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Feb 03 2013
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6a00e54fb7301c8834017c36706456970b-500wiSuits me just fine

*widget boy cultureJakub Bandoch uncovers self, covers Instinct.

*widget boy cultureScott Evans co-stars with Matt Bomer's butt.

*widget boy cultureAmerican Sniper author shot and killed at gun range.

*widget boy cultureEven Chris Wallace thinks Wayne LaPierre is ridiculous.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber mounts a horse.

*widget boy cultureSen. Ann Romney (R-Massachusetts)?

*widget boy cultureAnother bigot refuses to sell cake to gay lovebirds.

*widget boy cultureEd Koch's video self-eulogy: "Do ya miss me?":

Nov 28 2012
Maybe She'll Ask For 47% Of Everything He Owns? Comments (0)
I guess the bad news that Mitt Romney's final vote share was an ironic 47% must've really pushed wife Ann's buttons—the worse news is that claims have surfaced that they'll divorce. The only good news is that the source of the claims is Globe (December 10, 2012).
Nov 09 2012
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Willam-Belli-Stand-By-Your-ManGolden throat

Widget boy cultureFab "Stand By Your Man" rendition by Drake Jensen (feat. Willam Belli).

Widget boy cultureSimon Doonan thinks Gay Men Don't Get Fat. Uh...?

Widget boy cultureMale models revive the '90s. Daniel-American-Horror-Story

Widget boy cultureNaked (Work Unfriendly) nutjob from American Horror Story.

Widget boy cultureHillary will not be too old in '16 to win.

Widget boy cultureNOM spokesman: Obama a "Terrorist-in-Chief."

Widget boy cultureRomney "shellshocked" that he actually lost.

Widget boy cultureWho will you "Kill, Fuck, Marry"?

Widget boy cultureEx-gay minister administered handsy blessings.

Widget boy cultureRihanna: "Madonna's still the shit."

Widget boy cultureAss-draggin' "Madonna" strips for Obama.

Widget boy cultureUnbeLIEVably stupid driver.

Widget boy cultureAnn Romney abandons Facebook—nary a post-election word.

Widget boy cultureKey & Peele cook up the best anti-bullying video EVER.

Key-and-peelePeele-ing back the layers

Oct 28 2012
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SandyFrom the Sandy shores...

Widget boy cultureHuge Sandy is a BFD for many states—NYC closes subways, orders evacs.

Widget boy cultureEarthquake off the coast of Canada.

Widget boy cultureNobody cares about climate change.

Widget boy cultureGilles Marini strips to underwear, gets soaked. Gilles Marini shirtless underwear Ellen DeGeneres

Widget boy cultureMinnesota divided over anti-equality Amendment 1.

Widget boy cultureObama believes Supreme Court will kill DOMA.

Widget boy cultureAP: Obama poised to win.

Widget boy cultureNate Silver: Obama poised to win.

Widget boy cultureThe New York Times endorses Obama.

Widget boy cultureDes Moines Register—at center of Obama pissing matchendorses Romney.

Widget boy cultureDes Moines Register owned by Gannett...which is in biz with Bain.

Widget boy cultureAnn Romney on U.S. education: "Throw out the system."

Widget boy cultureRight-wing pollster declares FL "nailed down" by Romney. (In '08, they called it for...McCain.)

Widget boy cultureMadonna booed by some but also cheered in New Orleans for plugging Obama.

Widget boy cultureMany Madonna/New Orleans booing uploads to YouTube are fake.

Widget boy cultureWas Kenneth's uncle gay?

Widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Trick or trick! Cute boys in revealing Halloween outfits.

Bulging superheroHalloweiner

Oct 24 2012
All Of The Above Comments (3)

Ann Mitt Romney
So is the above an example of:

(A) "forcible rape"

(B) "legitimate rape"


(C) "emergency rape"

Please advise.

Oct 19 2012
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Matt BomerAin't nothin' but a g-string

Widget boy cultureMatt Bomer bares his butt in unreleased Magic Mike scene.

Widget boy cultureIn Virginia, Obama coins neologism: "Romnesia."

Widget boy cultureLawrence O'Donnell to Tagg Romney: "Take your best shot."

Ann_romney_the_view_a_lWidget boy cultureAnn Romney on if her hubby loses: "He will not run again."

Widget boy cultureGallup's the only national poll with Romney (way!) ahead.

Widget boy cultureRomney bailing on NC—confidence or desperation?

Widget boy cultureWhere at least one Wild Thing is.

Widget boy cultureNews outlets try to revive Madonna & guns controversy.

Widget boy cultureAbercrombie CEO is "douche of the week."

Widget boy cultureTom f*@!*in' Hanks.

Widget boy cultureDennis Quaid soon back on the market.

Widget boy cultureZac Efron goes for edgy, overreaches:

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Mitt Romney BindrA true pal to all gals

Boy culture WIDGETFind Mitt Romney on BINDR.

Boy culture WIDGET2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: DOMA unconstitutional.

Pawel hot modelBoy culture WIDGETPawel Milner is a model citizen.

Boy culture WIDGETLeading marriage-equality opponent cuts ad in favor of it.

Boy culture WIDGETAnimal Practice put to sleep.

Boy culture WIDGETGay boxer Orlando Cruz "struggled" with coming out.

Boy culture WIDGETOminous October Surprise site unmasked as an awkward Rick Roll.

Boy culture WIDGETAnn Romney thinks Mormon missionary work = military service.

Boy culture WIDGETSomeone thinks Mario Lopez is a "thoughtless jerk." (Ali Landry thinks so, too.)

Boy culture WIDGETMan tied to Virginia GOP arrested and charged for destroying voter-registration forms.

Boy culture WIDGETObama (funny!) and Romney (meh) crack wise in Manhattan:

Sep 29 2012
Are You Mental? Comments (1)
Mental Mitt Romney
Ann Romney was getting jealous of all of her husband's self-destructive gaffes so jumped in with one of her own: Asked what her biggest concern would be if Mitt were elected, she chose his "mental well-being."

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