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Feb 08 2015
Je T'oreador Comments (0)


Madonna and Diplo on the Grammys red carpet. Madonna's almost wearing a lady toreador outfit.

And I think she was trying to say anyone who doesn't like it can kiss her...after the jump...

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Feb 06 2015
Eddie Redmayne Is EVERYTHING Comments (0)
  Eddie-Redmayne-1 Eddie-Redmayne-2 Eddie-Redmayne-3 Eddie-Redmayne-4 Eddie-Redmayne-5 Eddie-Redmayne-6 Eddie-Redmayne-7

Eddie Redmayne, who might be about to swipe the Oscar out from under Michael Keaton, makes the (back) cover of Men's Health (March 2015) and appears confidently sexy on the inside pages.

Jan 26 2015
Need To Know: Bashin' Carrie + BIRDMAN Spreads Its Wings + Snow Joke + Diplo Blow + PARIS Still BURNING + MORE! Comments (0)

Debbie-ReynoldsOh, how they do Carrie on!

*widget boy cultureSAG honors, daughter Carrie Fisher roasts, living legend Debbie Reynolds.

*widget boy cultureRedmayne upsets Keaton, Birdman upsets Boyhood at SAG; full winner list.

*widget boy cultureNYC might get three FEET of snow.

*widget boy cultureSarah Palin's racist, meandering speech in Iowa was so weird DNC thanked her.

*widget boy cultureColin Farrell pushes for marriage equality in Ireland.

*widget boy cultureJindahl believes that amending U.S. Constitution vs. gay marriage is do-able.

*widget boy cultureDiplo says Taylor Swift's fans are “the worst people in the world.”


*widget boy cultureJennie Livingston revisits her landmark Paris Is Burning doc.

*widget boy cultureMale models flash peen on the runway.

*widget boy cultureMaryland's new governor disenfranchises LGBT people IMMEDIATELY.

*widget boy cultureUnexpectedly, marriage equality in Alabama is on hold.

*widget boy cultureCarly Fiorina: Former U.S. senator & Sec. of State Clinton's never done anything.

*widget boy cultureHillary polls better than Obama in rural areas. (Wonder why??)

Hillary-clinton_2440834bShe will run, she will win.

Jan 16 2015
Gayness @ The Oscars Comments (0)


Peter Knegt chats with Gordon Bowness about gay content in this year's nominated films and which films have gay creative teams...

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Jan 15 2015
Oscar Nominations Are In: When Do We March? Comments (0)


The Oscar nominations are in, and there are some snubs and surprises.

Most shocking to me was the hardcore snubbing of Selma. It's a really good film, a biopic with a lot of nuance and artistry. It's absolutely, unequivocally on par with and I would argue better than—as a film, as a piece of direction, as a collection of performances—The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game—and yet the achievements by director Ava DuVernay and lead actor David Oyelowo were ignored. (This guy's pissed, too.)

I have to say I must be living in a bubble, because I had thought Nightcrawler and Jake Gyllenhaal were going to be nominated. It was my favorite movie of the year, it's got nearly universal praise (far better reviews than The Theory of Everything and American Sniper), and it's a subject I would have thought voters would find engaging. It's a shame.


I wasn't in the least bit surprised that Jennifer Aniston didn't get nominated. I haven't seen Cake, but no matter how good she is, I think it is perceived pretty clearly as a naked attempt at awards, a true, old-fashioned vehicle. And Aniston has not built up the kind of serious-effort points from the Academy to be this year's Sandra Bullock or Reese Witherspoon. Plus, the film has been negatively reviewed even if her performance has drawn compliments.

The most irritating development to me (aside from the out-of-nowhere embrace of American Sniper, the movie with the worst reviews of the eight nominated and a movie I have zero interest in seeing and now many have to) is the strong showing by Foxcatcher. I found that movie compelling throughout in a dry way, but as much as I love Steve Carell, I truly think his performance is silly. It comes off as phony and the fake nose changes from scene to scene. Why is the prosthesis even necessary? His character was not that famous to the average filmgoer that capturing his exact appearance was that important. The film's credibility is also seriously damaged by what feels like a strong-armed attempt to make it into a dated ick-fest regarding a creepy homo. To be sure, du Pont was almost certainly getting off on being surrounded by those jocks, but the framing the director used of this story feels exploitative and vaguely homophobic.

Check out all the nominations after the jump, with my notes, and please feel free to share yours. Blue are the ones I say will win, and if there is a pink choice, that's the one I wish would win. Otherwise, I'm happy for the one I think will win. Got it?...

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Dick Poop...That's An Interesting Name Comments (0)


Cheryl Boone Isaacs, prez of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, has created this year's Adele Dazeem early—in announcing an Oscar nomination for cinematographer Dick Pope, she called him Dick Poop. Standing next to Chris Pine might or might not have been an extenuating circumstance.

Jan 14 2015
Dragging The Oscars Comments (0)


A list of films most deserving of a Best Picture nomination that did not get one...it's crazy that some of these were snubbed.

Need To Know: TransJenner + CHARLIE's Murderer Self-IDs + Hollow Romney Boast + Belli Dancer + Mommie Fearest + MORE! Comments (0)

In TouchThis is a real cover that Bauer Publishing authorized. It's in print. It exists!

*widget boy cultureIn Touch Photoshops Bruce Jenner into being female to fit their story.

*widget boy cultureMeet the new Osama bin Laden.

*widget boy cultureIF ONLY WE'D KNOWN: With President Romney, there'd be “no ISIS.”

*widget boy cultureRomney will run in '16 (as I said). Will anyone care?

*widget boy cultureNon-naked female musician allowed on Rolling Stone cover.

*widget boy cultureCharges against Eagle bartender's assailant DROPPED.

*widget boy cultureWillam's “Boy Is a Bottom” is now in Spanish!

Willam-Belli-Boy-Is-a-BottomBaby, if I'm the bottom, you're the top!

*widget boy cultureThe Bachelor's Tim Robards flashes major dick cleav. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureMadonna confirmed for Grammys performance.

*widget boy cultureCarla Alcorn, the late Leelah's mom, continues to be a total asshole.

*widget boy cultureMiley goes full-frontal. Well, some soap suds are in the way.

*widget boy cultureNaya Rivera's hygiene tips really stink.

*widget boy cultureThe GOP is gunning for Social Security. Again. Fuck their old voters.

*widget boy cultureTowleroad has Chris Hemsworth's see-through shirt dance in animated form.

6a00d8341c730253ef01bb07d9f8e3970d-800wiDance, boy!