about that, there is an irony in that.

Cooper ends by saying he's seen love and unity among the Orlando LGBT community, not the hate Bondi claims she is receiving via e-mail. Poor lady, getting mean e-mail messages, and yet she didn't flinch when robustly trying to deny rights to the LGBT people in her state and was only too happy to say married gay people would harm Florida.


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