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Aug 16 2011


Fifty-three random reasons I love Madonna, in pictures (and sounds)... 


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May 29 2011
Running Away With Him Comments (2)

As usual, Bruce Weber's contribution to Vman (Summer 2011)—"It's Just My Imagination Running Away With Me"—is peopled by impossibly hot collegiates...

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Apr 13 2011
They Call Me Bruce Comments (0)

Bruce Weber goes hog wild (or pigs out) with delicious images for "The Heartbreak Club" from Vogue Hommes International (Spring-Summer 2011):

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Mar 29 2011
The Beachnick Comments (2)

Bruce Weber's finally gotten his paws on Nick Youngquest. Oh, and he's photographed him, too! Weber shoots the calendar godling for A&F. I find the results rather stiff; Youngquest looks like he's trying to be nonchalant as he lets his swimsuit slide to last possible slat on his upper thighs.

But it's still work by Weber of Youngquest without many clothes, so is worth the click.

Mar 03 2011
Ad Men Comments (2)


Mar 02 2011
G Wiz Comments (1)

Above, Marcos Rezende gets naked for Brazil's G. Below, alligator wrangler (real job) Shea Hayley gets shirtless for Bruce Weber:


Finally, in bed with Alex Barbosa at YVY:


Jan 26 2011
Two Guys At Once Comments (0)

OhLaLaMag is on fire, with peeks at how 20-year-old Junior Olympian/model/actor Seth Kuhlman spent a day with Bruce Weber (or at least the part Bruce photographed) as well as how Jin Wang's shoot with one strawberry blond name of "Andy" went:


Sep 30 2010
Aged Beef Comments (0)


The '70s/'80s supermodel Jeff Aquilon appears in Vman (Fall 2010) in the state in which he (still) looks best—shirtless and pensive. Bruce Weber discovered him at a 1978 casting at Pepperdine, where he was captain of the water polo team. Weber's work with Aquilon is iconic; I'm fortunate enough to own a beautiful gelatin print of one of Aquilon's most famous poses, which graces my bedroom wall (and which inspires me to pass up cupcakes more often than I'd like):

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Sep 08 2010
Bruce Weber Gets Cade Comments (1)

When Bruce Weber asks you to show off your perfect ass, you do so, as did model Garet Cade (want more of him?) right here.

Jul 17 2010
No-Clothes Minded Comments (2)
The A&F Quarterly is back—and why shouldn't it be? Nudity never hurt anyone, and it's kinda pleasantly subversive to have a clothing store foisting so many examples of it upon us as an enticement to buy more clothes.