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Mar 23 2015
A Person I Know Comments (0)


My friend and the director/cowriter of the movie version of Boy Culture, Allan Brocka, will be directing upcoming episodes of People You Know, which is as good enticement as any for me to watch them, you know?

Check out a taste if you're not familiar with it...

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Feb 28 2015
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Come follow me on Facebook if you haven't already.

Jan 03 2015
#5 With A Bullet Comments (0)


What an honor to be included on Wicked Gay Blog's readers' list of Top 5 blogs of 2014...and in such good company, too!

Dec 29 2014
Headless Body From Topless Facebook Comments (0)


Come check out Boy Culture on Facebook—make it a New Year's resolution.

Dec 07 2014
Gays On Film Comments (0)


Check out Manuel Betancourt's highly watchable Gay Men on Screen: A Place for Us, which splices together scenes from dozens of gay films in the space of about five minutes to explore the representations we've had in the cinema, especially in recent times...

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Nov 20 2014
One Day You're In, The Next Day You're Out Comments (0)

When you're a blogger, you take the good (free tickets, great opportunities to meet fascinating people, the ability to express your opinion to a wide audience every day, positive reinforcement from supportive readers) with the bad (scorched-earth comments from anonymous anti-fans, the occasional rejection of an interview request, some people assuming you're a public service and that you have to publish anythnig they want).

One thing I really never get over, though, is the odd push-pull from some quarters—they want you, they don't want you...it changes day to day.

Case in point: I would routinely get news tips from a gay magazine on a weekly basis. They'd encourage me to post their stuff, which I often did since I run a personal blog with a gay slant and they're a classy gay magazine that has great content. Why wouldn't I?

But then I wouldn't get invited to their annual party in NYC, which each year I would point out and then would be told they'd correct it the following year.

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Nov 05 2014
Light Reading Comments (0)

Tomorrow is my 9-year blogiversary, but other than that and I'm sure some posts here and there, I have to focus on a book project in the near future. Posting may be light. As always, I very much appreciate links on social media.

Thanks! Keep coming back; I will, too, just not as obsessively for a stretch.

Nov 03 2014
Unfashionably Forward Comments (0)


The latest Raymond & Lane is here, and it's got a star turn by Will Jardell and a Boy Culture reference to boot!

Check it out after the jump...

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