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Nov 08 2016
Trump Booed As He Votes, Hillary ... Not So Much! Comments (0)

Trump was booed as he voted today. It's his misfortune that he lives in blue NYC.

By contrast, Hillary was cheered: 

Amazing Hillary Clinton Rally in Philadelphia: Chelsea, Bill, Michelle, Barack Comments (0)
Nov 07 2016
Bill Clinton's A.G., Janet Reno, Dies @ 78 Comments (0)

Janet Reno, the first female A.G. of the U.S., has died at 78 of complications from Parkinson's disease.

Reno was excoriated for her handling of the Waco raid and the decision to return Elián González to Cuba.

In spite of those controversies, she became the longest-serving A.G. of the 20th Century, and one of the longest-serving in the post of all time.

In 2002, the strong women's rights advocate made a run for governor of Florida, which she lost. Since then, she had been active with the Innocence Project, which works to free those who have been wrongly convicted of crimes.

Nov 04 2016
6-PACK — Robbie Williams Still Has That Sexy ATTITUDE + Warren Beatty On Madonna + Latino Vote Soars + Gay Sex Maniacs For McCrory + Bill Clinton Feels SO SORRY For Melania Trump + Obama Handles Protester With Aplomb! Comments (0)

Att277_001_FULL_LENGTH(Image via Attitude Magazine)

*widget boy cultureYou'll love the rest of the new Attitude cover, almost starring public figure Robbie Williams's privates.

*widget boy culturePUSSY MAN!: Warren Beatty in new interview, on Madonna: “I am still friends with her.”

*widget boy cultureLatino turnout is WAY UP—heading toward making history November 8. Possibly for Hillary, too.

*widget boy cultureThis guy wanted multiple bareback sex partners pre-PrEP, also wants Gov. McCrory to win in NC!

*widget boy cultureBill Clinton heaps pity on Melania Trump.

*widget boy cultureBarack Obama defends elderly Trump protester trying to disrupt his rally:

Oct 26 2016
Megyn Kelly Grills Newt Gingrich — He Really Does Need To Take A Pole Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.42.23 PM(Video still via FOX News)

Megyn Kelly spars with Newt Gingrich over the alternate universes and “Bill Clinton sexual predator” ...

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Oct 09 2016
Donald Trump Is Muck-Raking For His Political Life Comments (0)

Trump just did a live press opportunity with Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Kathy Shelton (the woman who says that when Hillary Clinton defended her rapist, she later laughed that she knew he was guilty).

Of course, all of these women taint their credibilty by willingly being right-wing tools:

The women foolishly sit there, acting as if Donald Trump gives a shit about them.

Can not wait for Hillary Clinton to take all of this bullcrap on.

The Jerry Springer-ization of America continues.

Oct 08 2016
They Go Low, President Clinton Goes High Comments (0)

The heckler DID have the perfect opening.

Donald Trump's Apology Video Is Hugely Ineffective Comments (0)

14581516_1782320378676217_1929838895041286326_n(Image via New York Daily News)

Tonight, Donald Trump issued a video apology for his inexcusable remarks recorded in 2005 about trying to bed married TV anchor Nancy O'Dell when he himself was married, and in which he stated his approach to women he wants to sleep with is to grabe them by the pussy.

Video after the jump ...

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