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Feb 04 2013
Need To Know Comments (2)

Tumblr_mhop63pDXg1rn892lo4_250-1The gif that keeps on giving

*widget boy cultureAndrew Rannells exits Girls in style.

*widget boy cultureObama on gun control in Minneapolis. Adam-Levine-nipple

*widget boy cultureAdam Levine's nipple on 7 Hollywood.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga's crazy tour rider.

*widget boy cultureHer rant in this deposition is even nuttier!

*widget boy cultureCK Underwear's sexy Super Bowl ad.

*widget boy cultureHighest-rated Super Bowl ever.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's half-time show still  (barely) #1.

*widget boy cultureDrag queen recreates all of Madonna's MDNA.

*widget boy cultureLooks like a young Gilles Marini.

*widget boy cultureReality stars on the runway vs. AIDS.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump suing Bill Maher.

*widget boy cultureFake porn posters from the fake past. (Work Unfriendly)

Porn-posters-art"Does my body drive you wild with desire?"

Nov 07 2012
A Romney/Ryan '12 Playlist Comments (3)


Look, I'm not a former candidate—I don't need to be classy. And it's great that Mitt Romney gave a classy, gracious concession speech (eventually), but it only came after months of saying and doing horrendous things that threatened many things I hold dear. So if you're feeling groovy and don't want any post-election snark, skip this. Otherwise, here's my Romney/Ryan playlist—my last post on their losing ticket.

"WonkaMix (Willy Wonka You Lose Remix)" by Various

"It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be" by Aretha Franklin & Whitney Houston

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Nov 05 2012
Just-In Time! Comments (2)

A Justin Bieber-inspired sex doll is, apparently, a real thing. Have a nice baby, baby, baby "O!"

And yes, the model is a dead ringer for Andrew Rannells.

Andrew-RannellsThe new abnormal?

Oct 02 2012
One Million Moms Can Be Wrong Comments (4)

The-new-normal1-400x2931,000,000 moms vs. two dads

NBC has picked up The New Normal (and Go On and Revolution) for the full season, a decision likely to infuriate One Million Moms. I don't like the show, but I loathe One Million Moms, so: Yay!

Sep 18 2012
Let's Start Anew Normal Comments (14)

Are you watching The New Normal? I wasn't excited by the pilot (and was so annoyed to be annoyed by adorable Andrew Rannells's vapid character) that I haven't gone back to it. But I plan to give it another try. It's on tonight at 9:30PM EST on NBC, and it's clever enough to market itself using memes and someecards!