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Nov 05 2013
Need To Know: LaBelle LaLegend, Benghazi Bluffer, Naked Men Acting, ENDA Game, SacksDreams: Gaga Cans Manager + MORE Comments (0)

Patti-LaBelle-Oprah-Winfrey"'How's Oprah?' Meet her one day yourself."

*widget boy cultureOoh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh—Patti LaBelle's got an old attitude. (And it's cool.) Wrecking-ball-parody

*widget boy cultureLying Benghazi "witness" exposed.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Pfeiffer was in a cult, didn't know it.

*widget boy cultureHow 13 kids react to watching gay-marriage proposals.

*widget boy cultureUltimate Bryan Hawn butt video.  (Work Unfriendly-ish.)

*widget boy cultureShia really eating out in this movie? (Work Unfriendly.)

*widget boy cultureDon't click, size queen! (Very Work Unfriendly.)

*widget boy cultureKenyth Mogan's catchy "Fall Apart" is serving "Tearin' Up My Heart." Britney

*widget boy cultureYoko Ono is 80...and a bad dancer.

*widget boy cultureBritney sprays fans with "Perfume."

*widget boy cultureCristiano Ronaldo IS big. It's the undies that got small.

Cristiano-Ronaldo-underwearTall order.

*widget boy cultureMadonna likes Rebecca Walker's Adé. Madonna_and_ingrid_casares_image3

*widget boy cultureMadonna used to like pussy.

*widget boy cultureStephen Bray confirms unreleased Madonna tracks.

*widget boy cultureBaby Madonna's dad was preaching about would be 26 now!

*widget boy cultureNOT IN MY STRAIGHT BACKYARD: Gay bar nixed by hix.

*widget boy culture7 youth orgs write open letter urging Congress to pass ENDA.

*widget boy cultureENDA advances in the Senate!

*widget boy cultureBut President Boehner is against it, so fuck you all.

*widget boy cultureThe Battle of amfAR debuts December 2 on HBO. Lypsinka

*widget boy cultureYour Lypsinka swag is here.

*widget boy cultureGaga fires manager, will host/be musical guest on SNL

*widget boy cultureGaga looks horrible, performs a downer ("Dope") for YouTube.

*widget boy cultureGaga's Golden Girls moment.

*widget boy cultureIn case you're "bicurious" about Judi Dench's new flick, Philomena:

May 12 2013
No Longer Enjoying THE VIEW Comments (2)

Barbara Walters has announced that she will retire from TV journalism in the summer of 2014:

"I do not want to appear on another program or climb another mountain. I want instead to sit on a sunny field and admire the very gifted women—and OK, some men too—who will be taking my place."

Wow. I really like and respect Barbara Walters. I realized the last time I posted about her that there is a lot of resentment and dislike of her, but I don't get it. I think she's a legend, and rightfully so.

Mar 29 2013
Barbara Walters Uprooted Comments (9)

Barbara Walters will retire in one year's time. In my opinion, it's the end of an era and a great loss. Barbara Walters is one of those people who spans most of the history of television. She's been amazingly resilient, has made a name for herself doing multiple things from morning shows to the nightly news to nightime investigative journalism to, of course, her inimitable interviews.

When I saw her one time and mentioned how much I enjoyed The View (I did, at the time), she coolly ignored me. But she's not a friend, she's a living legend.

And for the record, when it comes to what kind of tree I'd be, I will be a weeping willow when she leaves.

Oct 15 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Paul RyanClean-up on aisle take the fifth

Boy culture WIDGETPaul Ryan's fake photo op angers charity prez.

Boy culture WIDGETIf Jude Law is fat, am I morbidly obese?

Robin Thicke pubesBoy culture WIDGETMorgan Freeman narrates new Obama ad.

Boy culture WIDGETRobin Thicke hangs out, his trunks hang low.

Boy culture WIDGET"I have too many vaginas around me at this point."—Rihanna

Boy culture WIDGETLindsay Lohan voting for Romney because of "jobs." Barbara Walters to fire questions at her.

Boy culture WIDGETTeam Romney says Latino voters crave "macho bravado." Pendejos.

Boy culture WIDGETNew book argues that barebacking is "not simply crazy or irresponsible."

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney too scared of the "sharp-tongued" View ladies, but debates himself. Twice:

May 15 2012
50 Shades Of Gay Rights Comments (1)

In engaging remarks on The View, President Obama talks about his former support of civil unions, his now fully evolved marriage-equality views, his belief that DOMA is not Constitutional and his ignorance of 50 Shades of Grey.

Jan 10 2012
May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day Comments (1)

Via Mamie Van Doren (yes, that one!): With candidates for public office routinely receiving scrutiny for having been members of restricted country clubs, it's interesting that being members of the Mormon faith—while not exactly a plus, depending on which group you ask!—isn't a career-killer. Yes, it was 30 years ago that they weren't allowing black people in. But 30 years isn't that long ago.

Watch this deliciously excruciating video from the late '70s showing 21-year-old Donnie Osmond and 19-year-old Marie Osmond explaining that their faith's restrictions against black people were just "the way the Lord wants it" and that it's a man's job to speak his mind, not a woman's...

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Jul 30 2010
The View Kills Comments (1)

TheView-420x0 According to a press release, The View's Obama edition was its most-watched telecast ever, with 6.59 million total viewers, or just over half the number of kids who watched the series debut of iCarly in 2007. Anyway, it had a lot of viewers.

I thought they did a decent job, but I didn't like Joy's pop-culture segment so much; I would have preferred a question on DADT or gay rights in general. Obama was very good. Still, though, I think he's so bad at manipulating and running down his opponents. All this high-ground stuff was great as an antidote to Bush, but these are different times (already)—he needs to be more aggressive.

Jul 26 2010
From The President's Point Of View Comments (0)

President Obama will tape an appearance on The View Wednesday that will air Thursday—the first time a sitting U.S. president has appeared on a daytime talk show. Kudos to Barbara Walters for this big get; Walters will be returning for the first time since her heart surgery for this episode. 

This is going to be a huge deal. Not only will Obama have to be on his toes for whatever right-wing bullshit Elisabeth Hasselbeck will spring on him in order to score points with her base, he'll also have pointed, I would assume, questions from the left's Joy Behar. After all, things have changed since his 2008 appearance as a candidate.

I wonder which will bring up Don't Ask, Don't Tell or gay issues in general—the left-leaning crew, out of genuine interest, or Hasselbeck, out of a desire to stick a salty finger in the wound between the president and gay activists?

He's got a lot of other stuff to be grilled about, too—BP, the economy, Afghanistan and Iraq, fluffy stuff, the upcoming elections, Shirley Sherrod. Hope he takes it as seriously as one last Hillary Clinton debate.

Feb 01 2010
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Answer Comments (1)

SafariScreenSnapz001 President Scott Brown told Barbara Walters that he wants to take a wait-and-see approach to any possible Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal. Unlike President Barack Obama, who wants it to end and has said this will be the year (in spite of the military insisting on another fucking study that will take up much of that year...perhaps hoping the Democrats will be too weakened to actually get rid of it after the November elections), Brown wants to wait until hear from the generals in the field because he fears it might "disrupt our ability to finish the job and complete the wars."

Meanwhile, Brown had previously flatly stated he is in favor of DADT.

Don't hold your breath for him to "evolve" on this issue.

Jan 11 2010
Because Ageism Is So Old-Fashioned! Comments (1)
Barbara Walters has revealed NBC News made her an offer, attempting to lure her back to the network where she got as recently as last year! What a lovely ego trip that must have been.