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Oct 24 2015
They Need No Introduction Comments (0)


Alejandro Mogollo did the original illustrations in my Encyclopedia Madonnica 20, and I think he is extremely gifted. He captures famous faces and figures perfectly.



Check out his new Facebook page for a taste of what he can do.


I'm sure he takes requests!


Oct 16 2015
Need To Know: Blue Texas + Bland/Bernie + Dennis The Republican Menace + Writing About Aging, Disgracefully + Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.06.50 PM

*widget boy cultureCheck out Hillary's speech in San Antonio at the end of this post.

*widget boy culturePotential running mate Julio Castro endorses Hillary.

*widget boy cultureHillary stands up for LGBT workplace protections.

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders secretly met Sandra Bland's mom. Unnamed

*widget boy cultureDrug CEO tries to buy time with Sanders, gets a NO.

*widget boy cultureJesse Ventura flirts with presidential run.

*widget boy culturePlea deal for former Speaker of the House Hastert.

*widget boy cultureElton John's AIDS op-ed. Images

*widget boy cultureMore of Nico Tortorella.

*widget boy cultureBuy my memoir here!

*widget boy cultureJanet stan slams Madonna, upholds conservative standards of aging.

*widget boy cultureCody Deal prepares and eats breakfast in the raw.

*widget boy cultureTwin boys become brother and sister.

*widget boy cultureWould you be pleased if a street artist did this to your wheels?

*widget boy cultureQueer punks offer “List of People Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.”

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Oct 13 2015
Illustrator Robert de Michielle Dies @ 57 Comments (0)


Artist Robert de Michiell's pop-culture illustrations have been a staple of Entertainment Weekly and many other publications. He was about to enjoy being exhibited at ClampArt Gallery (531 W. 25th St., NYC) in a show called On Fire Island, but sadly, he lost his long fight with cancer this week.

The show will go on, even though de Michiell's journey has come to an end.

A statement from his representative follows:

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Oct 10 2015
Rootin' For Him! Comments (0)


Pegasus Street Artist—the British-based Chicago boy who designed the cover for the limited edition of Encyclopedia Madonnica 20made his U.S. debut in a special exhibition at the Hollywood Museum.

No, that's not a wax figure in front of him, that is the real, live Ruta Lee—who looks flawless at 80, don't you think?

You can get EM20 here or here (it's not really out of stock, ignore that), or I will soon post the few leftovers I have on eBay. After that, I'm going to see how many promo copies (unnumbered) I have left, and will sell those for a set price.

Oct 09 2015
Ends Of The World Comments (0)

Cliff diving. Maybe.

A photo posted by edward granger (@egranger) on Aug 18, 2015 at 4:55am PDT

Oct 08 2015
ANTI Is Pro-Art Comments (0)

Rihanna's 8th Album Artwork Reveal

Rihanna has revealed the cover art for her 1,000th album (okay, her eighth, but good GOD, that's a lot already!), ANTI.

CoverI like that it's not a square or a CD shape ... and why should it be?

From a press release:

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Oct 07 2015
Need To Know: Moan Granger + Hillary 2.0 + Pintauro Tested + Her Mothers' Keeper + When Booty Calls + Let's Get Loud + Heavy Wedding + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureSELL OR BE SOLD: Rising-star artist Edward Granger is hot... in two senses. Images

*widget boy cultureDavid Mixner prefers the new Hillary, isn't bullish on her chances.

*widget boy cultureUNION CITY BLUE: Hillary endorsed by nation's biggest union. Candace-cameron-bure-raven-symone-danny-pinaturo

*widget boy cultureDanny Pintauro insists he got HIV from oral sex. Images

*widget boy cultureHas Pintauro actually hurt the cause he's trying to help?

*widget boy cultureRIP Chantal Akerman, Belgian director.

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell heartbroken over daughter's tell-all.

*widget boy cultureTHRONE BUTCH BLUES: Treasure found in porta potty.

*widget boy cultureIf this ass is real, it's real nice.

*widget boy cultureFind out how to look like Kim Davis. Images

12122633_1480336315628799_2632600069001833826_n-500x503Making up is hard to do.

*widget boy cultureVanity Fair discovers why Billy Eichner is so loud. Images Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.13.13 PM

*widget boy cultureSuper, super, super, super hot cop.

*widget boy cultureIs Cara Delevingne engaged to her GF?

*widget boy cultureThe Stonewall is a landmark!

*widget boy cultureTHE DEVIL YOU KNOW: Muscly Well-Strung.

*widget boy cultureSuppressive person Nicole Kidman not at daughter's wedding.

*widget boy cultureYou'll love seeing entitled Luke V. Gatti get taken DOWN. Images

*widget boy cultureCIAO, BELLO: It's like Twilight in reverse.

*widget boy cultureWhy? Just La Cause. Images

12115839_10207887969381217_4724412792513821848_nHair apparent

Oct 06 2015
Left Behind Comments (0)


I was sad to miss a photo exhibition devoted to the work of Kit Cowan, the late husband of TV writer Michael Ausiello. Now, his work is preserved at Kit Cowan Archives. Ausiello notes of Cowan's focus on his hometown:

13x19-2Kit had a love/hate relationship with Millersburg. Like an ex he could never quite get over, his hometown simultaneously captivated and haunted him. When people would ask where he was from, he would explain that it was a small town in Pennsylvania that lacked a single traffic light. There was always a tinge of pride in his voice when he described the smallness of Millersburg, too. I always read it as, “Yep, I grew up in the middle of nowhere , and I got OUT!”

I don't believe in an afterlife, so I feel like we have to have fun, experience beauty, help people and make art while we're here. Hopefully, some of what we do—and we're not all heroes, life-saving surgeons, or presidents—will be left behind and will affect people in a positive way after we leave. I think Cowan's work is lovely and touching. I love the color tones, and I love that the images seem to have a presence, even without human beings in them. But like a lot of art, there is a human being in them, their creator.

Enjoy his work and enjoy your life.


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