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Jul 26 2012
Dick-Fil-A Comments (0)

Quinn Christopher Jaxon
Amazing hi-res shots from that Andrew Christian behind-the-scenes shoot follow. For once, here's a Christian business I fully support...

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Jul 25 2012
Bonesome Cowboys Comments (3)

Andrew Christian bulge
Andrew Christian has to be making bank on all these revealing videos, the latest of which is a b-t-s from the ranch shoot. It's filled with perfect butts and perfectly unbelievable bulges, including those possessed by Quinn Christopher Jaxon and Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan)...

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Jul 12 2012
Articulate Fucker Comments (0)

Brent Corrigan
This has to be the ultimate Sean Paul Lockhart (ex-Brent Corrigan) interview—he tells all for over an hour...

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Jun 25 2012
A Convert To Andrew Christianity Comments (4)

Brent Corrigan makes his Andrew Christian debut in what is undoubtedly the underwear maker's most porn-like entry in its long line of skin-bearing Internet ads...

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Jun 22 2012
Lockhart Be Free Tonight/Time Is On Your Side Comments (2)

Sean Paul Lockhart (née Brent Corrigan) tweeted this pic from behind-the-scenes at a RuPaul's Drag Race taping. Great new look, but I hardly recognize him. He's continuing to segue into the mainstream as an Andrew Christian model.

I need a new haircut. Please feel free to post links to haircuts I should consider.

Jun 24 2009
Back-Up Career Comments (3)

If you've ever liked a twink, it was probably Brent Corrigan.
Aug 02 2008
Butt What I Really Wanna Do Is Direct Comments (10)

Playguy's September 2008 issue is its 30th-anniversary special...it's getting a little long in the tooth considering its models are all described as "18+" but it still has the friskiness of a pup. The best part of the new issue is an in-depth interview with controversial pornstar Brent Corrigan. Corrigan was caught up in that insane porn murder (not involved, but it happened because of and around him, which must have been quite distressing) and before that was a bareback star.


Now, his views on barebacking are complex but firm:

"My feelings about bareback? I think it's the right and choice of the model to participate in that kind of action. However, there needs to be more out there on education and the real risks involved—a source other than the producers filming the bareback work. Bareback porn producers do need to take some responsibility for putting images out there that would not otherwise be seen so readily by today's youth! As a young gay man, I should not have to search through crap and sift through shit online to find real information. It should be up front and center everywhere I go—in school, in the gay community on the street and being taught by the elders of our community...No, I don't think condoms should be industry standard, but I do think that we need to stand up and work more preventatively."


I can't really agree with him, nor do I think his opinion is outrageous. I guess I feel HIV information is everywhere, is front and center, is impossible to avoid in the culture, if not necessarily in public schools. It seems odd to me that he is so opposed to bareback (in the same interview, he advises newcomers to never bareback and never do anything for less than $800 on film), and yet feels it's okay for the industry to continue producing bareback. The same producers he doesn't trust to educate actors will just continue making money, and where there is a profit incentive—as Corrigan's brush with past controversies might illustrate—people are very likely to chuck "what's right" right out the backdoor, so to speak.

SummitFrontCover But he is a smart cookie and cuter than Zac Efron, I will admit. 

His new movie (which he directs and stars in) is Brent Corrigan's Summit—it seems important to him for various reasons:

"When I write about it, I get a little choked up. It has been hell, these last few years. I feel like I've been scaling a mountain, dodging boulders and polar bears. It's been a steep one, but hopefully not the biggest one I'll ever encounter. When I finished Summit, I felt like I had finally made it to the top after 4 years of uphill heaving...Just don't forget to pick up a copy! For once, I'll really get paid for that project."

Don't forget to pick up Playguy (September 2008), either.