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Sep 08 2017
Scotty Bowers: The Movie — Hollywood's Golden Age Pimp On Film Comments (0)

Scotty-bowers-setoodeh-tease_tuvibdVanity Fair still isn't quite convinced that Cary Grant and Randolph Scott were lovers. Get over it — they were.

But even if the magazine wants to err on the side of journalistic certainty, why are they referring to them as “alleged” lovers? It's not a crime. How about “reported”? The writer then claims Grant's daughter has disputed whether Grant and Scott were lovers (a daughter born decades after their affair), and yet links to a story in which the daughter doesn't even mention Scott by name. Who's a journalist now?

Anyway, Yohanda Desta's piece on Scotty Bowers, author of 2012's tell-all Full Service (full review here),  is likely to arouse your interest, considering he is the 90-plus-year-old who claims to have supplied Katharine Hepburn with girls and every gay-ish actor then-alive with boys ...

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Sep 04 2017
Evangelicals Attack Pro-LGBT Book + Nikki Haley Warns North Korea + Anti-Gay Pastor Says Harvey Is God's Vengeance + L.A. Brush-Fire Disaster + Gay Punk Zine, Collected + Racing For The Door Over David Duke — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

51lOr0fYHkLParents tend to think the world revolves around their precious progeny, which can lead to whacky things like Evangelicals Kurt and Michaela Jaros demanding a Chicago library remove from its shelves a gay-positive book because their 3-year-old toddler allegedly stumbled across it.

This Day in June (Magination Press) teaches kids about Pride, and has the American Psychological Association's seal of approval.

Keep reading for the Chicago Public Library's response, and more of the day's hottest links, including North Korea war posturing, the anti-gay pastor who claims Harvey is God's wrath for letting trans people pee and more ...

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Aug 26 2017
Signs Of The Times Comments (0)

IMG_6547_new(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

More signs — and “signs”— here.

Aug 25 2017
Mark Merlis, Prominent Gay Writer, Dies @ 67 Comments (0)

271809Mark Merlis, a lauded gay writer remembered by William Johnson for Lambda Literary as a man whose writing “cannily explored the emotional and sexual lives of gay men,” died August 15 of ALS-related pneumonia.

He was 67.

Keep reading for a full obit of this towering talent ...

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Aug 23 2017
Hillary Clinton Wanted To Call Trump A CREEP During Debate, Regrets She COULDN'T GET THE JOB DONE Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.29.26 PM copyExcerpts from Hillary Clinton's 2016 election memoir are here, and the most attention-grabbing one, regarding the pussy-grabber, is that she contemplated calling him a creep and asking him to back off during one of their debates.

But that's not the quote that made me tear up.

Keep reading for more about What Happened ...

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Aug 08 2017
6-PACK — Killed For Protecting His Gay Cousin + DJ Dies + Google's Anti-Diversity Jerk Fired + Usher's Herpes Accuser Doesn't Have Herpes + New Savage Show + Welcome To Camp Sunshine For Depressed Teens Comments (0)

Wptv_juan_cruz_1502140060903_63828139_ver1.0_640_480Juan Cruz, 22, was gunned down after a night out with friends Saturday in Lake Worth, Florida, reportedly because his alleged killer perceived them to be gay.

“If I were in my country, I'd kill you all like rats,” Nelson Hernandez Mena, 48, is quoted as having said. Keep reading for this tragic story, and more of the day's hot links ...

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Aug 01 2017
On The DRAGS: New Photo Book By Gregory Kramer Comments (0)

Unnamed-1Sasha Velour, Aja, Charles Busch, Lady Bunny, Duelling Bankheads, Peppermint, Murray Hill, Linda Simpson, Sugga Pie Koko, Sherry Vine, Flawless Sabrina, Sweetie, Pearl Harbor, Sultana, Flotilla DeBarge, Dusty Ray Bottoms, Bobbie, Zeta Jones, Scarlet Envy, Glace Chase, Ginger, Rose Royalle, Tobell Von Cartier, Pixie Aventura, Marti Gould Cummings, Flloyd, Mr. Lee VaLone, Kim Ono, Shequida, Merrie Cherry, Horrorchata, Momo Shade, Mocha Lite, Daphne Sumtimez, Ruby Roo, Thee Suburbia, Destiny, Ragamuffin, Mrs. Smith, Reina Del Taco, Erika Klash, Goldie Peacock, Dahlia Sin, Kandy Muse, Heidi Glüm, Wang Newton, Lal Batti, and Crimson Kitty.

Keep reading for their highest common denominator ...

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AMERICAN YOUTH Teaser Comments (0)

Rudydeanackers2Rudy Dean Ackers by Joe Lally (Image by Joe Lally)

Fashionably Male previews American Youth by Joe Lally ...

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