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Apr 29 2011
Playgirl Changes Hands, PopEater Will Eat Itself? Comments (1)

ANardicio says cock-loving women are still a big part of the mag's readership

I heard from a good source that the print component of Playgirl—revitalized by Daniel Nardicio in the past two years after a disappearing act—had been sold to a New Jersey publisher for an undisclosed amount, and that the online and products line (they have items in GNC and other stores) would stay with the current owners.

SafariScreenSnapz001 Nardicio has confirmed the rumor, and says he expects to continue working for the print title, something he excels at because, "I like cock. I know about cock."

If you think that's anything to sneeze at, remember how lame Torso was when its editor was a fat guy. (Me!)

I'll be curious to see how the Playgirl story continues to unfold on the newsstand, and if the owners of the magazine and the owners of the Web site will be able to Play nice together.


SafariScreenSnapz002 In other (big) news, I've also heard that HuffingtonPost is going to do away with PopEater, folding it into HuffingtonPost Entertainment.

If true, I'll be sad to see it go.


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