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Dec 17 2012
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Gustavo-Archilla-Elmer-Lokkins-gay-marriage-equalityThe grooms made it legal in Canada after 58 years

Widget boy cultureGustavo Archilla, marriage equality icon, dies at 96.

Widget boy culturePatrick Henry College founder: Gay students don't exist. Science-evolution

Widget boy cultureConservatives quitting party over marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureHawking: Pardon Alan Turing.

Widget boy cultureGay activists picket the Pope.

Widget boy culturePope blesses Rebecca "Kill the Gays" Kadaga.

Widget boy cultureLimbaugh's misogynist Hillary joke.

Widget boy cultureVia MadonnaTribe: Madonna does cry for Argentina.

Widget boy cultureProving evolution, limb by limb.

Widget boy cultureJarrod Scott is really, really hot:

Jarrod-scott-shirtlessI want muscles...all over his body...

Jul 15 2010
Tony 'n' Argentina's Wedding Comments (0)

What's new, Buenos Aires? Marriage equality, that's what!

Jul 14 2010
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A big victory of Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. Jim Pietrangelo—all charges against them for their two acts of civil disobedience (chaining themselves to the White House gate) were dropped at the last possible second with no explanation.

Choi believes the government didn't want the case to highlight the fact that Don't Ask, Don't Tell's repeal is not a done deal nor is it around the corner.

I've questioned the tactics of late—the chains, the hunger strike in particular—but these two are men of principle and there's no overlooking the fact that they made the White House blink hard. 

6a00d8341c730253ef0133f2476bb2970b-800wiBy the way, the White House could learn a thing or two about truly fierce advocates by watching these remarks by Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who seems to have no problem putting religious leaders in their place when it comes to gay issues.


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