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May 14 2013
Need To Know: We Made It After All, Hillary's Popularity Is Scandalous, Mariah Carey As Teacher + MORE Comments (2)

AFERAlmost 25% there...

*widget boy cultureGov. Mark Dayton (D-Minnesota) officially signs marriage equality into law. Tights

*widget boy culture"Americans angry about Benghazi can't find it on a map."

*widget boy cultureThis is final word on Benghazi: The definitive timeline.

*widget boy cultureEven the GOP knows Obama wasn't behind IRS scandal.

*widget boy cultureTranna Wintour: What I've learned from divas.

*widget boy cultureAngelina's kids were supportive during her surgeries.

*widget boy culture57 cans of whipped cream later....

*widget boy cultureGrooviest tights ever!

*widget boy cultureThe racist reality of celebrity porn scams.

*widget boy cultureIs Beyoncé sick and tired, or with child?

*widget boy cultureMeet Ryan Fogle, our worst spy ever.

*widget boy cultureJonathan Groff's gay-themed series picked up by HBO.

*widget boy cultureHoly roller claims to have Jesus Christ's endorsement.

*widget boy cultureGet ready for The Goldbergs (different ones from these):

Apr 25 2013
WIN IT: THE GUILT TRIP Blu-ray Combo Pack! Comments (16)

Enter to win The Guilt Trip Blu-ray Combo Pack!

I've got 3 to give away. To enter (U.S. residents only), please comment this post with your choice for the best comedic performance by an actress you can recall. A week from today at 5PM ET, I'll choose 3 of you at random to win!

Embark on the mother of all road trips!


Starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen

Andy Brewster is about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime, and who better to accompany him than his overbearing mother Joyce.  After deciding to start his adventure with a quick visit at mom’s, Andy is guilted into bringing her along for the ride.  Across 3,000 miles of ever-changing landscape, he is constantly aggravated by her antics, but over time he comes to realize that their lives have more in common than he originally thought.  His mother’s advice might end up being exactly what he needs.

The Guilt Trip will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD April 30 from Paramount Home Media Distribution!

Apr 23 2013
Need To Know: Making A Federal Case Of It, VJ Day, 2 Broke Girls, Barbra's Biggest Misses, Madonna's Duds + MORE Comments (1)


*widget boy cultureDan Savage's hunk husband speaks. Tumblr_lq6n9uZa7K1qgxytto1_500

*widget boy cultureWedding bells for Dawn French!

*widget boy cultureAn al-Qaeda terror attack is thwarted in Canada.

*widget boy cultureParaguay's new prez has troglodytic views on gays.

*widget boy cultureAmazing Keith Haring video.

*widget boy cultureSATELLITE DISH: Gossip from MTV's earliest days. Roberto-Boll-e-Phyllis-Diller-guys-shirtless

*widget boy cultureDzhokhar Tsarnaev charged for using WMD by feds.

*widget boy cultureWhite House sticking to Constitution.

*widget boy cultureGun Owners of America honcho: Liberals "pleased" with bombing.

*widget boy cultureBette Midler "adored" the "terrifying" Sue Mengers.

*widget boy cultureAngelyne has a not-so-nice trip.

*widget boy cultureWho would Jesus abort?

*widget boy cultureOnly 3 known SF earthquake (1906!) survivors.

*widget boy cultureBarbra regrets not doing Cabaret, Klute and Julia.

*widget boy cultureMichael Michaud dishes on the late Sal Mineo.

*widget boy cultureSofia Vergara's "great time" as a transsexual.

*widget boy cultureMeet the Imam into gays and marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureJanice Dickinson broke

*widget boy cultureBrenda Dickson broke and homeless?

*widget boy cultureRoberto Bolle coming to NYC.

*widget boy cultureHow to find sex...offline? Folsom Street East

*widget boy cultureFolsom Street East is off.

*widget boy culturePhyllis Diller's final TV gig: Dukes of Melrose.

*widget boy cultureTeamsters vs. Westboro: Guess who won?

*widget boy culturePop Tarts: Portraits of Women up for grabs.

*widget boy cultureCRAZY FOR IT: 'Mazing Madonna megamix.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's homeless brother injured during arrest.

*widget boy cultureHow Mack Sennett created Studio City.

*widget boy culturePop-up exhibit of Madonna's iconic wardrobe at Macy's in L.A.

130402_MG_Madonna_Evite_v9Dress her up

Apr 06 2013
Best Bette: Midler Channels Mengers In I'LL EAT YOU LAST Comments (4)

Bette-MidlerLiza Minnelli & another fan get first dibs on I'll Eat You Last

BOY CULTURE RATING: **** out of ****

The first thing I ever blogged was a take-down of Bette Midler.

It's not that I totally detest Bette Midler; the elusive gay gene disallows that. But she was not the fierce (snap!) advocate I felt she should be back then. Then there is the little matter of her frequent, often well-placed (the worst kind!) barbs about that other Divine Miss M, the one who is currently fulfilling her destiny as the wind beneath Malawi's wings.

BETTE-MIDLERBut when I heard Bette Midler was going to play the very-recently-late Hollywood superagent Sue Mengers in I'll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers, a one-woman show on Broadway directed by Joe Mantello, I was on board. What a perfect marriage of personalities, made all the more perfect artistically because the two women, while outspoken and lewd, are not clones so much as each possesses a "je ne sais fuck you" vibe that makes the casting so fun you don't even have to see the play to get your first delighted chuckle.

But now that I've seen the very first preview, I can say: You do have to see this play, because this is not just a great idea, it's also a great execution.

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Apr 04 2013
Last Heard: How Long It's Been Since These Icons Went Top 40 Comments (9)


What follows is a list of 125 household-name artists grouped by the last years in which they appeeared on a single that hit the Top 40 of Billboard's "Hot 100" chart in America. As a recovering teen chart nut, I find this stuff fascinating. It speaks to their relevance as artists in some cases, but speaks to the relevance of having a "hit single" in cases where the artists are clearly still quite successful by other measures.

Most of all, it's just wow-inducing to see how long it's been for some of these artists, who have sold millions and millions of records in their storied careers. It's also interesting seeing the groups of artists who enjoyed their last Top 40 success together...Gloria Gaynor and Patti Smith, for example.

(Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any; it's hard juggling artists' singles, featured appearances, etc.)


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Mar 10 2013
Need To Know: Quinn's Out & In, Here Come The Judd, Gays Against Marriage Equality, Homosuperior Leather Bar Interior + MORE Comments (1)

Christine-QuinnCity Council Speaker announces bid for NYC mayor; would be first woman, first LGBT mayor

*widget boy cultureSHE LAUGHED, SHE CRIED: Christine Quinn is in. (But no mention of her wife???)

*widget boy cultureOh, and by the way...so is Ashley Judd. (Probably.) Vince-Sant-4

*widget boy cultureI don't know if he's blank-loathing, but I sure hate his guts.

*widget boy cultureVince Sant's washboard abs.

*widget boy cultureTMZ to January Jones: "People think you're a homewrecker."

*widget boy cultureSNL hosts/alums welcome Timberlake to "Five-Timer's Club."

*widget boy cultureRivers on lesbian kiss: "I'll do just about anything for ratings."

*widget boy cultureThe contrived nature of the "selfie."

*widget boy cultureHomophobic "Harlem Shake" video from Jamaica.

*widget boy cultureDANCING IN THE SHEETS: In bed with Bowie & Jaggie.

*widget boy cultureInterview with I Want Your Love and Interior: Leather Bar director Travis Mathews.

Interiorsmall2An actor appears to contemplate documenting Val Lauren's Interior.

Feb 25 2013
Seth MacFarLAME: But Even So, The Oscars Can't Stop The Music Comments (26)

Michelle-Obama-OscarsThe winner of the week? FLOTUS!

Aside from Michelle Obama making a genuinely shocking and winning appearance—and even presenting the Best Picture award!—and spectacular performances by the Les Miz cast (fuck the haters) Jennifer Hudson, Adele (okay, she was slightly muted) and a gorgeous, adamantly "I'm-still-here" Streisand, The Oscars were, IMHO, pretty terrible.

Barbra-StreisandIf she had the chance, Barbra Streisand would do it all again

Seth-MacfarlaneI don't think Seth MacFarlane is at all suited for this kind of gig. He is not a stand-up performer. His jokes mostly landed with thuds or were delivered with uncertainty or with those cringe-making asides like, "That's why it's live, folks!" etc.

I hated the fact that William Shatner, not known for being a movie actor, was so much a part of the opening. I thought the taped bits were funny and MacFarlane and the others sang and danced well, but it went nowhere fast...

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Feb 23 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)

Perry-EllisI very much approve

*widget boy cultureMeet the Perry Ellis Very Perry campaign.

*widget boy culture"Fierce advocate" Pres. Obama fiercely advocates against DOMA.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay nut: Obama dating Reggie Love.

*widget boy cultureCan NJ legislature override Christie's anti-equality veto? Gay-press-gay-power

*widget boy cultureOscar-ish: Anderson Cooper's Top 10 favorite films.

*widget boy cultureEven for $25K, I wouldn't tongue-kiss Maloof.

*widget boy cultureGay Press, Gay Power = amazing LGBT non-fic book.

*widget boy cultureBTS of Purple Crush's "Little Bitch."

*widget boy cultureA guilt-free Barbra Streisand trip.

*widget boy cultureAmazing Madonna mash-up.

*widget boy cultureMadonna is music's #1 earner of 2012.

*widget boy cultureGaga isn't in the Top 40! (But it didn't count merch, etc.; she's #4 there.)

Madonna DSC0079 Mo money