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Nov 20 2014
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Young-and-hotSupercute guys galore at my Instagram

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Via Muscle Moves.

Nov 19 2014
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Via Hot Masculine Men.

Nov 18 2014
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  Modus Vivendi - Wolf Line 03 Modus Vivendi - Wolf Line 01 Modus Vivendi - Wolf Line 02 Modus Vivendi - Wolf Line 04 Modus Vivendi - Wolf Line 05 Modus Vivendi - Wolf Line 06 Modus Vivendi - Wolf Line 07 Modus Vivendi - Wolf Line 08

Christos Artemiou is shot in Greece by Nick Gogas for Modus Vivendi.

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Chris Pratt is one of GQ's Men of the Year. See the others here.

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  10734134_10205076931393768_4012115526975594262_n 10491150_10205076932073785_214805289835219169_n 10730814_10205076931953782_7771090789343797827_n 10402706_10205076932033784_6178058482731130849_n 1982073_10205076931833779_8039368956641291978_n 1461210_10205076932353792_3226050397994861559_n

Either these are shots of Jesse Metcalfe by Stephen Busken, or Jesse has figured out a way to sneak out selfies from the sex-prison in which I keep him.


Nov 15 2014
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Via Him&homo.

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Hot-boy-with-hot-armsHotness galore at my Instagram