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Dec 08 2012
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Psy-gangnam-style-2A PSY is still a PSY

Widget boy culturePSY abjectly apologizes for anti-USA lyrics.

Widget boy cultureBob Hope's pre-auction garage sale! Britney-Spears-X-Factor-Lindsay-Lohan-shirtless-Bob-Hope-auction-gay-William-Smith-Kathie-Lee-Gifford

Widget boy cultureAnn Coulter: Hispanics an underclass.

Widget boy culture(Nude) statue of David meets Scruff.

Widget boy cultureKathie Lee's Scandalous to heaven.

Widget boy cultureBoy Culture's new Facebook page.

Widget boy cultureBritney Spears flaps her gum.

Widget boy cultureOne Million Moms give up on Ellen.

Widget boy cultureLindsay Lohan a Wanted woman.

Widget boy cultureNZ electric company zaps homophobes.

Widget boy cultureDemi Moore's boytoy = young, not hot.

Widget boy cultureKim Kardashian's pussy dies young.

Widget boy cultureAnother new Glee guy.

Widget boy cultureChunky but HUNKY.

Widget boy cultureJared Leto is such a heel.

Widget boy cultureLeft off my list OOPS #1: William Smith.

Widget boy cultureUnlike wine, Asian cheesecake doesn't get better with age:

Asian-girls-bikinisAre you a retrosexual?

Nov 13 2012
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Donald-trump-badhairPolitical expression vs. sedition = splitting hairs?

Widget boy cultureOnline petition urges Macys: Dump Trump.

Widget boy cultureGov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) against secession...but wasn't always.

Widget boy cultureObama's Latino support = 75%.

Widget boy cultureIf Latinos turn Texas blue, Republicans can forget the presidency. Ever. Eddie-Cantor

Widget boy cultureFAB: Live singing wasn't invented by Les Miz.

Widget boy cultureChad White, Adam Senn & Kevin Sampaio strip.

Widget boy cultureNew Web Series: How to find YOUR Obama.

Widget boy cultureOut's Out100 continues to roll out.

Widget boy cultureFirst openly bi member of Congress elected.

Widget boy cultureFordham College Republicans disinvite Ann Coulter.

Widget boy cultureThe Wise Kids hits DVD.

Widget boy cultureDC gay flag football: Gangnam Style.

Gay-Gangnam-flag-football-LGBTStart spreadin' the news

Oct 23 2012
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Justin Bieber dadMy dad's bigger than your dad!

Widget boy cultureThe penis from which Justin Bieber sprang about to go on display.

Widget boy cultureMadonna filmed a Billy Eichner bit in L.A. that airs on Conan tonight!

Widget boy cultureCelebrity psychic hanging his hat on predicting Whitney Houston's death.

Widget boy cultureWhitney's family has no shame. At all.

Clark Kent quitsWidget boy cultureClark Kent is a quitter.

Widget boy cultureObama: Man with a plan.

Widget boy cultureOhio might already be won.

Widget boy culturePolitical nerds' homepage for the next two weeks.

Widget boy cultureAnn Coulter calls the president a "retard." Any comment, Sarah?

Widget boy cultureSen. Franken cracks wise for soon-to-be-Sen. Warren.

Widget boy cultureThompson uses 9/11 as a crowbar against soon-to-be-Sen. Baldwin.

Widget boy cultureCarol Costello: Proud member of gay gestapo.

Widget boy cultureWhen having a tattoo is taboo.


Oct 16 2012
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GonefishinheroTag that class

Boy culture WIDGET"Classy" gay erotic fiction. (Work Unfriendly)

Boy culture WIDGETRomney on bad hair days: "If I have a bad hair day, I just think, Well, it will be an OK hair day tomorrow." (Seriously.)

Boy culture WIDGETThe Barack Obama Birth Certificate Plate.

Boy culture WIDGETVia Joe.My.God.: All the Romney/Ryan tax-plan details.

Chris messina 2Boy culture WIDGETChris Messina nude. (Work Unfriendly, Play Friendly)

Boy culture WIDGETGolden Girls: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host the Globes.

Boy culture WIDGETAnn Coulter thinks it's funny that people disown their gay kids.

Boy culture WIDGETSpeaking of kids, they're for Obama over Romney, 51-45.

Boy culture WIDGETRosie Perez isn't into Romney, either.

Boy culture WIDGETDon't try this at home: A different kind of gay-bashing:

Aug 15 2012
Charity Case Comments (5)

Ann Coulter
You can win brunch with Ann Coulter by bidding now at CharityBuzz.com. This benefits Chris Everett's drug-prevention charity. Hm. I'm thinking it might be better to let drug addiction take hold than to share a Bellini with Ann Coulter, but 13 other people (so far) disagree with me.

Jan 13 2012
Shit Homophobic People Say Comments (2)

Via Joe.My.God.: Their own words. Wonder which party they'll vote for in '12?

Oct 04 2011
The (Anti-G)A-(y) List Comments (8)

With thanks to Dave for the tip: It's gross enough that LOGO would feature Ann Coulter on their new Dallas A-List spin-off—ratings are nice, but (1) will they even happen over such a stunt? and (2) she's as vile as any public figure this country has produced in the past hundred years.

But what's with this—LOGO's blog NewNowNext writes that she's "always been somewhat supportive of the gay community" before saying "politics aside," blahblahblah.

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Aug 11 2011
Dan Choi: "I'm not a superman." Comments (0)

Dan Choi visits The Six Pack and discusses various topics, including his recently SafariScreenSnapz001 becoming ordained as a minister. (He's a born-again Christian but seems to refer to his ministry quite irreverently.)

On whether one of the first legal New York same-sex weddings might've been as emotional for the minister performing it as for the couple being joined in matrimony:

"I think so. I think for all of us who've been working so hard, we wanted that moment to say, 'We're finally equal in this aspect.'"

Lt-dan-choiThe six pack...before

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Aug 05 2011
Gay Wrongs Comments (15)

SafariScreenSnapz001It's Hitler vs. Gandi in the World Series of Love!

** This post is stitched together like Frankenstein from a comment I made on the original Barba post. **

I kinda knew my interview with Kevin Michael Barba would stir up strong feelings considering the relish with which commenters disemboweled him in the initial Gawker piece on that stomach-turning letter used to introduce him to the world. I mean, "18yo gay socialite" is like chum in the water.

P But I find a chunk of the responses to be a real embarrassment—much worse than the harm they're accusing Barba of causing simply by existing and having an ego and a youthful desire to achieve notoriety.

Let me start by saying I actually take no issue with all the commenters who simply are not at all impressed—especially (but not exclusively) for older people, there is no real reason why he would be inspiring. So those criticisms are pretty expected and self-explanatory and I get them.

But in watching the responses here, on YouTube and over at Gawker, I do have to point out some glaringly unfair and hypocritical comments.

First, anyone who's attacking him for his nose or his hair or his clothes while saying he's not deserving of being a role model is kind of saying, "He's sooo shallow...and ugly, too!" I mean, look at your logic.

Criticize him for being naive in thinking just getting to where he is so far is a sign of "success"—but attacking how he looks? How exactly does that make him unworthy?


More deliciously, we have commenters calling him a lesbian, a girl, a transvestite SafariScreenSnapz002 and over on YouTube insulting him for being "femme," something our community "tends to shy away from." Are you guys out of your gourds? You're fucking gay. You suck penises. We all do. So what if he is more effeminate than you are (assuming he even is)? Why on earth would that bug you? The drags at Stonewall wore dresses. So?

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Jul 04 2011
The Skinny On Di Comments (7)

Ann Coulter criticizing the late Princess Diana as an "anorexic, bulimic narcissist" is kind of like the late Princess Diana criticizing Ann Coulter for being dead.

Why TheInsider.com saw fit to interview this pig is beyond me. It shouldn't all be about hits.