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Dec 12 2016
The Lost Art Of Polaroids Comments (0)

15BOOKSOFSTYLE-WEB1-master1050(Image by Richard Corman)

Great piece in the NYT about several upcoming books of Polaroids, which take on a new urgency since Fuji has permanently discontinued the film — effectively killing off the already dying breed.

In the article, there's more news about that Corman book of Madonna Polaroids. Lucky bastard to have kept and eventually relocated them!

Silk-Stocking Stuffer From Santa Klaw Comments (0)

Photographer Irving Klaw (1910-1966) created some of the most memorable images — and, indeed, created the lasting Unnamedoverall image — of fetish and cheesecake model Bettie Page.

He sold his racy shots of Page via his famous Movie Star News store, which operated in Manhattan from the '30s for decades. Following hounding from the feds, Klaw burned around 80% of his negs, but he and his sister secretly stashed the best goodies for later. Lucky us, because by the '80s, the interest in and market for Page skyrocketed.

Now, just (barely) in time for Christmas, comes Bettie!: The Incomparable Bettie Page Archives of Irving Klaw (PSG), a book that may threaten to burn a hole in your library. This first edition, with 160 pages, costs just $59.95.

Check it out here!


Dec 06 2016
6-PACK — Sex-Tape 101 + Elector Dumps Trump + Gaga's Admission + YouTube Cash + Gay LOVE IS A DRAG + My Book! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 12.00.03 AM(Video still via Jack Merridew)

WIDGETABOVE: Check out this guy's instructions on how to make a sex tape.

WIDGETElector promises not to vote for Trump this month due to Trump's utter incompetence.

WIDGETLady Gaga says she is suffering from PTSD following sexual assault at 19. 

WIDGETJesus, this bitch makes $15M a year on YouTube?!

WIDGETLearn all about Love Is a Drag, the first album of all-male love songs ... from the 1960s.

WIDGETMy Encyclopedia Madonnica is also available at!

EM20_RE_Cover_071816(Image via Matthew Rettenmund)

Dec 01 2016
New Old Madonna: George DuBose Offers Limited Edition Of Prints, Book Comments (0)

Unnamed-1(Images by George DuBose)

George DuBose, one of Madonna's earliest photographers and the godfather of hip-hop photography from NYC's downtown scene, is publishing a new box set of five prints along with his Madonna... Raw: Early Concerts book. The set is limited to just 50!


The plum deal is available on eBay for just $999, a steal for so many prints.

Keep reading for a short Q&A with DuBose ...

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Nov 28 2016
More On Richard Corman's 66 Unearthed Madonna Polaroids — And Buy His Limited New Book! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 2.39.27 PM(All images by Richard Corman)

Richard Corman has granted an interview to Vogue, in which he reminisces about the time he took 66 (and there are probably a few others out there) Polaroids of Madonna one day in the early '80s, with an eye toward helping his mother cast her in a film:

“She was wearing white lace leggings under torn jeans . . . a jean jacket with graffiti on the back and the sleeves cut off, with these rubber bangles, more like friendship bracelets, that she would give away to friends. Her makeup was just so brash—these red lips, and she created that mole on the side of her face,” he says. “You’d say now that it was so chic—you walk into Opening Ceremony, Urban Outfitters, and this is what everyone is wearing—but she was a visionary. It was so bohemian and gritty and down-to-earth. She was going to vintage clothing shops. She had great taste—and you can’t teach that. And the dress, I swear she paid $2 for the gown, and it was so exquisite.”

Even more importantly, Corman's next Madonna book is on sale now — only 500 copies of the most limited edition will be available, so act fast and click here.

P8-polaroidwbook-thumb4Madonna 66

Nov 24 2016
6-PACK — Jill Stein Discovers Her Purpose + Trump Has No Time For Intelligence + Betsy DeVos Supports Child Labor + Jackson Bews's Booty + Jockstrap Fever + Kathy Griffin Disses & Tells! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureIt's on?! Nutty Jill Stein raises $3M+ in a day toward MI, PA & WI reconts.

*widget boy cultureUM, WHAT?: Trump's only made time for 2 intelligence briefings, which are offered daily.

*widget boy cultureAction Institute, funded by Education Secretary pick Betsy DeVos, wants to bring back child labor.

*widget boy cultureJackson Bews of Maleficent shows off his bare butt. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureHere's a thick dude in a jockstrap for Thanksgiving. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureKathy Griffin takes on Trump, Sharon Stone & various celebrity run-ins on The View:

Nov 11 2016
Megyn Kelly First Outta The Gate With Shocking Trump Allegations Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 6.03.46 PM(Video still via Dr. Phil)

Megyn Kelly has a new memoir coming out—Settle for More (Harper, November 15)—that's going to be a huge 81I+AY7bHwLbestseller. Huge.

In it, she apparently confirms that FOX News—someone there—colluded with Donald Trump, feeding him questions for the debate. (Remember that when Donna Brazile was shown to have done this with members of the Clinton campaign, she was rightfully excoriated and is about to be banished from the DNC, you'll see.)

On top of that, Kelly alleges that Trump called her up and yelled at her about her proposed first question, threatening her.

Watch her make this claim and also talk about how Roger Ailes allegedly sexually harassed her in this newly released clip from an upcoming Dr. Phil appearance ...

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6-PACK/politics — Stars Grossed Out By PEOPLE + Trump Threatened Megyn Kelly + Schock's Indictment Is Massive + KKK Rally + Kids Being Harassed Thanks To Trump + Rosie Returns! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureSome stars want other stars to boycott People Magazine over its fawning Trump cover.

*widget boy cultureNOW SHE TELLS US: Megyn Kelly writes that “fascist” Trump threatened her over leaked debate question.

*widget boy cultureFormer Rep. Schock indicted on 24 counts; if true, he was a hardcore crook.

*widget boy cultureKKK announces parade in North Carolina in honor of Trump win. Thanks, Trump voters.

*widget boy cultureMore outrageous incidents of kids being harassed based on their race, directly tied to Trump. His fans:

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell returns to TV in dramedy for Showtime, mourns Trump win.



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