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Oct 28 2016
6-PACK — Another Alleged Trump Victim + Log Cabin Republican Fail + Hot Musclestud + Dreamy Adrian Armas + HALLOWEEN Countdown + Best Xmas Gifts! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureEx-Miss Finland says Trump groped her, too.

*widget boy cultureWhy Log Cabin Republicans declining to endorse Trump is “too little, too late.”

*widget boy cultureYes, he even lifts, bro: 


Baby, You're my favorite thing.

A photo posted by Music Fashion Fitness Food 💰 (@thomas_keal) on

*widget boy cultureAdrian Armas continues to be beautiful:

*widget boy cultureJesus, there've been 10 movies in the Halloween saga? (None can top that first one.)

*widget boy cultureBest Christmas gifts E-VER:

KnitjohnwatersBAG_465_465_int(Image via Etsy)

Oct 27 2016
Whose Hunk Is It Anyway? Comments (0)

This story of how the Vivienne Westwood brand took an artist's work and put it on a T-shirt is fascinating to me for the ballsiness of the appropriation, as well as for issues of ownership—the work in question, while certainly unique and identifiable, itself makes use of found imagery.

The man whose face is at the center (literally) of artist Roberta Marrero's work, and is now on a Vivienne Westwood shirt, is David White, a classic Playgirl model. The image was shot by the supremely talented Norbert Jobst (who has probably since died—he would be 90+) for Playgirl, and as such belongs to the magazine, should they still retain any documentation following their many changings of the guard.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 11.06.17 AM(Covers via Playgirl & GQ)

Plus: Would Mr. White not be able to object to being sold on a T-shirt (as opposed to being the subject of an original piece of collage art)?

Apparently, Westwood's husband designed the shirt, and the company is now claiming it was all one giant mistake—it has apologized to Marrero directly, which the artist greatly appreciates.

Check out Roberta Marrero's work here.

For more on former Winston cigarette stud David White, check out this smorgasbord of hotness, and also this 2007 article on his life post-modeling career.

Oct 26 2016
Back In The Gay: Keith Haring Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 11.11.36 PM(Via still via CBS)

Keith Haring would've been 58 this year. I remember hearing about him while at college and loving his radiant babies, and being fascinated by his sex drive as hinted at in The Andy Warhol Diaries. He seemed a three-dimensional gay person who gave no fucks, and who spit out inspired pop art. There is no telling what he may have accomplished—and it's hard to guess since he had done so much by the time of his death to AIDS at 31 in February 1990.

Keep reading to see a piece on Keith in action ...

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Photographer Jean Malek's Work On Trump Will GYBTP Comments (0)

1477408832658(Image by Jean Malek)

Jean Malek isn't waiting for the election to be over to document the horror of the Trump/Pence ticket, publishing multiple provocative images that ugly-beautifully capture Trump's xenophobic, bloodlust and affection for grabbing that which nature did not bestow upon him.

Check out the stunning work here.

Speaking of stunning, this Slovenian-adjacent minx wins Halloween—and it's only the 26th: 

Oct 06 2016
6-PACK — Bad Bromance + Hillary Gets The Keys To The EMPIRE + Trump Panders To The Dying + Prank or Confession? + Hurricane Matthew + GAY GOTHAM! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 10.28.31 AM(Image via

*widget boy cultureDavid Brock isn't my fave, but this Trump tabloid is a great idea.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 10.38.36 AM(Video still via

*widget boy cultureMost of the Empire cast (not Terrence Howard!) filmed a sobering spot for Hillary Clinton. After the jump.

*widget boy cultureTrump asks the terminally ill to live long enough to vote for him. (Here's the sassy-queen version.)

*widget boy cultureDid someone confess to luring, gagging, sodomizing & kill his neighbors at a hotel?

*widget boy cultureHurricane Matthew is barreling toward Florida, will hit hard tonight.

*widget boy cultureAmazing-sounding new exhibit on the LGBTQ history of NYC, Gay Gotham. (There's also a book!)

51XGUxPPZdL(Image via the book's Amazon page/Rizzoli)

Keep reading for the Empire video ...

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Oct 05 2016
Salem's Lot: MORPHOSIS Book Project Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image by Salem Beiruti)

Check out this incredibly sex book-to-beMorphosis—by Salem Beiruti!

Sep 26 2016
Love Madonna? Comments (0)

FullSizeRender_1(Image by Richard Corman)

I can get you a deal on GIGANTIC Richard Corman prints. Hit me up if you're interested in the details:!

Sep 23 2016
1,000 Men, So Little Time: Bob Mizer Gets His Due Comments (0)

Mizer_amg_model_directory_va_int_slipcase002_04606_1606151328_id_1059370(Images via Taschen)

The New Yorker has a long, gossipy profile of Bob Mizer (1922-1992), the man who created the iconic gay photo service Athletic Model Guild. Daniel Wenger beautifully summarizes Mizer's particular aesthetic and his M.O. in securing models in the 1940s and beyond:

Mizer came out to his mother in the thirties, when he was a teen-ager, refusing to ask a date to the prom and taking up nude Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 2.36.33 PMsunbathing on the garage roof. His notion of gayness was informed by a “Code of Behavior” that he recorded in his high-school diary: “More masculine at all times.” Among his models were the gay and the straight, professional bodybuilders and professional beach bums, college students and returnees from the European front. They assembled in his studio, before backdrops of Greco-Roman splendor and the Midwestern prairie, stripping down, oiling up, and—this being long before the full-frontal seventies—putting on silken posing straps, a kind of antique G-string. (The ones Mizer used were allegedly sewn by his mom.) After playing sailors and wrestlers and cowboys, the models were rewarded with sets of free snapshots, “membership cards” for the Guild, and, maybe most valuable, memories of the photo sessions, when they gazed not at Mizer but at their own images, reflected in the large mirror mounted above him.

The piece is published on the occasion of the release of a massive two-volume set of Mizer's life's work by Taschen; he famously put out a 1,000-model directory, and in fact appears to have shot upwards of 10,000 men. I'm sure he held hands with more than a few of them, too.

Mizer should be as venerated as Mapplethorpe, but is not because his art was produced in a mainstream way (a newsstand magazine called Physique Pictorial, the first U.S. gay magazine) in spite of being considered contraband by the U.S. Postal Service at various times. Also, where Mapplethorpe was seen as capturing a sex-driven scene in a post-modern way, Mizer was seen more as a perv with a camera.

Both things can be true about about men, and about many other artists.

Buy Bob Mizer. AMG: 1,000 Model Directory here.