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Feb 28 2014
'80s Ladies: Check Out The 1983 Model Movie PORTFOLIO Comments (0)

PortfolioModel behavior

So worth your time is Portfolio (1983), a terrifyingly bad...I'm gonna go with "movie"...about modeling starring the top models of the day, a whole lot of human set décor and featuring cameos by Andy Warhol and a coked-out-seeming Steven Meisel. Choice quote:

"Steven Meisel is totally divinely twisted!"

As said just before we see him queenily demanding that the models "wake up" and "remember the face" and "the crotch! the crotch!"

Watch after the jump...

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Feb 09 2014
Madonna Auction Makes A Mint Comments (0)

Madonna-Martin-Burgoyne-MaripolAn amazing Burgoyne/Ciccone Polaroid by Maripol that went for well over $5000!

Now is not the time for Matthew to be haunting Madonna auctions, but I did my darnedest anyway at the Myers Fine Art auction of Martin Burgoyne's personal effects. Burgoyne, you will recall, was Madonna's gay BFF and one-time roommate who designed her early record sleeves, designed her first album cover (which was not used) using Edo Bertoglio photographs and who died in his twenties of AIDS. Madonna was generous with Martin, helping him out personally and financially. I've always been fascinated by him and would have loved to have owned something from what was repeatedly called a "treasure trove" in all the media surrounding this auction by his elderly parents.

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Jan 23 2014
Need To Know: Justin Bieber Is Jailbait, Goldie Fawns, Ex-Gay: The Series, Birds Of A Feather, An Instant Classic + MORE! Comments (0)

Hawn4Let's not go Overboard.

*widget boy cultureGoldie Hawn gushes about monstrously homophobic Nigerian prez. (UPDATE: She's sorry.)

*widget boy cultureDoc submits to ex-gay therapy for new TV show. And Happy Endings got canceled?

*widget boy cultureToilets in Sochi are gayer than Putin posing by a stream.

*widget boy cultureWhat music, marketing & advertising can learn from Madonna.

*widget boy cultureElton John pens passionate letter about Putin's gay witchhunt.

*widget boy cultureHypnotic murmuration of starlings.

*widget boy culture

Justin Bieber is now where he belongs.

*widget boy cultureRemember being gay and Turning 16?

*widget boy cultureBoy band The Wanted breaking up.

*widget boy cultureSherri Shepard loves you after all.

*widget boy cultureHard-hitting exploration of underwear pouches.

*widget boy cultureThis guy is wanted by the cops...and I'm pretty sure it's "Ernie."

*widget boy cultureOriginal Andy Warhol Polaroid used on Querelle poster for sale.

Andy-Warhol-QuerelleNow ear this!

Jan 19 2014
Joe Dallesandro & Holly Woodlawn In The FLESH Comments (0)
  Holly-Woodlawn-Joe-Dallesandro FLESH 2Andy-Warhol's-Flesh-poster-1020420952 Holly-Woodlawn-Joe-Dallesandro-screening Flesh
Joe-Dallesandro-Holly-Woodlawn FLESH-1 Joe-Holly

My buddy James D. Rieker (the handsome, hairy fellow in some of the gallery pictures above)  took Hollywood Forever up on its offer to spend this weekend with Warhol superstar Joe Dallesandro, attending the Friday evening screening of Flesh, hosted by Dallesandro and the great Holly Woodlawn.


I'm loving his snaps from the night, but none more so than the one of Joe lighting Holly's fire.

Joe turned 65 on  New Year's Eve and Holly is 67...looking good for a couple of people whose wild lives early on probably made them doubt they'd see their sixties!

Holly-WoodlawnHolly making her entrance tothe screening.

Dec 20 2013
Need To Know: They Come And They Go, Faith Squealers, Have Mercy, Ryan's Big War-Haul + MORE! Comments (0)

Al-Goldstein-ScrewTotally Screwed

*widget boy cultureScrew's Al Goldstein, porn mogul and free speech pioneer, dies destitute at 77.

*widget boy cultureDuck Dynasty family equates slurring gays and racism with their "faith."

*widget boy cultureOld Dogs & New Tricks hits Netflix and Hulu.

*widget boy culturePussy Willow's "Whose Child Is This?" is a must-see.

*widget boy cultureLast-second gay gift guide: Tear porn.

*widget boy cultureIn a rare turnaround for retail, Barneys re-invades Downtown NYC.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé kisses Madonna's daughter, Madonna calls Beyoncé "Queen B."

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé's creative director speaks out. (I hate that artists have "creative directors.")

Nik-Kershaw-Kim-WildeWouldn't it be good if we could live without a care?

*widget boy cultureNik Kershaw and Kim Wilde are still singing and in the holiday spirit.

*widget boy cultureRyan O'Neal wins his Farrah Warhol lawsuit.

*widget boy cultureThe Advocate is going to H-E-double-hockeysticks for that Pope blunder.

*widget boy cultureIs there such a thing as gay-friendly Christmas specials?

*widget boy cultureFLASHBACK: The "Burning Up" nearly killed Madonna. As in dead.

*widget boy cultureFLASHBACK 2: Today, who's being as daring as this was 30 years ago?

*widget boy cultureDiego Mello is a hunk for almost any day.

Diego mello @ ragazzo (9)_900x1200Mello fellow

Oct 28 2013
Need To Know: Let Kelly Eat Cake, Okla-homo, Katy Perry's New Release = Cognitive Dissonance + MORE Comments (0)

Lady-Gaga-X-FactorGaga is losing it...her clothing, anyway.

*widget boy cultureGaga hugs Sharon Osbourne, does G-A-Y nude, camel-toes the line on X Factor.

*widget boy cultureBut Kelly Osbourne is not impressed. Josh Groban, neither. And he's a card. Love Out Loud (Charity Cover)

*widget boy cultureHow to run a gay bar in Mississippi.

*widget boy cultureWarren Nomi's anti-bullying single "Love Out Loud."

*widget boy cultureMale couple same-sex married in...Oklahoma???

*widget boy cultureOlivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are preggers.

Sexy-Instagram-menI have an "i" for beautiful men.

*widget boy cultureCome check out my sexy Instagram...unless you're allergic to male beauty. OctThierry Pepin1

*widget boy cultureHo-bag Katy Perry sniffs at ho-bags.

*widget boy cultureScorching-hot Thierry Pepin undies snaps.

*widget boy cultureRon Howard for Hillary Clinton.

*widget boy cultureMadonna loves nature, as well as art, freedom.

*widget boy cultureClive Barker announces Hellraiser reboot.

*widget boy cultureChris Brown is still an animal.

*widget boy cultureEpitome of cool/Downtown legend Lou Reed is dead at 71

Lou reedI saw him once with partner Laurie Anderson and was too gob-smacked to say so much as hello.

Aug 28 2013
Need To Know: Bored To Death, Miley The Minstrel, Photographic War-haul + MORE Comments (0)

710108-chris-lane-and-sarah-harperChristopher Lane with his girlfriend.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama addresses shock Christopher Lane thrill kill.

*widget boy cultureBLOOD LIBEL: Pat Robertson says gays deliberately infect people with AIDS rings. Nick-Gruber

*widget boy cultureJustin likes Miley, loves Madonna. (And Janet???)

*widget boy cultureMiley, racist & misappropriatin' little slut female.

*widget boy cultureSPANK THAT PUSSY!

*widget boy cultureAlec Baldwin...needs help.

*widget boy cultureRobbing a bank to get free health care in jail.

*widget boy cultureEminem's new #1 hit "Berzerk" samples "The Stroke."

*widget boy cultureDiarist releases rare Warhol pics, including of Madge.

*widget boy cultureNick Gruber says Calvin Klein was enamored with seducing a straight dude.

*widget boy cultureGay assholes mad at Macklemore for doing equality better.

*widget boy cultureJackie Collins does a dramatic reading of Cher's "Woman's World":

Aug 06 2013
Andy The...Great... Comments (3)

The-andy-warhol-diariesToday, Andy Warhol would have turned 85. He was one of my favorite artists for popularizing the concept that anything could be art, that there is art within things as pedestrian as newspaper headlines, commercial containers, even typography.

I devoured his diaries, immediately memorizing passages about Liza Minnelli ("Give me all the drugs you've got!"), his scant observations of newcomer Madonna, his scandalous revelations about glitterati like Calvin Klein and Halston, even his NYC cab fare, planning my own arrival in the city. He was far from a perfect person, no hero. This only added to his mystique.

Querelle-PolaroidI'll sell this if I ever decide I'd rather do things like eat and have shelter.

But I was particularly obsessed with Warhol's compulsive taking of Polaroids. The idea of being an instant artist probably informs my Instagram; even though my snaps are frequently fueled by sexuality and Warhol's rarely were, he did, in fact, create many sexually aggressive and expressive pieces. Some of his Polaroid nudes stand in stark contrast to the deadpan, asexual visage we associate with the artist.

QUerelleI was especially impressed by Warhol's Polaroid series that was used for the Querelle movie poster. For years, I've had a green version of the poster (from Germany) in my apartment. More recently, I splurged (what's the next step up from "splurged?") and was able to purchase two original Polaroids by Warhol from that session...they are artifacts to me, treasures.

When Andy Warhol died in 1987, I could not believe it. A sweet, very innocent, younger girl who was in my art class had made him her patron saint, so I made sure to tell her I was sorry to hear the news. I'll never forget her face falling, her eyes widening, and her mee reply, "What happened?" She hadn't heard. So I told her. Devastated. A 16-year-old in 1987 cared that much about a man whose first splash had come 25 or 30 years earlier.

New-York-Andy-Warhol-dies-artBreaking-heart news.

People still care today. In the same way that some of Warhol's work has intensity and lust and abandon while the artist himself often seemed like a mannequin, so does his work continue to elicit passionate (negative and positive) responses from everyone who sees it.

Jul 07 2013
Room With A View: Part 2...My '90s Walls Comments (6)

Matthew-Rettenmund-1991-Madonna-roomI believe the three on the right are from just before I moved into the ones on the left.

Once I graduated college, you might think I'd have graduated from gonzo wall décor fronted by Madonna. Nope. In 1991, I was living in Chicago's "Boys' Town" (I never called it that) on Belmont with my buddy John, who made incredible Madonna, Debbie Harry and you-name-it plasticized crucifix jewelry that I coveted (I still have my Blondie one somewhere).

My room was my oasis: I was 22, I had been through college (and Depeche Mode and Bjork and Kate Bush) and I was reverting to my go-to girls (Madonna, Marilyn, Debbie) and adding in lots of found art, things like the frameworthy headline placards from the Chicago Sun-Times and Trib outdoor newspaper dispensers (a favorite read, in stark lettering, "WHAT DID REAGAN SAY").

In the above mish-mash, taken the night of a party thrown by my professor's T.A. Shari Roberts that required fancy dress (hence my vintage usher's jacket...before Usher was Usher...with it's "10 cents a dance" button), I can spot:

Madonna, George Lamond (he of "Bad of the Heart" fame...I met him at a release party, introduced by my stripper roommate/ex, Floyd Underwood, a dicy chapter in my story), my mom, Debbie Harry, Marilyn Monroe, Matt Dillon (and the rest of the Bloodhounds of Broadway cast...what an underrated gem of a movie...Ebert liked it!), Sade, Elizabeth Taylor, myself by Leo Hsu from the University of Chicago production of Torch Song Trilogy), a vintage ciggy ad, a signed David Lynch 8"X10" (I raided my boss's Roladex and wrote him a mash note over the Wild at Heart car-crash scene), Liza Minnelli (raided the same Roladex and sent her a Valentine's Day card via her later-hated stepmother, for which I received three Results-era autographs!), my friend Sandra Engle's 720550-Mface stretched on a Xerox matchine, Ramon Novarro, Faye Dunaway, Lynda Carter,Tony Ward (with Madonna on the cover of a large promo poster for Italian Moda, courtesy of my X-rated penpal/Madonna swapper Mauro Bramati), Ken Wahl (regrets, I have a few), porn (I had XXX-rated stuff on one wall just to be that way), Andy Warhol (one of my pop idols, and I now own 2 of his Polaroids, a feat unimagined 20 years ago), Gavin Geoffrey Dillard ("The Naked Poet," to whom I'd written a love letter and with whom I enjoyed a short but interesting burst of correspondence)...and more.

There are many other incarnations of "the room." In some ways, it lives on, via more high-end art and actual framed objects. I hope to have a nice party soon and if I do and the place is up to it, I'll post the shit I have up now.

Madonna is not entirely absent.

Jun 11 2013
I Can't Believe I Ate The Warhol Thing... Comments (5)
  Lot 125_Querelle
Lot 1_Pool Party
Lot 17_Male Nude
Lot 23_Self-Portrait in Drag
Lot 33_Bodybuilder
Lot 65_Philip Johnson and Truman Capote
Lot 78_Miguel Bose

© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

I, uh, have no money. But I, uh, am totally going to bid on at least one of the lots in this fabulous-looking, online-only auction of Andy Warhol art to benefit The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

For Members Only: Eyes on the Guise will run from June 13—27.

Check out Michael Musto, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Margaret Cho on Warhol.