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Apr 25 2013
Need To Know: Pretty Bad Choice, Gay Puppets, More THOR, Midlers Mania + MORE Comments (0)

Bill-Clinton-Gwyneth-PaltrowDoes Gwneth fill the Bill?

*widget boy culturePeople calls Gwyneth Paltrow the "World's Most Beautiful Woman."

*widget boy cultureDarren Criss announces summer tour.

*widget boy cultureBill Clinton introduces gay documentary at TriBeCa.

*widget boy cultureThe gay puppet movie you've longed for is here.

*widget boy cultureThor: The Dark World trailer.

*widget boy cultureEx-gay poster boy finally calls it a day.

*widget boy cultureRhode Island is the tenth state to pass marriage equality...

*widget boy culture...but Colombia resoundingly defeats it.

*widget boy cultureDid former GOP Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) make an online threat?

*widget boy cultureAverage Walmart employer would work 785 years to equal CEO's pay.

*widget boy cultureClimate activist's first interview after 21 months in jail.

*widget boy cultureFrench Minister of Justice speaks following marriage vote. Le wow.

*widget boy cultureIt's the Night of 1,000 Midlers.

*widget boy cultureCan food make you angry (as well as driving you mad)?

*widget boy cultureFor lovers of shameless muscle. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureWoo-hoo! Iranian prez contender is a Holocaust denial denier.

*widget boy cultureScreamer painfully tries to equate homosexuality with adultery:

Apr 14 2013
Clinton Globe-al Initiative Comments (2)
Globe (April 22, 2013) claims that Bill Clinton had an affair with an African woman who later died of AIDS. I guess that would bolster the magazine's not infrequent claims that Bill is all but dead if they could cook up a story that he's been battling HIV without even know it, even though I have no doubt he's been tested at every physical for the past 30 years.
Mar 05 2013
Making Sense Of A Senseless Loss Comments (1)

Marco-McMillian-Bill-ClintonMcMillian with one of his political role models; Barack Obama was another

Marco McMillian, the (first-ever) out mayoral candidate from Mississippi, may have been the victim of an anti-gay hate crime. His family released a statement saying:

Marco-McMillian-Barack-Obama"We know that Marco was brutally murdered. His body was found on Wednesday, February 26, 2013, beaten, dragged and burned (set afire). This was reported in our meeting with the local coroner on two occasions. We were informed that the official autopsy could take two to four weeks to complete. We feel that this was not a random act of violence based on the condition of the body when it was found. Marco, nor anyone, should have their lives end in this manner."

McMillian had apparently communicated ot his family that he feared for his well-being before his murder. Lawrence Reed, 22, is in custody for the murder. A gay-panic defense may be employed by Reed when he sees his day in court.

Jan 10 2013
Death Pool Comments (1)
Globe (January 21, 2013) really finds the sore spot in the Hillary Clinton story. Classy.
Dec 18 2012
Speaking Out: An Interview With Grammy Nominee Janis Ian Comments (3)

Janis-IanJanis Ian: Glad she didn't marry young and then retire...

Whenever I'm about to speak with a woman for this blog, I always have a minor panic attack wondering if I should assert that even though it's called "Boy Culture" I love women, too.

I definitely felt that way in light of this next interview subject, a woman of many accomplishments!

In honor of Janis Ian's nomination for a Grammy in the Best Spoken Word Album category—alongside fellow out lesbians Rachel Maddow and Ellen DeGeneres, not to mention Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama—I was lucky enough to get to interview the music legend whose 1975 single "At Seventeen" is still the ultimate coming-of-age song.

Boy Culture: Congratulations on your ninth Grammy nomination, this time for the audio version of your memoir Society's Child. Is it especially meaningful to be recognized for reading your book and to be in such esteemed company in the category?

Janis Ian: It's meaningful to be recognized for anything, all the more because I've been in the music industry since I was 12 or 13! The company for this nomination is astonishing, though. I keep thinking there's a joke in there somewhere—an ex-president, the First Lady and three lesbians walk into a bar...

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Dec 03 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

West-Point-chapel-hosts-first-same-sex-lesbian-weddingHere come the brides

Widget boy cultureWest Point chapel's first same-sex wedding.

Widget boy cultureBoy Culture's new Facebook page.

Widget boy cultureSir Ian McKellen for New Zealand marriage equality. Jimmy-James-Nadya-Ginsburg-Tyson-Beckford-naked-shirtless-pubes-Ian-McKellen

Widget boy cultureFrank Bruni to Bill Clinton: Apologize.

Widget boy cultureMurderer Johnny Lewis wasn't drugged.

Widget boy cultureTyson Beckford's manscaping pic.

Widget boy culture21 years' worth of World of Wonder.

Widget boy cultureSexy, gay romp in Australia? I'm in.

Widget boy cultureHe Wears It Well: According to Ricky Martin, "Every Day is World AIDS Day."

Widget boy cultureRed carpet for a Walgreens opening???

Widget boy cultureMiss Nadya Ginsburg meets Mr./Miss Jimmy James. (Pictured, bottom right.)

Widget boy cultureJack Mackenroth = Athlete of the year.

Widget boy cultureAdam Lambert = Glitter hornet.

Widget boy cultureWill Swenson (below) for NOH8.



Nov 02 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Lane-garrison-shirtless-beach-05032011-02-430x645Nobody named "Papa" could secretly be gay, right?

Widget boy cultureLane Garrison: I lived with Papa Joe—he can't be gay!

Widget boy cultureRecent GOP prez candidate Michele Bachmann...an independent???

Widget boy cultureFOX fucks up: Bloomberg backs...Romney???

Widget boy cultureThe Economist backs Obama again.

Widget boy cultureRomney lands a HUGE endorsement, too!

Romney idiot

Widget boy cultureNutty Romney supporters attempt to explain.

Widget boy cultureJodie Foster getting Cecil B. DeMille.

Widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus does dubstep.

Widget boy cultureChrysler Group VP for Product Design tweets Trump: "you are full of shit!"

Widget boy cultureBill Clinton doing more campaigning than Mitt Romney.

Widget boy cultureBristol Palin knows how to use the Craigslist!

Widget boy cultureMichelangelo Signorile is one in a hundred!

Out100_Michelangelo_SignorileYou can tell gay guys by their pronounced lists

Oct 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Chris ColferA Chris before dying

Widget boy cultureNew trailer for Chris Colfer's Struck By Lightning.

Widget boy cultureAl Gore on Sandy: "Toldja!"

Widget boy culturePresident Obama: "Streamlined"assistance to Sandy victims.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney not a fan of flood prep.

Widget boy cultureRomney surrogate lies: Roe v. Wade would be safe under Romney.

Widget boy cultureBill Clinton gives out lesbian Tammy Baldwin an assist in her Senate race. Nate-silver

Widget boy culturePoll guru Nate Silver mocked, called "effeminate."

Widget boy culturePolling may be affected by Sandy; just vote in a week.

Widget boy cultureClueless Stacey Dash still LOVES Romney/Ryan.

Widget boy cultureBritney Spears fans—sticklers for keepin' it real—hated Lucky's fakey cover.

Widget boy cultureDamiana & Barbara are a fright.

Widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper's daytime talk show canceled.

Widget boy cultureMadonna teases on Gaga.

Widget boy cultureJeff Stryker's penis does Vaudeville (Work Unfriendly) in Florida.

Jeff StrykerCan I have its autograph?

Oct 21 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

BornThisWayBook_cover2Reading between the linesth

Widget boy cultureBorn This Way Blog births a book.

Widget boy culture RomnesiaRomney flip-flops on marriage-equality ban TWICE in a DAY.

Widget boy cultureNYC Mayor Bloomberg "more in sync" with Obama.

Widget boy cultureCharlie Cook, with insider info, sees it as advantage Obama.

Widget boy cultureBill Clinton destroys Romney's budget.

Widget boy cultureBoxer Orlando Cruz wins first bout since coming out. 

Widget boy cultureBilly Graham determined to be remembered as an asshole. 

Widget boy cultureOhio's #1 paper endorses Obama again; since 1980, every candidate it's endorsed has won Ohio and the presidency.

Widget boy cultureAbel Korzeniowski accepts World Soundtrack Award for W.

Widget boy cultureViennese museum celebrates Naked Men.

Leopold_museum_naked-1Everything old is nude again

Oct 19 2012
Barack 'n' Roll Comments (0)

Bruce SpringsteenKeeping Barack the boss

After the jump, Bruce Springsteen performs in honor of Barack Obama's campaign for re-election, following an intro by Bill Clinton...

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