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Jan 12 2015
Need To Know: 'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy + Ditto Heads Down The Aisle + Paris Is CHARLIE + Kyle Be Seeing You + Wild About Harry + MORE! Comments (0)

Michael Sam

*widget boy cultureMichael Sam got engaged!

*widget boy cultureBeth Ditto got married!

*widget boy cultureMassive rally in Paris vs. terrorism.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein & Justin Bieber insist he wasn't 'Shopped.

*widget boy cultureModel Kyle Crain as seen by 2 photogs.


*widget boy cultureStanding O for gay priest.

*widget boy cultureZimmerman arrested for aggravated assault. Who's the thug?

*widget boy cultureTime's love affair with tennis.

*widget boy cultureTiffany's ad stars same-sex couple.

*widget boy cultureStraight-for-pay popstar Harry Styles is taken, ladies.

*widget boy cultureGay-for-pay pornstar of the past Mark Dalton is back.


Jun 10 2014
Need To Know: Proud Marys + Mr. (Far-)Right? + This Is Acid + Midwest Marriage + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureJoin “Crazy Eyes” on the set of Orange is the New Black.

*widget boy cultureL.A. Gay Pride lust objects. Demi Lovato was grand marshal.

*widget boy cultureHot new Beth Ditto track.

*widget boy cultureDoes being sexy trump being a far-right nationalist prick?

*widget boy cultureSomeone got Lil Kim pregnant.

*widget boy cultureAcid attack outside UK club deemed homophobic.

*widget boy cultureWisconsin same-sex marriages = full-speed ahead.

*widget boy culture11-year-old vs. Australia's douchebag PM.

*widget boy cultureComic Rik Mayall is dead @ 56.

*widget boy cultureTeen soap Youthful Daze's main character is gay.

Gay-soapSoap studs

Mar 18 2013
Need To Know: Don't Tread On My Sugary Drinks, BLADE RUNNER = Meh, Your Nudity Gratuity + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTOO MUCH RED BULL?: Brahim refers to Madonna as his "wife." Ohlalamag-helios

*widget boy cultureGrooms-to-be given red-carpet treatment by JetBlue.

*widget boy cultureBlade Runner notes: "gets worse every screening."

*widget boy cultureSarah Palin, a small mind for Big Gulps.

*widget boy cultureInsanely hot Helios by Kemuel Valdes.

*widget boy cultureIan Buchanan barks about Old Dogs & New Tricks.

*widget boy cultureAlan Ilagan's "birthday suit post" is: (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureSteubenville rapists are GUILTY.

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper & Madonna on Access Hollywood.

*widget boy cultureMadonna vs. the Boy Scouts.

*widget boy cultureGreek footballer banned for life over Nazi salute.

*widget boy cultureGay boxer Orlando Cruz is really, really out.

*widget boy cultureRand Paul 2016: Vote early and often!

*widget boy cultureGossip girl Beth Ditto jailed for boozy Obama rant.

*widget boy culture"My Gay Roommate" gets an official music video:

Nov 28 2012
Beating Off Together: 150 Gayest Songs EVER (The List) Comments (19)

CazwellWhat makes a song "gay?"

Is it the singer's real-life sexual persuasion, the explicit or implicit (and positive or negative) lyrical content, how it has been embraced by the gay community, being inextricably linked with its homo-erotic video...or something else?

Or all of the above?

Judy-Garland"Wait...'YMCA' is about more than just hittin' the gym?"

My picks for the gayest songs of all time follow below in alphabetical order by artist. There is also a separate post (with a crazy load time) with the songs arranged somewhat creatively for your listening/viewing enjoyment.

Feel free to tell me what am I missing, in both senses of the question...

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Beating Off Together: 150 Gayest Songs EVER (The Links) Comments (0)

Gay-songs-Madonna-Gaga-Sylvester-Cole-PorterMadonna, Gaga, Sylvester, too/Cole Porter, we love you...

Here are the links from my original post, arranged somewhat thematically or at least for flow.

There are 150ish videos that follow, so prepare for a long load time.

Again, feel free to tell me what am I missing, in both senses of the question...

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Oct 29 2012
Diamond In The Rough Comments (0)

Beth Ditto The Advocate
Gossip queen Beth Ditto opens up to The Advocate as she promotes her revealing memoir, Coal to Diamonds, saying that she has suffered from sarcoidosis, the deadly disease that killed Bernie Mac:

Beth Ditto Coal to Diamonds lesbian"I'm so lucky that my disease was so fucking weird and with a really strange version of it because the doctors were superinterested. They would comp things, they would give me a discounted rate because it was so weird that they were intrigued—and thank God for that. I know that sounds totally weird. It was surreal."

Ditto also writes about being molested by an uncle, battling depression and embracing her sexuality and her body size in what sounds like the queer read of the year.

Sep 24 2012
Loves Madonna, Gaga = Ditto Comments (0)

Beth Ditto Gossip
Beth Ditto is flashed images of various divas and gives her impressions for French TV. On the subject of Madonna, she says:

"Perfect icon, perfect icon. And great...good, good, she's had good work done."

Of Lady Gaga, she says:

"The Madonna of my nieces and nephews."

Her nieces and nephews are "six and seven," so take that for what it's worth, but it didn't sound bitchy.

Full video after the jump...

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May 24 2012
We're Havin' Big Fun: A Review Of Gossip @ Terminal 5 Comments (10)

QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz005Gossip girl

Last night, I got last-minute tickets to Gossip at Terminal 5. Who haven't I seen there in recent times—I've enjoyed Lady Gaga, Scissor Sisters, Erasure, Yaz...the list goes on. Grabbed my friend Craig and we had a great time, even though my hate affair with G.A. continues.

Longer snippets in the middle of the vid


It actually wasn't grotesquely crowded, but we wound up behind a pair of attention magnets (round guy in gold lamé, among other things; tall guy with Adam Lamberty hair) who happened to take up a lot of space standing still, let alone doing what they were doing, which was shaking their raised fists through every song (at least at first). It's a rock concert, so what are you gonna do, complain? Ask people to enjoy themselves less? Might as well wear a button-up shirt with "OLD MAN" on the back. But it sucks to stand behind a girl who has to hold her hand in the air and wave it in large circles all around her head, barely missing yours and everyone else's. It was all very, "We GET this! We LOVE this!" more so than just pure personal enjoyment. To the boys: No disrespect intended and I admire your self-expression...I just don't ever want to stand behind it again. xoxo

GOS_Rankin12_537312049-1Welcome to Gossip's "Perfect World"—read on for details

Then a couple of tiny girls moved ahead and past us and considering my history of serious issues with shorties pushing their way in front of me at concerts, I couldn't resist joking to Craig, "And here come the short girls." Unfortunately, one heard me and called me on it. I felt bad! I'm usually really good about talking trash inches from a person's face without them hearing, and in this case it wasn't really trash since as she pointed out she wasn't stopping in front of me or bugging me in any way. Sorry, woman.

But the good news is we soon shifted and wound up in front of the human trees and I had no more distractions.

Anyway, we had shown up in time to catch opening act The Ssion (say "SHUN" as in "passion") even though we'd missed Creep (who had the only good T-shirt for sale of all three acts). I actually loved The Ssion—very dancey and with a total genderfuck vibe on stage. Their sound is very catchy and very Book of Love. I'm now humming "My Love Grows in the Dark" every 10 minutes.

IMovieScreenSnapz001I was tickled to recognize that their dancing boys recreated Madonna's 1982 track-date choreography during the stand-out song "Clown" (which is already a dead ear-ringer for "Holiday"). The band also wound up incorporating some lines from "Keep It Together". (The strawberry blond dancing boy was fucking hot, BTW, in his Castro clone cut-offs.)

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