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Feb 18 2018
Gus Kenworthy Kisses BF Matthew Wilkas On Live TV, Twitter Approves Comments (0)

Love-leadI'm wondering how people like Greg Louganis must feel watching Olympic skiier Gus Kenworthy openly kissing his boyfriend on live TV during the Games.

Not so long ago, this would have been unimaginable, as it would have cost him all future endorsement deals.

What a lot of progress we've made, a thought that bears consideration from time to time, even as we remain vigilant regarding efforts to turn back the clock.


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Feb 16 2018
Olympic Butt-Grab + Shawn Roberts Strips + Tambor Canned + Mueller Indicts Russians + Liza's Auction + Kenworthy's Bum Thumb + New Trump Affair + MORE! — 12-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: And suddenly, I am a cat lover!

Below: Hands-on bobsledders, hot playlist, Shawn Roberts's booty, Jeffrey Tambor shit-canned, Robert Mueller indicts a buncha Russians, Liza auction, Kenworthy breaks thumb, another Trump affair, Cuomo vs. gan-panic, Matt Palmer's latest, Trump's new anti-gay court pick and Kimmel gunning for Trump's false condolences ...

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Feb 14 2018
Olympic Strippers + RuPaul/Jane Fonda/Lily Tomlin + Ryan Murphy's Netflix + Stormy To Spill? + Piers vs. Omarosa + Amy Adams At The Palace! — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: Tyson F'ing Beckford.

Below: Keep reading for Olympic studs, Grace and Frankie and RuPaul, Ryan Murphy's biggest payday, Stormy Daniels preps to spill, Piers Morgan thrashes Omarosa and Amy Adams as Liza ...

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Zac Efron In Dis-Harmony + Trump's Lawyer's New Lie + Daley & Black: We'll Be Dads Soon! + Trump Jr. vs. Rippon, Adrian Escobar Nekkid + Shawn Mendes Almost Nekkid + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: It's that time of the year again!

Below: Keep reading for Zac Efron's questionable new role, Trump's lawyer's questionable new Stormy claim, Daley & Black becoming daddies, Trump Jr. going after Adam Rippon, Canada gay gold, Adrian Escobar naked, fur-tastic hottie, Shawn Mendes melts holes everywhere, an end of the world, Bristol Palin loses her latest man and a No Wave party at MoMA...

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Feb 13 2018
Adam Rippon Doesn't Want Pence To Define His Olympics Experience Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.51.50 PM(Image via CNN)

Adam Rippon is still being asked about Mike Pence, and he has the absolute best answers ...

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Feb 12 2018
Obamas Make It National Portrait Gallery-Official + The Firing Of A Sacred Lesbian + Sessions: Great White Dope + Sexy Books + RIP Vic Damone + Trans Web Series + Trumps Encounter White Powder + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: This promotional gambit is a bit of a stretch.

Below: Keep reading for the Obamas' official portraits, a lesbian fired for posting wedding pix, Sessions going full-tilt white supremacist, a series of sexy brothers, RIP to 2 entertainment greats, a trans Web series, Trumps + white powder = trouble, Kenworthy ogles South Korean junk, boxer wants gays dead, Gillibrand doubles down on Franken and a modern strip-o-gram...

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And God Created Adam: Rippon Responds To Ridiculously Low Scores From Olympic Judges Comments (0)

Adam-rippon-06-gma-jrl-180212_16x9_992He's not only outspoken, he actually says thinks worth hearing. (Image via ABC News)

I always thought not falling would rank right up there among the best things to do when skating an Olympic event, but there are apparently other considerations, such as trying something really hard and failing.

When out athlete Adam Rippon skated seamlessly in South Korea this week, only to be awarded a bronze, social media lost its twit. 

Now, the poised, opinionated jock is speaking out ...

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Feb 06 2018
Pec-tacular + South African Movie Controversy + Nick (Jonas) At Night + Neo-Nazi Anti-Gay Terrorist Convicted + Tennis Ass + Tarantino's Regret + Trump Avoiding Mueller + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Glad this bish is back.

Below: Hottest male model ever, South African sensation, Nick Jonas sans shirt, neo-Nazi convicted of anti-gay terrorist plot, tennis ass, Quentin Tarantino's sorry, Trump's avoiding Mueller, Lindsay Lohan is still useless, Conor Lamb on the rise, Coco Peru gets thrifty, Robert Wagner sweatin' it out and Mr. Purefoy goes full-frontal ...

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