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Jan 18 2014
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Juan Pablo Galavis, the current Bachelor stud, is the latest celebrity to put his foot in his mouth with a minority group. This time, it's the gays. (Why, oh, why, must the cute straight boys be so effed up about themselves that they feel the need to trash gay men?)

In an interview at an ABC party, he pooh-poohed the idea of a gay Bachelor, saying:

"I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV...they're more 'pervert' in a sense. And to me the show would be too strong...too hard to watch."

I'm not sure how great an example The Bachelor is to begin with, suggesting that people meet the love of their lives on a reality show, suggesting to women it's cool to compete for a guy by subjugating themselves in any way necessary to win him over while conniving to place other women out of the running. But what's offensive about stuff like this and like what Sherri Shepard just said about gay people, more so than unfortunate word bombs (which themselves are not nothin'), is that he's expressing not just a negative word about gay people, he's arguing that gay people are inherently offensive to him and should be kept away from the tender eyes of children.

That's Putin territory.

Dec 21 2013
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Juan-Pablo-Galavis"It's hard to meet women as a dad," Juan Pablo lied.

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis, hyped as the most stunning creature since ever, tells People (January 6, 2014) he looks for women who are Latinas with dark hair, sporty and Venezuelan.

But he's open.

Oct 06 2013
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Tim, the newest Bachelor contestant in Australia, is being put forth as the hottest Bachelor ever. Thoughts?


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