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Nov 09 2015
EM20 Gets PopCrushed! Comments (0)


Bradley at PopCrush has outdone himself with this fantastic piece on my Encyclopedia Madonnica 20!

EM20 Book-Signing Event @ Rockbar! Comments (0)
  *IMG_2879 *IMG_2774.*JPG *IMG_2796 EDIT *IMG_2804 *IMG_2828 *IMG_2836 *IMG_2869 *IMG_2871 *IMG_2882 *IMG_2889 *IMG_2894 *IMG_2906 *IMG_2919 *IMG_2924 *IMG_2928 *IMG_2953

*IMG_2910Two nights ago, I was honored to be the special guest at DJ JENE's regular Madonnathon at Rockbar (185 Christopher, though it was more like 1985!), where I was set up with a table and chair in order to hawk my Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 to the Madonna-loving masses.

Yes, an actual book-signing event!

*IMG_2768Copying Madonna for all I'm worth

I hate book-signing events. They're usually tense affairs during which 2% of the people you've invited actually show up, often spread out over a two-hour period. In my opinion, a book-signing event should only happen if the author is famous, or the subject matter is intensely headline-grabbing. I mean, I've sat through a couple o' white-knuckled moments at signings.

*IMG_2778I know, we should just get married already. But he can do better.

This was totally different! My great friends Jason and Greg helped me drag 14 copies of my $65 book (on sale for $50 at Rockbar), plus my cover blow-up, to the location, where a captive audience of Madonna fanatics steadily bought up every copy I had! I was truly impressed that people bought that many. I even sold 2 out of 3 Starf*cker books.

*IMG_2921Greg heroically took most of the photos you see on this page, with Jason doing some of the others.

It was a lot of fun meeting and greeting old pals like Frank, Angel, Michele, and more, plus meeting a few for the first time, like sexy Liam from Australia, sexy Joe from New Yawk, sexy ... oh, you know where this is going.

*IMG_2936I only sold books to attractive people.

*IMG_2943Michele snapped up my last copy!

*IMG_2949Boy Culture reader Chad came from San Francisco! (Okay, not specifically for me. But yay for coincidence!)

*IMG_2800Frankly speaking with Frank

One guy asked for a kiss with his book, which I gave—only to get tongue without warning. It's okay, though, my mono was almost gone.

*IMG_2835With my book's gifted designer, Anthony Coombs

Kidding aside, it was really fun and a real ego-boost, even when the cute drunk told me Madonna was garbage compared to Bjork. (Off to write my Bjorkopedia.) And it ended with me doing muscle poses alongside Stephen Charles Lincoln of The Protein Bakery, which provided delicious cookies, something Madonna has not eaten since 1977.

*IMG_2964His sugar was definitely raw.

Thanks to Jeannie Buxo for making it happen, and happen right!

Madonna dance*IMG_2785I dream of Jeannie!

Nov 07 2015
Plug, Plug, Plug! Comments (0)

Ben Kline

It's been a good week for publicity—first my Madonna buddy Ben, who is as hot as they come, stripped nude and posed with Encyclopedia Madonnica 20.

Then, James St. James posted at World of Wonder that he was reading my funny memoir Starf*cker!

Keep reading if you think Ben is cute and are wondering about his pubes ...

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Nov 04 2015
Need To Know: Jussie Me & You, Kid + Model Behavior + $12 Bucks & A Donkey + Kentucky Devolves + Houston A'Scared Of LGBTs + HOT Hairy Hubby + Corrigan's CLUELESS Mom + Gus Kenworthy's PR Blitz: Less Tits + MORE! Comments (0)

Jussie-Smollett-4Pit stop

*widget boy cultureIn praise of Jussie Smollett. Images

*widget boy cultureLove tigha's F/W line. Images

*widget boy cultureLove seeing up-the-undies-leghole pics.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton is for a $12 minimum wage.

*widget boy cultureOhio votes AGAINST (weirdly flawed) law legalizing pot.

*widget boy cultureKentucky elects Teabagger guv.

*widget boy cultureHouston hicks (the one against it are, sorry, are) vote down HERO.

*widget boy cultureGreatest American Hero remake gets voted up! Tumblr_numtntAt9L1utwt5ko1_1280

*widget boy cultureDems do well in PA, NJ & Indianapolis.

*widget boy cultureChrist, how do I get a pretty hubby like this? Images

*widget boy cultureAlicia Silverstone will play Brent Corrigan's mom!

*widget boy cultureHe adopted his lover pre-marriage equality. Now what?

*widget boy cultureStar Trek Live! is a thing.

*widget boy cultureMichael Lohan loses custody of his young kids.

*widget boy cultureGus Kenworthy's PR tells him to put his fuckin' shirt on. Tumblr_nx80dbKhpw1sm4uepo1_1280

*widget boy cultureExcellent stroke material.

*widget boy cultureIs Ben Carson's presidential run a cheap marketing gimmick?

*widget boy cultureThese guys know how to KISS.

*widget boy cultureCarly Rae Jepsen drops a new music video.

*widget boy cultureProof that black cats can be very lucky! Images

*widget boy cultureAdele's sorry she ever met Damon Albarn.

*widget boy cultureSexy dudes in slutty spandex.

*widget boy cultureOut singer Johnny Mathis loses his home & possessions in fire. Images

Nov 03 2015
Need To Know: Get Your Kit On + Remember When Britney Was A Virgin? + Trans-gressions + Hillary Rising + Jailbaits Motel + Madonna: '80s Lady + The Candy Woman Can + MORE! Comments (0)

Van Hansis Kit Williamson BedSluts goin' on?

*widget boy cultureKit Williamson on slut-shaming. (Which needs to be re-branded, IMHO.) Images

*widget boy cultureKit's EastSiders (Season 2) is available now. WEB_EXTERFACE

*widget boy cultureBritney Spears promo from Jane the Virgin.

*widget boy cultureHOTTEST new calendar. Images

*widget boy cultureWI bill would discriminate vs. trans youth.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton is gaining ground in NH.

*widget boy cultureHillary swats at anti-gay TX guv.

*widget boy cultureWould Hillary pick this hot piece as her veep? Images

*widget boy cultureMorons support Trump's ghostwritten book.

*widget boy cultureCan the Senate flip back to the Dems?

*widget boy cultureIs a 20yo who has sex with a 15yo a “sex offender?”

*widget boy cultureTom Jones wonders if he's black, like Carol Channing!

*widget boy cultureAspiring model murders clerk on camera for lottery tickets.

02tmag-paige-slide-MKYC-jumboPaige Powell's work looks like my fantasy of NYC in the '80s.

*widget boy cultureGo see Paige Powell's '80s-tastic photos if you're in Portland! Images

*widget boy cultureHappy anniversary, “Justify My Love!”

*widget boy cultureHow Madonna inspired Adele.

*widget boy cultureHOT Hoult Hero cover. Images

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber scolds fans who can't clap right.

*widget boy cultureForcing a 62-year-old elephant to dance?

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell on estranged daughter.

*widget boy cultureBREAKING: Anderson Cooper & Benjamin Maisani are handsome fellas.

*widget boy cultureI could not love Leah Remini more.

*widget boy cultureGreedy fat bitch steals all the Halloween candy ... with her kid helping! Here's another!

*widget boy cultureLuca is “Feelin' Alive.” Proof is after the jump ...

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Nov 02 2015
STARF*CKERs Anonymous Comments (0)

IMG_0005 starfuckerI love the Evan Gaffney-designed cover. The inside, I will leave up to you.

I know I'm doing a lot of self-promoting lately, but after 10 years (as of this coming Friday, gulp!) of blogging, giving it away for free, I need to hawk my wears a bit.

As high as I am on the success of Encyclopedia Madonnica 20, I do have another book out—Starf*cker is a (hopefully) funny memoir that attempts to chronicle my, and our, obsession with celebrity. I use my life experiences as a teen-mag editor, in porn, hounding Madonna and haunting autograph shows to make the point.

It's the most personal thing I've ever written, so I would appreciate your support. If you read and like it, please say so on Amazon!

You can buy Starf*cker here or here.

Oct 31 2015
ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA Flashback! Comments (0)

Img604Yes, I was a guest on Geraldo Rivera's show. This was pre-publication by a whole year.

As Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 continues to roll out (check out these pieces by The Seattle Lesbian and Edge Media Network), I ran across these images from the first roll-out 20 years ago.

Img595With the original edition

I really can't believe it's been 20 whole years. Book publishing and promotion has changed even more than my hair has—back then, doing signings and appearances was a very big part of every legit book's launch, and there were brick-and-mortar bookstores in which to do them!

Img597 copy 2MASSIVE homemade poster for my MI appearance

My appearance in my hometown (well, in nearby Flint, Michigan) at a bookstore was the most surreal, because I sat there in a suit as a line of people I was related to/grew up with filed past my table and got my autograph. Awkward! I was proud, but also felt like this was a little formal considering the book I was publishing was not The Thorn Birds.

Img598TOP to BOTTOM: With my mom, my beloved aunt Gloria (who thought I hung the moon) and my Grandma Rettenmund, who looks very serious here but was quite vivacious.

Img597With my grandparents, Owen and Mary. Grandma is still going strong at 98.

My NYC book-signing was at a Barnes & Noble and attracted quite a few of my co-workers from St. Martin's Press, yet also some total strangers who were Madonna fans. It blew my mind that strangers would find out about my book-signing, come out and also pay to own my book.

Img597 copyI don't even remember which B&N this was!

Finally, I also went back to Chicago for some promo. I think I did a themed night at a club (nobody was there for me—it was a club!) and I also did a signing at some kind of swanky restaurant, another odd venue. The latter was noteworthy for attracting most of my old U of C chums.

Img596With my pal and former roomie Jung Soo Kim

This time around, I had my book(s) party and will appear at Rockbar ... and social media is taking care of the rest!


You can buy Encyclopedia Madonnica for $60 flat here, or visit me at Rockbar on November 6 and get yours in person for $50! Starf*cker is available here.

Oct 30 2015
I Really Had The Write Stuff: The Roots Of EM20 Comments (0)


People often ask about how I put together Encyclopedia Madonnica 20. While it was no small feat, the availability of a speedy, existing Internet made this updated version a snap compared to the past.

The first one, written over 20 years ago, required that I read through all my tear sheets and create index cards with quotes, notes and possible entries. I can not believe it, but I threw them away. I have saved everything over the years, yet I threw away that little slice of my own history?

Still, looks like I missed a few! I found the above cards in my old EM PR file. Look how quaint! Handwriting.

You can buy Encyclopedia Madonnica for $60 flat here, or visit me at Rockbar on November 6 and get yours in person for $50!


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