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Oct 11 2014

MadonnaThank you to everyone who pledged: My Kickstarter for Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition was successfully funded today. The run-down:

$32,920 pledged of $22,500 goal = 146% funded

373 backers (304 books sold, 69 no-strings-attached donors)

Average pledge: $88.26

1st donor: Guido Alexander Sanchez

Last donor: Ruben Robles

Smallest donation: $5

Largest donation: $2,000

Pledged via Kickstarter: $3,436

Pledged via external referrers: $29,484

Pledges that didn't go through immediately due to some error: $2,235 (not bad at all!)

Radio interviews conducted: 1 (Listen to it below!)

Madonna Interview Matthew Rettenmund

Kickstarter video plays: 4,574 (32.16% plays completed)






If you missed the Kickstarter but would like to be kept informed when the book publishes, please write me at:


I'll be keeping a list so I can send announcements. Thanks!

Oct 10 2014
Signs Of The Times Comments (0)


A reference to the next few months, during which I'll be feverishly writing two books!

Oct 08 2014
Depardieu, Having A Great Fall Comments (0)


As a child of 10, French actor Gerard Depardieu turned tricks and probably raped girls for fun. Now, he admits in his new memoir that he knows he's got what gay men want and always has.

Oct 07 2014
WALK-IN CLOSET Case: Abdi Nazemian's Iranian Musts Comments (0)


A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of going to lunch with handsome, pop culturally fluent Abdi Nazemian, the screenwriter behind The Quiet, Celeste in the City, Beautiful Girl and a short called Revolution. I met him because I was so interested in his filmic novel The Walk-In Closet, about a Tehrangeles-based marriage of convenience between an Iranian favorite son and his female best friend. It functions as a beach read, but has a lot more going on—the cultural observations are sharp, the portrait of gay life downright jagged. Most of all, it's funny and well-written.

Be sure to check out the book here, and then read Abdi's Iranian musts...

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Oct 06 2014
4 Days To Save The World! Comments (0)


Only 4 more days to pledge to my Kickstarter! Please give and/or share my link. Thanks!

Oct 05 2014
L-O-V-E Madonna (Sorry, I'm a Spelling-Bee Champ) Comments (0)


Entering the final 5 days of my successful Kickstarter campaign for Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition. I'm so grateful for all the pledges so far!

I've met my minimum goal, but I'm pushing for a stretch goal of $30K. It sounds like a lot, but printing a book (that I hope will be full-color) is extremely expensive, then I'll have to pay for all the photo rights.

Also, the book will be more expensive after Kickstarter ends (and post-Kickstarter orders won't begin until next year).

So if you're on the fence, please pledge today. If you know ANY Madonna fans who may not have heard of this project, please share this link: 


Once I begin working on the book later this year, I will be asking fans to contribute their original photography and any other suggestions!

Thank you for putting up with a month's worth of posts like this...

Oct 04 2014
Call Me Adam Comments (0)


I am the lucky recipient of a major piece on Adam Male Blog, a Boy Culture-recommended site. They did a great interview with me and are going all out to plug my Kickstarter, which has 7—count 'em—7 more days until it's done. Please visit Adam Male Blog, and pledge to my Kickstarter if you haven't already. Thanks!

Oct 02 2014

In case you haven't ventured over to my Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter (it ends in 8 days, so I'll stop pestering you then!) yet, you may have never seen the above video, in which case you may never have seen/heard me talking. Have at it! I hope this won't destroy my mystique. (Oh, wait...I have none.)

The Kickstarter is going great! I'm funded with an extra $3,000 so far. I am hopeful I can hit my stretch goal of $30,000. You should still consider pledging for a few reasons:

(1) More money = more pages, more printed,  more photos and color pages!

(2) This is still the only place to get the book (plus some extras) for $45; the final book is likely to be pricier. Printing is expensive. The first one was black-and-white with a few color pages, but I want the sequel to be lavishly illustrated.

(3) It's tremendously helpful to my writing career to not only have a successful Kickstarter (check!) but one that overshoots its goal by as much $ as possible.

(4) I'm between jobs, so the extra money will give me a little buffer so I can spend quality time creating the book.


(5) If you care about such things, the more money raised = the better a showing for the public's interest in Madonna. As fans, we tend to love that sort of thing. I'm closing in on 300 individual backers, which is incredible for a book that isn't even written yet!

To all who have pledged: THANK YOU. Sincerely. No pressure to increase your pledges.

To all who are on the fence: It would be MOST APPRECIATED if you wind up giving.

To all: Please share the Kickstarter link and/or this post. The sharing on social media has really been wonderful.


*not the actual subtitle