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May 23 2013
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Apr 15 2013
Need To Know: Daft Punk Rocks, Shake The Disease, Bieber Even More Annoying Than Mrs. Van Daan, Hung & The Restless + MORE Comments (2)

*widget boy cultureAbove, Daft Punk + Giorgio Moroder + Nile Rodgers = heaven. Shimansky-Steve-Cochran-shirtless-models

*widget boy cultureWeHo realtor brain dead from bacterial meningitis. Get the shot.

*widget boy cultureKmart becomes cool with just one commercial.

*widget boy cultureMILKIN' IT: Mama cat adopts orphaned bunny.

*widget boy cultureFollow Boy Culture's (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr.

*widget boy cultureCyndi Lauper pleads veggie on Lady Gaga's meat dress.

*widget boy cultureMen's fall/winter '13 collections are here.

*widget boy culturePUBIC NUISANCE: Hugh Jackman gets pubic-bombed at gym.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber really is an idiot.

*widget boy cultureBut so is Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).

*widget boy cultureA list of the BIGGEST male stars, like Steve "12.4-inch" Cochran.

*widget boy cultureBrian Shimansky works it on out.

*widget boy cultureIs La Toya the "most relevant living Jackson?"

*widget boy cultureIn the Deep Web series about friends with secrets.

*widget boy cultureIs Walt Disney World "an unconstitutional form of government?"

*widget boy cultureScott Brown to carpetbag New Hampshire?

*widget boy cultureYESTERGAY: San Francisco's forgotten gay bars.

*widget boy cultureBest Star Wars parody ever?

*widget boy cultureWhich has the Weitz stuff?

*widget boy cultureA (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr: Guys & Pits.

*widget boy cultureHot young models with crazy hair.

*widget boy culture1st look at Darius Goodworth's FU e=fu8 Underwear shoot:

Underwear-modelFive-card stud

Apr 01 2013
It Gets Worse Comments (1)
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Mar 30 2013
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Mar 09 2013
Friendly Persuasion Comments (0)
Check out the trailer for the upcoming G.B.F. (which stands for "gay best friend")  from Jawbreaker (1999) director Darren Stein and Boy Culture (2006) producer Stephen Israel...

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Feb 27 2013
Need To Know: Hiding Your Candy, JWoww's Booby Trap, Can You Afford To Pop For Art? Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureAbove, Anderson Cooper's thong made of man candy. Andy-Warhol-shirtless-boys-guys-underwear-Margaret-Hamilton-witch-Wizard-of-Oz

*widget boy cultureJWoww's Double-Disasters.

*widget boy cultureTitanic...the sequel?!

*widget boy cultureJinkx is the only artist on RuPaul's Drag Race.

*widget boy cultureRepublicans get all "me, too!" on marriage. (GOOD!)

*widget boy cultureBig business coming out swinging against Prop 8.

*widget boy cultureO'Reilly blames U.S. marriage enlightenment on media "campaign."

*widget boy cultureWill the Spice Girls tour Australia in 2014?

*widget boy culturePlease like the Boy Culture Facebook page.

*widget boy cultureChuck Hagel is your new Sec. of Defense.

*widget boy cultureHot boys 'n' men by Domenico Dolce.

*widget boy cultureOver 20 pages of Andy Warhol @ Christie's.

*widget boy cultureRumors of the death of punk are greatly exaggerated.

*widget boy culturePornstar Pierre Fitch documentary. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureBoy Culture's (Work Unfriendly) tumblr.

*widget boy cultureMichael Jackson's kid continues on path to Corey Feldmandom.

*widget boy cultureMatt Bomer break.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay? A-Okay!

*widget boy cultureDon't miss Matt Gold's "Oh Joe" music video:

Feb 22 2013
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Tim-Tebow-485x728Footballer takes a pass on crazy church appearance

*widget boy cultureTim Tebow does the right thing. Rob-Kardashian

*widget boy cultureRob Kardashian pulls a reverse Boy George.

*widget boy culture(So has Matthew Rettenmund. Oof!)

*widget boy cultureDance like no one's watching...and everyone will.

*widget boy culture"Harlem Shake" hits #1 as Billboard embraces YouTube.

*widget boy cultureThe Bushes are all A-holes, even Laura.

*widget boy cultureDesigners are A-holes, too. With bad memories.

*widget boy cultureBoy Culture's Facebook page wants you!

*widget boy cultureSo does Boy Culture's dirty tumblr.

*widget boy cultureIndiana teacher who called gays "purposeless" suspended.

*widget boy cultureWhy straight women & gay men heart each other.

*widget boy cultureGLAAD honoree Anderson Cooper's wine necklace:

Anderson-Cooper-wine-necklaceTying one on (his neck)

Feb 09 2013
Time's Up Comments (7)

TemporalI thought this sign was accidentally quite existential

In order to keep potential advertisers satisfied, I've been going back through all 15,000+ of my posts—one by one—to delete any images that show nudity (even cracks), pubes, anything too suggestive (such as see- Temporalthrough clothing or obscene bulges) and any foul language in my headers.

Yeah, it's not fun.

So far, I've successfully bowdlerized November 2005 (my blog's birth) through January 2007. Only six more years' worth of posts to go. Yay.

But in looking back at old posts, it's depressing how many of them are worthless now because they hinged on YouTube videos that no longer exist. Even more are worthless because they were so timely that looking back now all I can think is, "Who cares if Wentworth Miller was gay? Who was Donnie Davies? What does Bush's approval % from seven years ago matter now?"

The posts that hold up are the ones with original writing and the ones with lots of lovely images. The temporal stuff is expired like old bread.

Makes one question one's use of time.

Making it more SFW is important because I simply can't devote time to a site that generates no money at all. I'll never live off of it, but "labor of love" only goes so far. I hope to keep the site sexy and interesting while still a viable potential spot for advertisers.

Jan 24 2013
Be It Ever So tumblr... Comments (1)
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Jan 11 2013
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AfterElton has chosen Boy Culture as not only being among the modern movies with the best gay sex scenes, but the #1 modern movie with the best gay sex scene. So cool! So hot.