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Oct 16 2012
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Shaun_T-Scott_BlokkerShaun T's Instagram wedding photo

Boy culture WIDGETInsanity work-out god Shaun T comes out in the wake of his wedding.

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney's father's longtime aide calls Mitt "erratic," says he fails to live up to his dad.

Walking DeadBoy culture WIDGETBarbra Streisand's "stage persona and her look were shaped by gay men."

Boy culture WIDGETThe Walking Dead's vivacious ratings: 10.9 viewers tune in for season opener.

Boy culture WIDGETCandy Crowley vows not to be a "fly on the wall" at tonight's prez debate.

Boy culture WIDGETAmerican Family Association still supports bullying.

Boy culture WIDGETMadonna launches yet another fragrance: Naked.

Boy culture WIDGETFlorida centenarian uses Vote Now to vote now for Barack Obama.

Boy culture WIDGETTeabagger fantasizes that President Obama and Rev. Wright ('memba him?) are gay lovers.

Boy culture WIDGETLatter-day Staci Keanan Selena Leffew has two fathers:


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