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Dec 05 2010
The Ghost Writer Comments (10)

PreviewScreenSnapz001I'm with you, Margaret. I still haven't forgiven Mark Ballas!

I don't expect Bristol Palin to be all warm and cuddly toward Margaret Cho, her former Dancing with the Stars co-competitor who punked her by revealing allegedly insider info that Palin did the show because her mother blames her for losing the election in '08 and demanded compliance. Palin could have ignored the gossip and looked above it all or said, "I'm not sure why Margaret would be mean to me...I thought we were friends!" and seemed sympathetic. But instead, Palin's ridiculously outsourced reply to Cho—this girl is not articulate and not witty except for in her Facebook retorts? hmmm—reveals yet more questionable gay comments:

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Dec 03 2010
A Knocked-Up, Drag-Out War Of Words Comments (3)


Yeah, because Bristol Palin has ever even heard of the word "canard." Also interesting in this dust-up between Palin and Keith Olbermann is the proof once again that the Palins leave NO insult/charge/criticism unanswered—they are more thin-skinned than the condoms Bristol's never quite gotten the hang of.

(To be fair, this news agency—according to its headline—thinks "old canard" is what Palin called Olbermann. You old canard! That's actually really funny.)

Nov 27 2010
Hating With The Stars Comments (3)

From Life & Style (December 6, 2010): Lost (at least to me) in all the brouhaha over Willow Palin's homophobic slurs on Facebook—which she peppered a boy with merely for updating his status to say her mom's show was a "fail"—was the fact that her boyfriend also followed the incident up with racist comments.

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Nov 24 2010
Grey Swan Comments (0)

Bristol Palin lost on Dancing with the Stars. Perhaps this is how the presidential election will end in '12—the newcomer chick in third, the black guy in second and the older, wiser white lady in pole position. Or...totally not, and this was all a stupid diversion.


I'm very happy Grey's "Black Swan" came through in the end, and that ultimately, Bristol Palin couldn't even manage to best the kid from That's So Raven.


Nov 17 2010
Wolves Are Still Dying, But One Rabbit Lives On In Alaska Comments (0)

This could explain why 16-year-od Willow Palin is a bit moody lately—National Enquirer (November 29, 2010) reports she just had a pregnancy scare when she thought she was knocked up by her 18-year-old BF. The media may be "lamestream," but it's a good place to find out about things like birth control...or abstinence!

Like Mama Grizzly, Like Daughter Grizzly Comments (5)

SarahPalinWillowPalinLike mama grizzly like daughter grizzly

Now GOProud has waded into the debate over the propriety of 16-year-old Willow Palin calling a critic a "faggot" and "gay" on Facebook, telling TMZ:

"The slur used here is one you could hear on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea every day of the week. Apparently, it's only a homophobic slur when it comes from the daughter of a conservative female leader."

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Nov 16 2010
Ur So Gay Comments (4)

The Palins continue to show the world what lowlifes they are—now 16-year-old Willow is caught using anti-gay slurs on Facebook to defend her mom, her mom's show and her sister's post-baby figure against the rather harmless snark of a classmate.

Jul 14 2010
Married To The Mob Comments (7)

What will Kathy Griffin say? Levi Johnston is not only back with Bristol Palin, he's asked her to marry him. And they've already posed for this Us cover (July 26, 2010). Apparently, they didn't even tell Sarah Palin about their engagement, though the Palins have issued a supportive statement that nevertheless reads as if it were scratched into steel by grizzly claws.

Levi, who was always good for some lampooning of the Palins, seems to have retired from common sense, noting:

"That part of my life is over. I'm never going to say anything bad about her or her family. And I will never leave her."

But perhaps it's more a matter of luring Bristol away from the dark side with a velvet glove. It doesn't sound too hard, considering Sarah Palin is finding out about this engagement from Us! Bristol says, of using the magazine to announce everything to her mom:

"It is intimidating and scary just to think about what her reaction is going to be. Hopefully she will jump on board."

Or overboard.

Jan 13 2010
The Trig Option Comments (3)

In Touch (January 25, 2010) goes all in with the anti-choice crowd, doing an original photo shoot with Sarah Palin (classy!) and her daughter Bristol and allowing them to scream, "We're glad we chose life" on the cover of the 'bloid. Remember when Republicans thought single motherhood was deplorable? Now, as  long as you ARE a Republican, it's downright godly.

Factoring in Levi Johnston's credible-sounding comments that Sarah Palin didn't do much of the actual mothering for Trig, it makes sense that she'd deem herself a "more patient" mother. It's easy to be patient when your daughter is taking care of the kid. Speaking of her daughters, Bristol now says, "I'm not going to have sex until I'm married. I can guarantee it." I wouldn't bet on that.

Also, can we please come to the conclusion that the Palins can no longer hide behind "leave my kids out of it"? You're deliberately making them a focal point of who you are.

UPDATE: She seems to have insisted on using her own strictly partisan photographer. Kudos for zero (?) retouching, but dig that tacky, unprofessional backdrop:


SafariScreenSnapz001 10-28-41 Meanwhile, Palin on FOX admits she thought Iraq was behind 9/11...and she thought this not in September of 2001, but immediately before being chosen as her party's nominee for Vice President in 2008. Complete idiot. Thanks, John McCain, for making this moron such a powerful name and a potential future president.

Jun 16 2009
Knocked Knocked Joke Comments (1)

G-cvr-071231-david-letterman.h2 I like David Letterman and loved his evisceration of John McCain pre-election. But I feel like he's really, really misguided to be apologizing all to hell over his very appropriate and harmless Bristol Palin knocked-up joke, handing Sarah Palin an opportunity to not only pose as a feminist (!) but to issue an acceptance of his latest apology that hopes men's attitudes will "evolve." She's not supposed to believe in feminism OR evolution. Dave, you should retract your apology. Or at least, you know, apologize for it.

She is not offended! She knows the joke was aimed at Bristol. She's just using this. Be gone, femi-not-zi.