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Mar 30 2016
Check Out INDIGO DAX, The Gayest Graphic Novel Ever Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.17.18 PM(Image by Bryan Pierce)

Bryan Pierce has published Indigo Dax, a graphic novel in which almost all the characters are gay. It touches on plenty of classic fantasy and sci fi themes, including a space invasion and time travel, but does it with a gay twist.

A Cindy Rella Story: Those Madonna Polaroids Will Be Seen In An Upcoming Show Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.39.24 PM(Video still via Adorama)

Richard Corman sheds more light on those 66 new/old Madonna Polaroids of his that he recently unearthed. They were shot in 1983 as part of a movie in which his mom, Cis Corman, wanted Madonna to star.

Corman will be showing the Polaroids in a Chelsea NYC gallery at the end of the year, and plans to display them as giant prints made by the world's largest Polaroid camera.

He also mentions that the movie his mom wanted Madonna for—a hip-hop Cinderella story—had the working title of Cindy Rella.

Check out the video after the jump ...

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Mar 16 2016
6-PACK — Nathan Aldyne Mysteries: Book 'Em! + Daddy Issues + Liz Smith Breaks Down The Madonna Breakdown + Jared Fogle Brutalized In Prison + Americans Want SCOTUS Hearings + The Art Of Being Isaac Mizrahi! Comments (0)

Vermillion(Image via Felony & Mayhem)

*widget boy cultureGay-themed Nathan Aldyne mysteries of the '80s re-released.

*widget boy cultureGay father writes memoir: PopDaddy.

*widget boy cultureLiz Smith weighs in on Madonna's press-fabricated breakdown.

*widget boy cultureJared Fogle beaten bloody in prison.

*widget boy culture63% want the Senate to hold SCOTUS-confirmation hearings.

*widget boy cultureIsaac Mizrahi: Museum piece. 

Mar 13 2016
Well-Hung: Macklemore's Bieber Canvas Comments (0)

CdTKifYVIAEP2zy(Image via Spin Magazine)

I'm not sure why Macklemore loves this painting of Justin Bieber, but I love it, too! Bizarre when you see the whole thing. Maybe that should be the title: I Can't Believe I Ate the Whooole Thing.

Mar 07 2016
6-PACK — Bullwhiplash: New Mapplethorpe Doc + Puerto Rico Picks Rubio + Hot-Jock Gallery + Madonna's Mother's Day + Bette Davis Flashback + The Drinkable Tituss Burgess! Comments (0)

12841286_10153969841819414_9001884145989059715_o(Image by Michael Raveney)

*widget boy cultureBailey & Barbato launch Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures film, pop-up show.

*widget boy cultureMarco Rubio takes Puerto Rico's Republican delegates.

*widget boy cultureSexy jock Josh Dugan's bare—and bear—butt.

*widget boy cultureMadonna gets emotional on stage in New Zealand over Rocco.

*widget boy cultureEve Arden & Kaye Ballard impersonate Bette Davis on The Mothers-in-Law.

*widget boy cultureGet ready for Pinot by Tituss, Tituss Burgess's own brand of pinot noir.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.21.14 PM(Image via Pinot by Tituss)

Feb 18 2016
I Have No Words: The Extremely Graphic Novels Of Dale Lazarov Comments (0)


Comics have come a long way since Jughead. In fact, they're now routinely going all the way, as—you should pardon the expression—illustrated by the cheerfully gay-erotic work created and/or published by Dale Lazarov.

FFPreview5(Image from Fast Friends via Sticky Graphic Novels)

Lazarov's output is the subject of a review by Cathy Camper for Lambda Literary, in which she reacts to discovering the fact that Lazarov's graphic novels are more graphic than novel, in that they have no written story, only visuals:

A wordless graphic novel is similar to a silent film, in that the story is told through the characters actions, expressions and small nuances in the comics’ settings, layout and pace. In these productions, Lazarov lists himself as writer, but also sometimes art director, and both his eye for detail and his artists’ talents are what make the sexy proceedings in these comics work.

Sometimes, a dirty picture is worth a thousand words.

Samples from Greek Love (Work Unfriendly) here.

Samples from Fast Friends (Work Unfriendly) here.

Samples from Peacock Punks (Work Unfriendly) here.

For his Sticky Graphic Novels imprint, Lazarov is a writer and art director, and also acts as publisher for books by others, all of which he describes as “wordless, gay character-based, sex-positive graphic novels.”

GLPreview4(Image from Greek Love via Sticky Graphic Novels)

Check out Lazarov's books on Amazon, or get digital editions here.

6-PACK — Rentboy Employees Off The Hook(er) + Sandra Day O'Connor: Let Obama Pick + How Sanders Could Get The Dem Nom + Kanye > Picasso + Gay People Of Walmart + TRUTH OR DARE To Dream! Comments (0)

A photo posted by Jeffrey Hurant (@jhurant) on

*widget boy cultureCharges against 6 employees dropped; Hurant (above) in talks.

*widget boy cultureRetired SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O'Connor: Obama should “get on with it.

*widget boy cultureSanders's path to win the Dem prez nom.

*widget boy cultureKanye thinks he is more influential than Picasso by 50%.

*widget boy cultureWalmart case could expand gay rights at work.

*widget boy cultureHow Madonna's Truth or Dare helped the LGBT cause.

Tumblr_mgtkcn0Hfd1qkzr9fo2_500(GIF from Truth or Dare)

Feb 17 2016
Bad(ar) Girl: A Fan Covers Madonna's Covers Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.27.35 PM(Image via Badar)

Badar, a fan raised in the UAE until age 9 (which is where he first heard Madonna's music), has posted his tribute to Madonna's album covers. Check it out below:

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