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Apr 28 2016
Venfield 8's Latest Art Show Comments (0)

Interview promo(Image via Venfield 8—Work Unfriendly)

Venfield 8 has a fresh show up at Photo Independent April 29-May 1 in L.A. Not familiar with his work, but a big fan of sexy men? Click here, though it's Work Unfriendly.


Apr 10 2016
New York Seen Comments (0)

IMG_8646(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Apr 09 2016
Mantiques: Vernon Gray—The Sequel Comments (0)

Img734(Collage & embedded image of folder by Matthew Rettenmund)

Years ago, I bought all the ephemera from a storage unit in Seattle related to a man named Vernon Gray, which led to one of my favorite blog posts.

In consolidating it this weekend, I sifted through his many press clippings, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.51.34 AM
jotted notes to his mom and dad (which lead me to believe they came back to him after his parents died) and head shots, in the process looking more closely at the bits that confirm his being gay.

One, above, was a totally random tear sheet from a Seattle paper (he lived there at one point, possibly until his death, probably in the 1990s—but IMDb has no idea) showing a terrifically hot shot of a high-jump star in mid-leap. I added the headline from another article, but the photograph was screaming for it.

The rest of his effects include materials related to his participation in a scouting program centered around the Elk Point United Church in Alberta (he was born in Canada), his Elk Point High School student publication The Wapiti, his completely filled (with women's names) dance card from the Wauneita Society Witches' War Dance, many press clippings and stills and some late '60s/early '70s shots of Gray with friends and, apparently, a romantic partner.

It's a bummer looking at it, though; it's the same feeling I get at flea markets when I'm flipping through stacks of old photos—if these are here, the people who took them and are in them aren't.

I guess someone will throw these out only when they're in the process of throwing out my own personal photos.

Img736Vernon Gray, early 1950s (Image from the collection of Vernon Gray)

To end on a lighter note, I found a reference to Gray in Casting About: A Memoir, a book from 15 years ago by David Graham, an actor and voice talent (still alive and over 90) who recalls:

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Apr 05 2016
Yet Another Madonna Rip-Off Comments (0)

WANTED! Bring ESTHER back to TMPL The opening party was so fabulous that a patron mistook this piece of lobby art for a parting gift . It happens we understand. Trouble is we need it back. please return it no questions asked. within a week at which point if its still missing the footage will be posted requesting the patrons identity and the matter will be placed in the hands of the NYPD. Again were not mad...just MADONNA, and we need her back!!! @tmplgym @bartschland #atbartschland #documentary #bartschdoc #mylashes @maccosmetics #ontop #ontopnyc #kunst #artasfashion #bartschlashes #bartschart #fashionasart #fashionunderground #theworldofsusannebartsch #looks #susannebartsch #transformation @maccosmetics #art #family @bartschlandfilm #bartschland @kickstarter #bartschlandfamily #LOVE

A photo posted by SUSANNE BARTSCH (@bartschland) on

Don't steal Madonna from Susanne Bartsch and expect to get away with it.

Mar 30 2016
Check Out INDIGO DAX, The Gayest Graphic Novel Ever Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.17.18 PM(Image by Bryan Pierce)

Bryan Pierce has published Indigo Dax, a graphic novel in which almost all the characters are gay. It touches on plenty of classic fantasy and sci fi themes, including a space invasion and time travel, but does it with a gay twist.

A Cindy Rella Story: Those Madonna Polaroids Will Be Seen In An Upcoming Show Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.39.24 PM(Video still via Adorama)

Richard Corman sheds more light on those 66 new/old Madonna Polaroids of his that he recently unearthed. They were shot in 1983 as part of a movie in which his mom, Cis Corman, wanted Madonna to star.

Corman will be showing the Polaroids in a Chelsea NYC gallery at the end of the year, and plans to display them as giant prints made by the world's largest Polaroid camera.

He also mentions that the movie his mom wanted Madonna for—a hip-hop Cinderella story—had the working title of Cindy Rella.

Check out the video after the jump ...

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Mar 16 2016
6-PACK — Nathan Aldyne Mysteries: Book 'Em! + Daddy Issues + Liz Smith Breaks Down The Madonna Breakdown + Jared Fogle Brutalized In Prison + Americans Want SCOTUS Hearings + The Art Of Being Isaac Mizrahi! Comments (0)

Vermillion(Image via Felony & Mayhem)

*widget boy cultureGay-themed Nathan Aldyne mysteries of the '80s re-released.

*widget boy cultureGay father writes memoir: PopDaddy.

*widget boy cultureLiz Smith weighs in on Madonna's press-fabricated breakdown.

*widget boy cultureJared Fogle beaten bloody in prison.

*widget boy culture63% want the Senate to hold SCOTUS-confirmation hearings.

*widget boy cultureIsaac Mizrahi: Museum piece. 

Mar 13 2016
Well-Hung: Macklemore's Bieber Canvas Comments (0)

CdTKifYVIAEP2zy(Image via Spin Magazine)

I'm not sure why Macklemore loves this painting of Justin Bieber, but I love it, too! Bizarre when you see the whole thing. Maybe that should be the title: I Can't Believe I Ate the Whooole Thing.


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