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Oct 05 2014
Need To Know: Nick Magnet + Schock Report + T WORD Up + Ebola Trumps Friendliness + There IS A Godfre! + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas breaks out his pits in his battle for gay dollars.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay (gay?) Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) is glad it's raining men.

*widget boy cultureBoss-man Warren Buffett says he can't control his company's anti-gayness.

*widget boy cultureCheck out Laverne Cox's new show, The T Word.

*widget boy cultureWhat happens when ISIS/ISIL hits Baghdad?

*widget boy cultureMadonna helps open girls' school in Karachi.

*widget boy cultureSex and the City 3 coming?

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump sees a net positive...from Ebola.

*widget boy cultureOr focus on seeing a good movie, like Skeleton Twins.


*widget boy cultureThe above may or may not make you curious to see Sanctuary (1961).

*widget boy cultureBenjamin Godfre fronts the Frontiers “Naked Issue”!

*widget boy cultureBen Affleck and Bill Maher got heated over Islam.

*widget boy cultureLesbians are suing mad over biracial baby.

*widget boy cultureWELFARE QUEEN: Rich Republican politico committed welfare fraud.

*widget boy cultureSaw & enjoyed Eternity, a comedy about the 1985 music scene. Go see it!

EternityFrom here to Eternity

Mar 12 2014
EXCLUSIVE: Behind Venfield 8's Mask + A Gallery Of 5 Never-Before-Published Images Comments (0)
  Venfield-8-stormtrooper Benjamin-Godfre-Venfield-8 Woman-Venfield-8 David-Laflamme-Venfield-8
Above, an exclusive gallery of 5 never-before-published Venfield 8 images.
Venfield 8 is the moniker of a mystery shooter who loves to take the piss out of consumerist sacred cows, as well out of the conventional gay male aesthetic.
Well, with his sorry/not sorry, glam/not glam approach, maybe he would actually put a little more piss into the latter.
Whereas most of the men we're presented with (guilty as charged here) are twinks or shiny musclemen with nary a hair on their god-like bodies, Venfield 8 seeks out hairy beasts, men who haven't had their abs ultra-etched by a surgeon, men you can practically smell through the computer screen.
David-LaflammeDavid LaFlamme by Venfield 8

He's got a sense of humor, too, teasing his rapidly expanding audience with hints that he may be someone famous, all the while sprinkling his Tumblr (Work Unfriendly) with unique, offbeat imagery, building a catalogue of work that is becoming more illustrative of who he is than any personal information ever could be.

I've been negligent in not interviewing him sooner—I've blogged about him for a couple of years already—because we've become friends. I've met him and stayed with him at his home, and have benefited from his advice and support; it's hard to interview your buddies.

But when your buddies are brilliant artists, you have to step up to the plate...

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Dec 06 2012
Hot Shots Comments (3)

Venfield8-luxury-violence-Benjamin-GodfreBenjamin Godfre & Richie Nuzzolese—bloody hot

Venfield 8—the artist who has so far successfully shielded his ID—has launched a new official site dripping with his uniquely explicit (Work Unfriendly) images. I'm loving this one, which is very "Laura Mars."

Oct 19 2012
Oh, My Godfre! Comments (2)
YSL penis
The latest "designer dick" shot by mystery man Venfield 8 is up (Work Unfriendly)—it's YSL and yes, it's Benjamin Godfre's.
Apr 18 2012
Benjamin Bears All Comments (4)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Are you a Benjaminion? Because below, Benjamin Godfre takes a bath with Accidental Bear and talks about his career, including the fact that he did his first nude shoot "the second" he was able to do it...

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Feb 12 2012
Benjaminions Rejoice Comments (3)


Benjamin Godfre, voted the most attractive person alive several years running by me, shows off his anatomical gift at this link right here (NSFW, duh). His member was captured by Rick Day. Photographed by him, too!

Sep 10 2009
Stretch Of The Imagination Comments (9)


Joey_stefano_gay_porn_2 I never hear of models until the whole world knows them by name, but whether I'm late or early, wow to this guy Mr. Benjamin Godfre on and in Exercise For Men Only (November 2009). He looks like a more relentlessly fit Joey Stefano (pictured) and conveniently wears a pair of red shorts almost smaller than what they are intended to cover. In some of the stretching shots, it almost looks like stuff was showing but was PhotoShopped red to cover him up. This makes me want to do everything but eat right and exercise to look like this:


That pic on the left, the red inside the leg looks added to obscure...what?

It shouldn't be a stretch to imagine I have more of him after the jump...

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Nov 20 2008
Oh, My Godfre! Comments (1)


I'm not one for hyperbole, either, but Kenneth has never been more right in his entire life!

More of Benjamin Godfre after the jump...

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