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Jan 27 2014
Evening Shade Comments (0)

"Christian" contemporary artist Natalie Grant just couldn't with the gay marriage at the Grammys. Note to Nat: Watching people do something you disagree with doesn't make you less of a Christian, and walking away so you can't see it doesn't make you more of one.


UPDATE: Even more pathetically, this poor, fragile flower apparently left because Katy Perry was too racy for her. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Jan 26 2014
Colonel Sanders Says It Best: That Was Finger-Lickin' Good Comments (0)

Madonna-Mary-Lambert-Macklemore-Ryan-Lewis-gay-marriage-weddings-GrammysQuit with the cane second-guessing—the bitch hurt herself...read a blog!

Before the telecast, a lot of gays who are better, smarter and more important gays than YOU, were kvetching that Madonna was replacing Mary Lambert, that she was usurping the song, and even that Madonna (and non-gay Macklemore) were using gays by marketing to us.

To all of that, I say: You're way too hooked on conspiracy-theory movies.

Without straight allies, gay people would have needed to enginer a coup. Even then, we've always been completely outnumbered, and most of our own ranks have always been too scaredy-cat to even stand up for themselves. To this day, we have famous gay people who are infamously closeted. Queen Latifah, admittedly in a glass closet, is not even on the record as gay. She has steadfastly refused to be so. So don't look down your elitist noses when true, sincere straight allies come your way. You need them way more than they need a small fraction of 10% of the population's dollars.

All that said, the fears were for naught—that performance of "Same Love," which seamlessly incorporated Madonna for impact, was probably deeply moving to a lot of people you may have already written off as unreachable. The song itself makes me tear up. To hear a straight man rap that he thought he was gay as a kid and to know he made that into a hit song moves me. It's meaningful in our culture. When I saw that the couples were not all gay couples but were straight and gay, that struck me as an obviously inclusive touch that I hadn't foreseen.

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Jan 24 2014
Don't Read On If You Don't Wanna Know Who Madonna Is Performing With At The Grammys Comments (0)


Do not keep reading if you want to be surprised when Madonna shows up to perform with this Grammy-nominated act at the show on Sunday...

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Jan 19 2014
Need To Know: Brutal Gay Murder, Ms. Parker Wants To Marry, Kylie's Blue Material, SAGgers, LOOKING Good + MORE! Comments (0)

Caique_santos_gay_teen_brazilWhat monster could kick this sweet face to death?

*widget boy culture16-year-old gay boy tortured, murdered in Brazil—they extracted his teeth.

*widget boy cultureHouston's Mayor Annise Parker gets married, pisses off the right.

*widget boy cultureHe wanted to marry his mister, so killed his missus.

*widget boy cultureRUFF STUFF: Adorable Pekingese puppy gifs.

*widget boy cultureSean Cody barebacker "Noel" not allowed to graduate...high school...for doing porn.

*widget boy cultureLISTEN: Kylie Minogue's bubbly "Into the Blue."

*widget boy cultureGOP officially loathes gays, but gay Republicans keep trying.

*widget boy cultureMcConaughey & Leto win @ SAG + full list of winners here.

UnnamedA little too blue, Jasmine

*widget boy cultureIn advance of a Grammys perf, Madonna's Instagram Hall of Fame.

*widget boy cultureSundance celebrates gay couples married in Utah.

*widget boy cultureGay protester in Russia wrestled down by Olympics security, detained.

*widget boy cultureTonight's Looking on HBO gets a rave.

*widget boy cultureYou must see The #RichKids of Beverly Hills on bethenny.

*widget boy cultureGary Lee Boas on the horny Mayor of the Munchkins.

*widget boy cultureJuan Pablo Galavis is sorry, sinceremente.

*widget boy cultureNotorious Russian kidnapper/torturer of gays arrested in Cuba.

Maxim-MartsinkevichRussian psycho

Jan 16 2014
There Will Be Snubs: Oscar Nominations Are Here Comments (0)


The Oscar nominations are here, and there were some surprising oversights. To me, the most shocking snub was of Tom Hanks for Best Actor; he's beloved and has been getting plenty of notice for that performance. The second biggest snub would be that of Oprah Winfrey. Her film was not acclaimed, but her performance was. Not as shocking as when the Globes blew her off, though! They are starfuckers.

Lesser surprises would be the absence of Emma Thompson (good performance in a good movie, but it was not nearly as good as Amy Adams's nuanced turn in American Hustle, so I'll live) and Robert Redford (Jesus, he is Mr. Movies with that Sundance commitment...really, guys??? And he was in a one-man movie!)

Here are all the nominees, with my notes on the ones you probably care about and my selections for "will win" in pink.

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Jan 14 2014
Need To Know: Sean O'Prying Eyes, GOProud/GOHome, Christie Closes Bridge & Shuts Down Trans People + MORE! Comments (0)

Sean-o-pry-shirtlessBeauty trip

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiMy idea of a hot vacay is one with Sean O'Pry.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiYOU MUST BE YOLKING: Bieber home-detained in egging case.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiRepublican douchebag Jimmy LaSalvia is now just a douchebag.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiChris Christie, corrupt morally as well as ethically, vetoes a trans right for no reason.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiWhite pants/black jockstrap = blue material.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiFUN FACT: Someone's ass at E! prolly got fired over that Michael J. Fox one-liner.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiAshlee Simpson will be Diana Ross's daughter-in-law...yeah.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiNY Post writer thinks Newtown was "a little convenient massacre."

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a3fbf83811970b-800wiNasty Pig's Systematic Jock is systematically reviewed.

NAstPigStrapping lad

Jan 12 2014
Golden Moments Comments (0)


The best Golden Globes takes so far are from Mia Farrow (above), who was not even gonna try with the Woody Allen tribute, and from Colton Haynes (below), whose closet door isn't glass but is instead a handy bedsheet.


I think Amy and Tina are insanely suited to this kind of thing and it was gratifying that Amy finally won a goddamned award for "Leslie Knope."

It was nice that Jackie Bisset won her first award ever for anything, though she kicked off a lot of long, uncomfortable pauses in acceptance speeches, as well as long journeys from disadvantageous seating.

I was happy for Leo DiCaprio; just saw and loved Wolf of Wall Street (great movie about terrible people I wish all died at the end), the second movie in which he's ever  impressed me. 

Amy Adams was incandescently amazing in American Hustle, so I'm on board with that win, too.

I'd never so much as heard of Brooklyn 99 before, so I'll have to seek it out.

Michael Douglas's "mincing" comment was annoying, but what do you expect from the son of Natalie Wood's rapist? He was totally overrated in the totally overrated Behind the Candelabra.

I'm dying that Steve McQueen called Sarah Paulsen the "Bette Davis of America." Dude, Bette Davis was the Bette Davis of America and there is no connection there. You'd be better off calling Jared Leto the Bette Davis of America.

I'll update this as the show draws to a close, but...what did you think?

Jeez, Luise!: Luise Rainer Turns 104 Comments (0)


Luise Rainer, the oldest living Oscar winner (she won two in a row as Best Actress in the '30s), turns—get ready for this—104 today. To put that into perspective, she's only four years younger than Greta Garbo would be today, and Garbo's been dead nearly a quarter of a century...after living to a fairly ripe old age!

Tumblr_m6mx0k8Apr1qan75no1_500From The Great Ziegfeld (1936)

Rainer is within striking distance of becoming that rarest of things—a supercentenarian (110+) famous for more than longevity alone.

Jan 04 2014
Old Glory Comments (0)


The only people nominated for acting Oscars who were in their eighties were all women...good news for 80something June Squibb, who deserves to win for Nebraska.

Dec 13 2013
Need To Know: The Long Arms Of Lawton, Beyoncé's Secret Power, Paparazzi Shoots Cougar + MORE! Comments (0)

Kayne-Lawton-shirtlessKayne's candy

*widget boy cultureKayne Lawton's Instagram is a hard-on in installments.

*widget boy cultureMy own Instagram is P.H.A.T., too.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé shocks fans with unannounced new album.

*widget boy cultureTom Daley and Dustin Lance Black star in staged photo op.

*widget boy cultureTrump and other birthers imply Hawaiian official's tragic death was murder.

*widget boy cultureGerman male celebs kiss each other to fight homophobia.

*widget boy cultureYou've been brunchplaced.

*widget boy cultureI WANT YOU: 2 Kerry Poynter Madonna megamixes. (Also for Android.)

*widget boy cultureTop2Bottom, a gay card game, is born.


*widget boy cultureKim Jong Un has his #2—his own uncle—executed.

*widget boy cultureGolden Globe nominations announced—Oprah shafted.

*widget boy cultureSAG Award nominations announced—Robert Redford shafted.

*widget boy cultureUnlike her douchebag parents, Katy Perry isn't very religious.

*widget boy cultureBruce Jenner, not transgendered, is shaving down his Adam's apple.

*widget boy cultureEminem looks rough.

*widget boy cultureDamian Lewis apologizes to Sir Ian McKellen.

*widget boy cultureMegyn Kelly insists that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ are white.