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Aug 24 2014
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  Evan-Nelson-5 Evan-Nelson-1 Evan-Nelson-2 Evan-Nelson-4 Evan-Nelson-6 Evan-Nelson-7 Evan-Nelson-8

Armando Adajar turns in these wet-inducing pix of Evan Nelson in Marcuse. And they say summer's almost over!

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Hot-muscles-Charllie-WilliamsMore hot guys if you follow me on Instagram.

My candid of dancer Charlie Williams is my most-liked shot on Instagram.

Aug 21 2014
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This Addicted undies ad is pretty out-there. Or, in-and-out-there. (Work Unfriendly)

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Jay-CentenoJay Centeno is pretty hot, but my vote is with Brian Patrick Murphy...

Racked is attempting to figure out the hottest male personal trainer in NYC. Go vote now!

Aug 20 2014
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  Petit-Q-underwear-9 Petit-Q-underwear-10 Petit-Q-underwear-1 Petit-Q-underwear-6 Petit-Q-underwear-5 Petit-Q-underwear-4 Petit-Q-underwear-2
Petit-Q-underwear-3 Petit-Q-underwear-7

French model Thomas shows off (quite a lot!) in Petit Q undies, as shot by Yoann Delattre.

Aug 19 2014
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Sexy-man-profileMore hot guys if you follow me on Instagram.

Aug 18 2014
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Via Michael Stokes.