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Nov 06 2012
Need To Know: An Election Lasting More Than Four Hours Comments (1)

Obama-tear-crying-cropped-proto-custom_28Tearin' it up

Widget boy cultureObama goes emo in Iowa: "It's up to you."

Widget boy cultureSpringsteen & Jay-Z hype up WI for the other Boss. Young-bigot

Widget boy cultureYoung bigots explain their views: It's the Bible.

Widget boy cultureThe candidates court the football crowd.

Widget boy cultureCNN on Obama today: "Hangs out" in Chicago, "lies low."

Widget boy cultureLittle girl supports marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureProtect Marriage Maine really hates the gays.

Widget boy cultureIrish bettor pays out on Obama bets two days early!

Widget boy cultureInTrade is also bullish on President Obama's chances.


Widget boy cultureFOX News is afraid of black men. Literally.

Widget boy cultureObama wins 23-9-2 in Hart's Location, NH, ties 5-5 in Dixville Notch.

Widget boy cultureChris Christie blew off Romney even worse behind-the-scenes.

Widget boy cultureMap always favored Obama—still does.

Widget boy cultureAll poll closing times.

Widget boy cultureMichelle Obama: Vote!

Oct 19 2012
Barack 'n' Roll Comments (0)

Bruce SpringsteenKeeping Barack the boss

After the jump, Bruce Springsteen performs in honor of Barack Obama's campaign for re-election, following an intro by Bill Clinton...

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Aug 22 2010
The Sensitive Crowd Comments (4)

Amd_against_mosqueBigotry hiding behind sensitivity

Big protest at the site of Park51, the "Ground Zero mosque" that isn't at Ground Zero and isn't primarily a mosque, 1,000 against and 200 for.

Amd_for_mosque Among those against, a sign that read, "Obama, your middle-name is Hussain, we understand. Bloomberg, what's your excuse." [A few sics required there.]

Anyone who would see that sign and stand with it is a bigot. It's not about being sensitive to 9/11 families and it's not because Ground Zero is hallowed (just wait until that hallowed new building goes up filled with tons of businesses not signed off on by the families), it's because most people in this country believe that Islam = terrorism. Some of them at least admit it.

Ironic touch: Protesters against the mosque blared "Born in the USA." Still too dumb after all these years to know the meaning of Bruce Springsteen's song.

UPDATE: Even "the most conservative man in Congress," Ron Paul, is on the side of Park51, stating:

"If Islam is further discredited by making the building of the mosque the issue, then the false justification for our wars in the Middle East will continue to be acceptable."
May 14 2010
The Silencing Of Debbie Perry Comments (7)

Via Towleroad: Those rainforest bashes, like the rainforest itself, are always a hot mess (in a good way)!

PreviewScreenSnapz001The rag-tag mix of Lady GaGa, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Shirley Bassey (who never gets a solo line), Sting and Debbie Harry (who also never gets a solo line and looks like she might challenge David Vitter for re-election) covering Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" (a song I could live without ever hearing again) is pretty charming—love GaGa's Leigh Bowery twist.


A wonderful way to end 

It's also nice to see Goldie Hawn back to her go-go roots at the end. Will she one day be a 106-year-old survivor talking about the relatively early days of TV while still dancing past the century mark? If only she and Madonna had done Chicago...woulda been SWELL.

Speaking of which, remember Madonna's rainforest perfs from the past? No?

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Feb 06 2010
Abs-Olutely Comments (2)
Us (February 15, 2010) has the ultimate "A-List Abs Quiz" with guts (or lack thereof) belonging to everyone from  Taylor Lautner to Bruce Springsteen. I'm not sure what it says about the printing that Will Smith's torso is not instantly identifiable, but it's fun looking at anyway. 
Dec 09 2009
With This Springsteen, I Thee Wed Comments (0)
Bruce Springsteen has endorsed marriage equality in New Jersey as a civil-rights issue. Rock on! It's good to know he's down, down, down, down with it.

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