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Mar 24 2014
TIME To Listen Comments (0)


As previously mentioned, Wrathschild's debut—"Fall Into Love"—is previewing at Billboard.com today. It's epic. And Time agrees with me.

Mar 21 2014
Livin' On A LIKE A PRAYER Comments (0)

MADONNA-PATRICK-LEONARDMadonna and Leonard during the Who's That Girl Tour in 1987

-1Patrick Leonard, one of Madonna's most beloved collaborators ("Like a Prayer," "Oh Father," "Frozen"), has granted Billboard's Keith Caulfield an extensive interview on the occasion of the Like a Prayer album's 25th birthday.

Unfortunately, he denies recent rumors that he's been spotted with Madonna and/or is about to work with her.

Great read.

Dec 13 2013
Same Love Conquers All Comments (0)

MACKLEMORE-HOTGay-activist rapper Macklemore scored the #1 hit of 2013, according to Billboard's year-end Hot 100. He's got two hits in the Top 5, and his explicitly gay-friendly anthem "Same Love" comes in at #43.

The full chart is fascinating to me, with some songs I feel I've heard 1,000 times (Katy Perry's "Roar," in at #10; Gaga's "Applause," barely making the Top 40) appearing lower than I would have somewhat blindly guessed.

After all these years, and even though I could not ID probably 25% of the songs...I still love Billboard's charts.

Oct 03 2013
Need To Know: Worst Mother Ever, Worst Nobel Nominee Since Hitler, I Want Henry Cavill In The Worst Way, Worst Daughter Ever, Worst Movie-Editing Decision + MORE Comments (0)

EUTHANASIA_2689242bIn transition.

*widget boy cultureBelgian trans man chooses euthanasia after botched gender surgery; Mom shrugs.

*widget boy cultureVladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. (Not j/k.)

*widget boy cultureCher can't get played on the radio...doesn't need to.

Even if you're a Britney stan, this is hilariously written.

*widget boy cultureEating out with Henry Cavill.

*widget boy cultureJacobs pens letter to showgirls, gramps pens note to homophobic daughter.


*widget boy cultureVotes are there to pass a clean budget bill, but Boehner cries foul.

*widget boy culturePop-Up Museum of Queer History in Brooklyn.

*widget boy cultureRihanna humps the air in a throne.

*widget boy cultureHere's the video of the 54 kiss between Phillippe and Meyer.

*widget boy cultureBethenny Frankel and Hoda Kotb get inspired by Macklemore.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Super Bowl garb is a 2013 Halloween costume.

Madonna-SuperbowlWho's this hot trick-or-treat?

Feb 22 2013
Need To Know Comments (0)

Tim-Tebow-485x728Footballer takes a pass on crazy church appearance

*widget boy cultureTim Tebow does the right thing. Rob-Kardashian

*widget boy cultureRob Kardashian pulls a reverse Boy George.

*widget boy culture(So has Matthew Rettenmund. Oof!)

*widget boy cultureDance like no one's watching...and everyone will.

*widget boy culture"Harlem Shake" hits #1 as Billboard embraces YouTube.

*widget boy cultureThe Bushes are all A-holes, even Laura.

*widget boy cultureDesigners are A-holes, too. With bad memories.

*widget boy cultureBoy Culture's Facebook page wants you!

*widget boy cultureSo does Boy Culture's dirty tumblr.

*widget boy cultureIndiana teacher who called gays "purposeless" suspended.

*widget boy cultureWhy straight women & gay men heart each other.

*widget boy cultureGLAAD honoree Anderson Cooper's wine necklace:

Anderson-Cooper-wine-necklaceTying one on (his neck)

Dec 14 2012
Madonna's Future: Tour, Tour, Tour Comments (8)


With thanks to Johnny: Madonna's performance on Billboard's year-end charts is pretty great—30 years after her debut, she is the #23 overall artist of the year, #42 among Billboard 200 Artists, #3 among Dance/Electronic Artists, #5 among Dance/Club Artists.

Most impressively, Madonna's MDNA was the #1 tour of the year (numbers reflect only part of the tour, which ain't over yet):

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May 23 2012
Love 1 Out: Adam Lambert Rides Pole Position Comments (2)

With the #1 debut of his album Trespassing, Adam Lambert becomes the very first out gay artist to debut at #1 and the first to have a #1 album at all. (Not counting that out gay artist who did it during Reconstruction.) Others like Melissa Etheridge or George Michael hit #1, but never after coming out. Congrats, kid!

Speaking of out singers, Matt Zarley is offering his fans a chance to co-star in his new music video for "Change Begins With Me".

Enter to win the co-starring gig by shooting and uploading a video of yourself displaying a written phrase (five words or less) that explains how you can make yourself a better person. Creativity counts, people! Matt will pick his 25 favorites to be used in his video.

Submit your film (10 seconds or less) here. (Log-in and password are both changevideo.) The contest is open through June 10th. Good luck!

Apr 10 2012
Reloaded, Front-Loaded Comments (9)

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 8.06.32 AM
Nicki-minaj-roman-reloaded-deluxe-2012-03-09-300x300Nicki Minaj is someone I...really don't get. I want to get her, but I don't. I will say that my impression of her has a Lady Gaga clone (clown?) is only based on her fashion sense as none of her songs has sounded much like Gaga (right?), least of all "Beez in the Trap." With an impressive 6.5 million views in a few days, the video ballsily starts out with, "Bitches say shit and they ain't say nothin'" before...well...she says shit and says nothing:

But I wouldn't go this far—this is the top comment on the video at the moment:

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 8.06.05 AM
Lovely. Nicki's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is out now and looks like it will be #1 on Billboard next week with over 220,000 or so sold. I wonder how many copies are due to the presence of this little number all over NYC:

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