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Jan 15 2015
Boxer Loses His Boxers For GT MAGAZINE Comments (0)


Luke Campbell, an Olympic boxer, goes naked for GT. But doesn't show his ring.

Jan 12 2015
Need To Know: 'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy + Ditto Heads Down The Aisle + Paris Is CHARLIE + Kyle Be Seeing You + Wild About Harry + MORE! Comments (0)

Michael Sam

*widget boy cultureMichael Sam got engaged!

*widget boy cultureBeth Ditto got married!

*widget boy cultureMassive rally in Paris vs. terrorism.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein & Justin Bieber insist he wasn't 'Shopped.

*widget boy cultureModel Kyle Crain as seen by 2 photogs.


*widget boy cultureStanding O for gay priest.

*widget boy cultureZimmerman arrested for aggravated assault. Who's the thug?

*widget boy cultureTime's love affair with tennis.

*widget boy cultureTiffany's ad stars same-sex couple.

*widget boy cultureStraight-for-pay popstar Harry Styles is taken, ladies.

*widget boy cultureGay-for-pay pornstar of the past Mark Dalton is back.


Jan 01 2015
It's Only A Movie? Comments (0)

Dave and Mark SchultzDave & Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz, played by Channing Tatum in the so-so thriller Foxcatcher, has suddenly realized that the film makes him look gay, or gay for Olympic gold. In response, he's gone off his rocker in a series of Twitter insults and a long rant claiming he takes back anything positive he's ever said about the film

One thing the movie got right was Schultz status as a dim bulb—even on first viewing, the film can only be read as the story of a gay creeper and the briefly complicit, ultimately grossed out, straight boy he nearly succeeds in buying, body and and soul. That's what makes the movie work—it's clearly the narrative crafted by the director.

SchultzSchultz with the actors of Foxcatcher, in happier times

No idea if it's based on reality, since so many other real things were changed or left out, but that's what the movie is.

Now, Schultz is worried his legacy is tarnished because a movie implied he might've let a rich old guy rub himself off on him while they wrestled in the middle of the night

Pretty pathetic all the way around.

014-schultzbrothers-600x364The Schultz Brothers

I do hope it helps keep the movie from getting Oscar nominations, though. Like a lot of movies that are highly questionable politically, it's definitely interesting—I was screwed to my seat (sorry, Mark) the entire way through, and found some of it quite good. But overall, it's an okay movie and the prosthetics on Carell are pretty bad and distracting. Tatum is good in spots but seems to forget to be Schultz occasionally. And I don't like when movies that purport to be about real events take outrageous liberties with what really happened just for the sake of the film. If it's inconvenient that du Pont had mental issues or that he didn't murder the man he murdered until many years after his confrontation with Schultz, then change all the names and call it something else.

Dec 29 2014
Ends Of The World Comments (0)


Via Untitled.

Dec 27 2014
Ends Of The World Comments (0)


Via Hot Guys in Sports Gear!

Need To Know: M4Minem + Pyongyang Pinwheel + L'il Usher + Madonna Square Garden + Kick Cancer In The Butt + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureEminem mocks his very real homophobic work in The Interview.

*widget boy cultureNorth Korea's Internet goes down, leaders call Obama a monkey.

*widget boy cultureUsher's leaky penis.

*widget boy cultureThere are a bunch of assholes in the NYPD.

*widget boy cultureMadonna may sing on New Year's Eve @ MSG.

*widget boy cultureThe original boy toys.

*widget boy cultureA whole buncha hot Santas.

*widget boy culturePorn cutie unveils his buns on Vine.

*widget boy cultureYou should prolly be tested for anal cancer.

*widget boy cultureThe other Entertainers of the Year.

*widget boy cultureThe year in viral videos.

Warwick-rowing-men-naked-calendar-2014-31All in a row


Dec 25 2014
Front-Loaded Comments (0)


It's even hotter seeing him move around, after the jump...

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Via butts only from behind.