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Mar 09 2014
Theme From A Hummer Place: A Review Of NOTHING BUT TRASH Comments (0)

2-Kaplan, McGarrigalBrotherly love

3-Kaplan, McGarrigalWent with a friend to see Andy Halliday's new Off-Broadway play Nothing But Trash, playing at Theater for the New City on 1st Avenue The experience wasn't a drag...even if Andy was in drag from beginning to end.

Nothing But Trash is a loving, even stalkerish, tribute to melodramatic teen-hormone pictures of the '50s and '60s. I started listing the films it was aggressively homaging in my head (Imitation of Life, Rebel Without a Cause, A Summer Place...) but lost count when the cast went into a West Side Story number that would give "Sergeant Krupke" an unwelcome erection lasting over four hours. It's a special treat for anyone familiar with to whom the main characters' names ("Tab" and "Troy") refer.

1-Kaplan, HallidayWhere did she go wrong??? (My theory: It was the gloves.)

Rory-Max-Kaplan-Nothing-But-TrashHalliday hams it up as a woman returning to her hometown with her 16-year-old stud—I mean, son—in tow. Young "Troy" (a magnetic Rory Max Kaplan) is fit and ready to feel his oats, the gay kind since, in Halliday's fantastic vision, homosexual teenagers are virile of body and of heart, and are unafraid to dare speak the name of the love that dare not speak its name.

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Jan 27 2014
Instagratification: 9 Theater Superhunks Making Social Media Their Bitch Comments (0)

When it comes to following hot Broadway performers, Off-Broadway actors and chorus boys, I Joshua-Michael-Brickman-Corey-D-Stewartwouldn't say I'm the most dedicated, but I'm one of the most literal—in fact, I tend to run into them on the street and say hello. [Most of the time, they're thrilled to be recognized and briefly chatted up by a fan, though one luscious blond(ish) boy has looked at me like I'm wearing a vest littered with bubonic plague-laced needles.]

My own Instagram is filled with sexy men about town, and probably a decent number of them are buff theater boys, sure to please all you theater buffs.

With innovations like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you don't even have to leave your home to ogle men who were—let's face it—born to be ogled.

Without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are just a few of the nonsensically beautiful, occasionally ecstatically exhibitionistic men of the theater who you may want to get social with real fast...

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Dec 31 2013
Need To Know: Base On Balls, Rodgers Plays Daddy/Boy, There But For The Grace Jones Of God + MORE! Comments (0)

Tumblr_mbquslJTvZ1r4glwho1_r1_400It was an exciting play.

*widget boy cultureAbove: And he's safe! (Oh, wrong sport.)

*widget boy cultureAaron Rodgers's dad (maybe) wants you to know his son is engaged.

*widget boy cultureGrace Jones is magic.

*widget boy cultureAt least 1/3 of Republican America has not yet evolved.

*widget boy cultureNY Times report on Benghazi was not a Hillary endorsement.

*widget boy cultureMadonna hits the bunny slope.

*widget boy cultureThe first four Hustling Webisodes are up today!

Andrew-Glaszek-Hustling-shirtlessHow much is  Andrew Glaszek worth, per hour?

Dec 17 2013
Man Culture: Premiering Season 3 Of HUSTLING Comments (0)
  IMG_0717* IMG_0623 IMG_0650 IMG_0661 IMG_0697*

Check out some shots from the event in the gallery above!

Tonight was the premiere of Season 3 of Sebastian La Cause's popular Web series Hustling. As usual, it was a festive affair, since just about every interesting New Yorker has a part in it. For an introspective drama (all about a porn actor/hustler trying to transition into being a chef), Hustling has a cast of thousands.

IMG_0761*Writer-director-producer-actor Sebastian La Cause gives "the look."

Judging from the first three episodes, this season promises to be as sexy and edgy as the first two. In the space of a few minutes, we got to see multiple actors rolling around on top of each other in ecstasy, plus there were enough food references to choke Paula Deen. Sex and food...what could possibly go wrong?

Be sure to check it out at Hustling.tv.

Tons of pictures after the jump...

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Jul 29 2013
Red Alert Comments (1)

WEB cover-1
New York's most famous ginger, my buddy Andrew Glaszek, covers Next (July 26, 2013) this week.


Jul 24 2013
TRASH! Wednesday Comments (0)


Andy Halliday and G.R. Johnson seek your help in financing Nothing But Trash!, a parody of '50s romance movies with a gay twist.

Fun and funny Kickstarter video follows...

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Jun 21 2013
Are You A Partyboy? Comments (3)
Nasty-Pig-hottie Shred_of_Hope_Invitation_v3

Last night was the party for Shred of Hope, a unique campaign designed to raise cash for The Ali Forney Center. A slew of celebrities and LGBT personalities has donated unique shirts, each being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Among those offered are shirts by Michael Stipe, Andy Cohen, Dustin Lance Black, blogger Joe Jervis, Jake Shears and many more; Adam Lambert's already had a bid of over $1,000 as of last night!

Nasty-Pig-modelThis SO-hot model sold me $20 in raffle tickets for the over-the-shoulder pose. I've got more than $20 for him.

CEO and founder David Lauterstein was on hand to greet us as we arrived, and to pose wearing a special $200 T-shirt that was being sold last night only to help jack up proceeds even further. Lovely guy—not nasty at all! (At least in that sense.)

Mr-nasty-pigThe David. (Not that this shirt would look so good on ME.)

We also chatted with Ali Forney's sexy Carl Siciliano, he of the non-profit mind and the bod for sin. He was showing off his impressive rack, telling me, "I felt like I had to do something to go along with the Nasty Pig theme." The pic he posed for with Joe Jervis was much nastier than the chaste one I got.

Carl-Siciliano-2Better than Keanu Reeves (an in-joke, but Carl is thinking of Kenneth In the (212) when he uses it.)

The hottest model ever lectured us on why bidding was helping kids (it is, and I plan to), but we could only focus on his very light underarm aroma, which was intoxicating. Not to mention his, well, everything else.

Fred-SchneiderI missed Fred's photo op, but he kindly returned just for me.

Le-TigreJD's Le Tigre shirt isn't a polo and doesn't involve a little tiger logo.

Also in attendance were Le Tigre's JD Samson, Fred Schneider of The B-52s and a host of horny, hairy do-gooders. Everyone mingled amidst the cool T-shirts and a very arty set-up involving mannequins and dramatic lighting. Someone gives a great tableau-job.

Jake-ShearsAbove, Michael Stipe & Jake Shears contributed my favorite shirts.

If you'd like to bid on a shirt, click here—you're helping homeless LGBTQ youth with every bid.



Bloggers Kenneth-Walsh-Michael-Goff-Matthew-RettenmundHere I am with Kenneth Walsh and with (top to bottom...allegedly!) Andy Towle & Michael Goff.

Next up was the 10-year anniversary party for Towleroad tossed by co-founders Andy Towle and Michael Goff at Lafayette on Lafayette (try to keep up). It was a spirited get-together with a who's-who of bloggers and LGBT movers and shakers, moving around the room and shaking either other's hands—networking at its finest.

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Jun 15 2013
Do The Hustle Comments (1)

Here's your chance to help out with Hustling's third season. It's a sexy, compelling series...just the Kickstarter footage is interesting to watch, let alone the actual episodes.