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May 05 2011
Another Palin Takes It On The Chin Comments (5)

It boggles the mind that people are debating whether Bristol Palin's remarkably different face is the result of losing weight or plastic surgery. Try losing weight sometime—it doesn't give you a new chin and popped eyes. I'm not sure what else she had done, but she for sure has a chin implant and did something to her eyes or even her brow, and I'd guess she had fat sucked out of her chin area.

I think she looks quite different but prettier. Now that she's healed, she can get on disabling that fake Twitter attributed to her.

Mar 09 2011
Kathy Griffin Tells Jokes, Sarah Palin Is A Joke Comments (0)

Kathy Griffin responds to Sarah Palin's stupid accusation that she is a "bully" with good humor and some good barbs. (She actually seems very mellow here.)

Jan 24 2011
The Glamorous Life Comments (4)

I know I sound like a Golden Age of Hollywood geezer shaking his fist at the disheveled likes of young Dustin Hoffman and young Diane Keaton when compared to Clark Gable and Katharine Hepburn, but: These kinds of people (pictured) should not be stars. When you start deciding mundane do-nothings are celebrities, you have to read about them "reluctantly" confirming they're dating 20-year-old pipeline workers.

Ah, the escapism of it all!


Dec 05 2010
The Ghost Writer Comments (10)

PreviewScreenSnapz001I'm with you, Margaret. I still haven't forgiven Mark Ballas!

I don't expect Bristol Palin to be all warm and cuddly toward Margaret Cho, her former Dancing with the Stars co-competitor who punked her by revealing allegedly insider info that Palin did the show because her mother blames her for losing the election in '08 and demanded compliance. Palin could have ignored the gossip and looked above it all or said, "I'm not sure why Margaret would be mean to me...I thought we were friends!" and seemed sympathetic. But instead, Palin's ridiculously outsourced reply to Cho—this girl is not articulate and not witty except for in her Facebook retorts? hmmm—reveals yet more questionable gay comments:

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Dec 03 2010
A Knocked-Up, Drag-Out War Of Words Comments (3)


Yeah, because Bristol Palin has ever even heard of the word "canard." Also interesting in this dust-up between Palin and Keith Olbermann is the proof once again that the Palins leave NO insult/charge/criticism unanswered—they are more thin-skinned than the condoms Bristol's never quite gotten the hang of.

(To be fair, this news agency—according to its headline—thinks "old canard" is what Palin called Olbermann. You old canard! That's actually really funny.)

Nov 27 2010
Hating With The Stars Comments (3)

From Life & Style (December 6, 2010): Lost (at least to me) in all the brouhaha over Willow Palin's homophobic slurs on Facebook—which she peppered a boy with merely for updating his status to say her mom's show was a "fail"—was the fact that her boyfriend also followed the incident up with racist comments.

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Nov 24 2010
Grey Swan Comments (0)

Bristol Palin lost on Dancing with the Stars. Perhaps this is how the presidential election will end in '12—the newcomer chick in third, the black guy in second and the older, wiser white lady in pole position. Or...totally not, and this was all a stupid diversion.


I'm very happy Grey's "Black Swan" came through in the end, and that ultimately, Bristol Palin couldn't even manage to best the kid from That's So Raven.


Nov 17 2010
Wolves Are Still Dying, But One Rabbit Lives On In Alaska Comments (0)

This could explain why 16-year-od Willow Palin is a bit moody lately—National Enquirer (November 29, 2010) reports she just had a pregnancy scare when she thought she was knocked up by her 18-year-old BF. The media may be "lamestream," but it's a good place to find out about things like birth control...or abstinence!