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Mar 25 2014
Gay Gratitude Comments (0)

Tumblr_n2xdpbnqxA1qfwa93o1_400Via fukkkres.

Veep Joe Biden made a "forceful" case for gay rights, saying much has been achieved but that there is still "much to be done." I'll go along with all of that.

Boy-GeorgeNOH8 for Madonna

In a semi-related matter, Boy George (who does not hate Madonna after all) makes a very smart point when asked, in this piece, about a straight artist like Macklemore doing a gay-rights anthem. He says he is glad, but not grateful.I think that is the best way to win over the gays who think anyone non-gay who expends some of their social and/or political capital on furthering our cause is some kind of used-car salesman who should be doubted and even rebuffed.

Jul 05 2013
Room With A View: My '80s Walls Comments (4)

I didn't come out until the very end of high school, but I was slowly, inexorably working my way out via the décor of my room. I started slowly. The first poster I had up was Cyndi Lauper by Lynn Goldsmith. I'd bought it in Hawaii, but it had gotten a little crushed, so it was waved through the entire poster. I learned quickly that posters have souls.

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Jun 10 2013
Time, Oh, Give Me Time Comments (3)

Wow! It's a Culture Club reunion, at 75% capacity. The only one missing is Jon Moss, the one I found bewitchingly hot.


Apr 01 2013
Old Wave: The 125 Ultimate Pop Singles Of 1983 Comments (12)


Newsflash: 1983 was 30 years ago. A baby born the day "Rebel Yell" was released could be a balding dad of three by now. Quite easily.

Looking back, that year seems to be a sweet spot for great pop music, perhaps in part because I was about 14, which was when I was really intensely caring about music, especially anything Casey Kasem told me about.


What follows are my picks for the ultimate, defining pop singles of 1983. Let me know if I missed any! I focused on U.S. singles with a few U.K. tossed in for good measure, and tried not to include a song if the bulk of its life as a single was really in 1982, yet I did include some that were released in '82 but were huge in '83. (I tended to skip any songs that were released in Decemvber of '83.)

Enjoy the flashback...

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Mar 19 2013
This Is Currently My Playground...When's Recess? Comments (2)
These adorable schoolkids perform a version of Madonna's "This Used to Be My Playground," and darned if their video doesn't rip off Boy George just like Madonna's did (ha)...

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Feb 19 2013
Skinny Bitch Comments (3)
Boy George has changed his diet.
Jan 09 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)

1357761106_rosie-odonnell-michelle-rounds-dakota-441Three girls three

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell & wife Michelle Rounds welcome Baby Dakota. Gay-Old-Dogs-Doug-Spearman

*widget boy cultureVillage Voice music ed launches her own music-mag app.

*widget boy cultureDoug Spearman joins Old Dogs & New Tricks.

*widget boy cultureYou better twerk: Learn how from Purple Crush.

*widget boy cultureOOPS! O picked another anti-gay rev for inauguration.

*widget boy culturePFLAG founder Jeanne Manford dies.

*widget boy cultureLabor Secretary Hilda Solis quits.

*widget boy cultureBoy George on sex, drugs & David Bowie:

Aug 24 2010
Wannabe Director Comments (4)

That cute, hip Miu Miu ad you may have seen floating around the past several weeks, the one starring what appears to be a group of baby Natalie Maines look-alikes crossed with some Robert Palmer (R.I.P.) girls? Apparently, it was "directed" by Madonna, and Miu Miu only thought to get this news out there now.

Allegedly, Madonna showed up on set for Mert & Marcus and wound up directing the girls' moves—for free! Some of the moves are pretty transparently Madonna-inspired, so it's not hard to swallow. But the free part is as shocking as hanging off a cross or kissing Britney Spears.

Boy-George-Generations-Of-Lo-13568 Even more shocking...the music is the old chestnut "Generations of Love," by Madonna's BFF WEE (worst enemy ever), Boy George.

Video after the jump...

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Jun 12 2010
AARP In Cincinnati Comments (0)
This juxtaposition of Marilyn Monroe at her peak in 1954 and Loni Anderson not at her peak at age 64 from Globe (June 21, 2010) brings to mind Boy George's nasty quote about Madonna and the back end of a bus. 
Dec 19 2009
Fleshback Comments (2)
From the book When Cameras Go Crazy—Culture Club (St. Martin's Press, 1983) by Kasper de Graaf and Malcolm Garrett, Boy George with his (apparently anatomically gifted) brother Gerald.