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Apr 29 2016
Ring Dreams: Ted Cruz's Indiana Gaffe Comments (0)

I would rather this young woman reconsider her support of Ted Cruz over his lack of foreign-policy experience, his absence of deep thought, his push for a theocracy and/or his abhorrent views on LGBT people, but if embarrassingly referring to a basketball hoop as a ring is what it takes, so be it.

Apr 27 2016
BROAD CITY Cliff's Notes On How To Get Blake Griffin Naked Comments (0)

Cropped_CaptureNaked ambition (Film still via Comedy Central)

James Corden wanted to get to the bottom of how the Broad City creatives convinced massive basketball star and perfect physical specimen Blake Griffin to go naked on their show, so he flashed some revealing stills and quizzed the ladies on the topic while they were in his hot seat.

Ce_YCpgUsAAQfWBBroad City beef (Film still via Comedy Central)

Ilana Glazer said:

You what this is, is equal-opportunity nudity. That's what this is, James Corden ... He's really funny and smart and was down. He's really funny, just happens to be, like, a 6'10", great, amazing basketball player.

Abbi Jacobson noted that it “was a process,” but that Griffin was enough of a fan of the show that he was “down.”

Tons of censored nude GIFs here, and video after the jump ...

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Apr 22 2016
You're Welcome: Ben Foden Comments (0)

Many more snaps of this hot jock here.

Scorching-Hot Jake Arrieta Throws No-Hitter Comments (0)

Normally, my interest in sports begins and ends in the locker room, but Jake Arrieta looks so good in his uniform, I take note of his achievement this evening.

Check out his underwear campaign, in case you missed it, right here.

Apr 20 2016
Curt Schilling Strikes Out At ESPN With Anti-Trans Posts Comments (0)

ESPN has fired Curt Schilling after he posted several disgustingly anti-trans memes on social media. Of course, his right-wing fans are claiming this means it's only okay to express liberal points of view on your own time or you will risk being fired. In reality, what it means is that one shouldn't express bigoted opinions that threaten to alienate large portions of your employer's customers. Had he posted that he was in favor of the North Carolina law, he would still have a job, but that's because stating that is far different from posting this:


6-PACK — Fighting For Justice Joslin + Peter King's Poison Pill + Bernie's Missteps + Sonny Bill Williams Is Yuge + Curt Schilling's Transphobic Meltdown + Ricky Martin With The Guy He Bangs! Comments (0)

Justice-Joslin-by-Greg-Lotus_fy4(Image by Greg Lotus)

*widget boy cultureHUNK EVERLASTING: Justice Joslin shot by Greg Lotus in Danny Santiago for Schön! Magazine.

*widget boy cultureRep. Peter King (R-New York) will “take cyanide” if Ted Cruz were to win the Republican nomination. I am sensing a win-win here.

*widget boy cultureBernie couldn't even keep it close in NY. Here's some of what he did wrong.

*widget boy culturePicture after picture of superhot jock Sonny Bill Williams. He's like two sticks of butter lashed together in a rough-hewn manner.

*widget boy cultureESPN's Curt Schilling goes on Twitter rant against transgender people, reposts gross graphics to prove his point. Fire this oaf.

*widget boy cultureSHOCKER: Ricky Martin's new boyfriend Jwan Yosef is insanely hot. The cute couple made their first public appearance, holding hands. 


We cleaned up good. THANK YOU @amfar for an amazing event @riccardotisci17 ph: @lecovianaphotos

A photo posted by Jwan Yosef (@jwanyosef) on

Images Speaking of dudes holding hands, check out Yoav Brill's short film on the subject after the jump ...

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Apr 18 2016
6-PACK — Voyeuristic Jake Arrieta Ad Campaign + Male Lions Mounting New Show + Bernie Says NY Polls Are Skewed + Squirmy NC Governor + Another Delusional Gay Republican + God: Boob Man! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.56.47 AMJake Arrieta, in his peeking-in-the-locker-room new ad campaign (Images via Saxx)

*widget boy cultureJock Jake Arrieta strips to his undies for money. His Saxx campaign is extremely voyeuristic. Plus, there's video of him working out after the jump.

*widget boy cultureYOUR LION EYES: Male lions caught mating. So much for all those arguments about homosexuality being unnatural. Grrr.

*widget boy cultureBernie contends that all the NY polls are underestimating his support. That may prove to be true (I think Hillary will win by 6-7 points). At least he doesn't say they're “rigged.”

*widget boy cultureIf ineffectual Chuck Todd can easily dismantle your defense of an anti-LGBT law, Gov. McCrory, you need to work on that defense. Video is squirmy.

*widget boy cultureDelusional gay Republican asks Ted Cruz what he'd do to protect him and his hubby. Um, nothing. Next.

*widget boy cultureLET THEM BAKE CAKE!: Is God a boob man? In a brilliant parody of Christian feature films, SNL says OMG yes.

Screenshot 2016-04-17 10.49.50The gay mafia has a sweet tooth. (Image via NBC)

Images Keep reading to watch Jake Arrieta working out on video ...

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Apr 17 2016
You're Gonna Wanna Watch This Dude Get Stretched Out Comments (0)

See how Graham Kitchener loosens up over at Wicked Gay Blog, which has a gallery of some of his hottest moments in front of the camera. 


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