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Nov 01 2012
The Mild-To-Wild West Comments (0)

The script for the Brokeback Mountain sequel has been leaked! Not since The Other Side of Aspen 2 81811_DiscoCowboy-600 (which should've been The Other Other Side of Aspen) has the gay community been more excited by the prospect of filmic double-dipping.

Sample dialogue:

"Ennis: Maybe so, Jack, but you know what? Those drugs? They’re paid for. The face powder is paid for. The eye gel and Campari are paid for. And yes, the go-go boy is paid for—quite dearly paid for, might I add, considering that I shouldn’t have to pay for my own hustler on my own birthday. And you? How are you doing, Jack?"

I laughed even though I still think Heath Ledger's performance was sublime. More here. (Work Unfriendly)

Aug 16 2012
Jockumentaries: Funny Olympics-Themed Parodies Of Famous Flicks Comments (2)

Brokeback Mountain
Via I Believe in Advertising: These Australian ads for movies, themed to the Olympics, are pretty ingenious. Gotta love that they spoofed Brokeback Mountain without being offensive. Keep reading for all the best ones...

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Jul 08 2012
"Laugh, man...that's what life is all about!"—Ernest Borgnine Comments (6)

Ernest Borgnine diedMeeting Mr. Borgnine a year ago

Ernest BorgnineSorry to hear that Ernest Borgnine, until now the oldest living Best Actor Oscar winner and one of the world's oldest living movie actors, has passed away at age 95.

Ernest Borgnine Joan CollinsGreeted by Joan Collins in Vegas late last year

He was a staple at many of the autograph shows I attended and was supernice to everyone, not to mention hale and hearty for his extremely advanced age.

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Mar 30 2011
Brokeback Mountin' Comments (0)

Jake Gyllenhaal has bedroom eyes on the cover of Men's Journal (April 2011). Inside, he recounts how some people still have something against Brokeback Mountain:

"In fact, it's so powerful that Gyllenhaal still gets people coming up to him to say that they would never see it. 'Seriously? People go out of their way to tell you to your face?' 'I get that all the time,' he says. Then, adopting an almost imperceptible slouch and the faint accent of a white rapper-homophobe, he reenacts the overshare. 'You're that guy in that movie, right? Brokeback Mountain, right?' 'Yeah, I—' 'I mean, I didn't see it. But you're that guy.'"

One more pic of that guy after the jump...

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Aug 26 2010
Shame On Them Comments (11)

The new, mildly cute, Brokeback-themed video for the song "Shame," a duet between once-and-future bandmates Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow. Horrible song...horrible! I liked it better when it was "Take a Letter Maria."

Feb 20 2009
Portrait Of The Supporting Actor As A Young Man Comments (2)


In L'Uomo Vogue (February 2009), an old Bruce Weber portfolio of Heath Ledger is reproduced to torture us with his lost beauty and remind us of his talent. He'll be winning an Oscar, deservedly.

More after the jump...

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Jan 12 2009
Slumdog Headlock Comments (6)

PreviewScreenSnapz032 The Golden Globes were pretty good...merits aside, I am not happy about the idea of homophobic asshole Mickey Rourke winning this and possibly an Oscar based on Hollywood's love of the comeback (especially over Sean Penn), but it was downright shocking that Kate Winslet won both acting awards. I figured she'd never win for Best Actress anyway, let alone on the heels of winning for Best Supporting Actress, but I think the competition among the leads (male and female) this year could mean similar surprises at the Oscars. (I would have chosen Anne Hathaway.) I'm pleased that Slumdog was given a huge boost by winning all four of the awards for which it was nominated, and I hope the Oscars won't react against that as they did with Brokeback and will reward the film with the Best Picture prize it deserves.


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