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Mar 26 2016
GIFs That Keep On Giving Comments (0)
Mar 25 2016
Your Nightly Briefing: Taner Sigirtmac Comments (0)
  Underwearalmanac16-1 Underwearalmanac16-2 Underwearalmanac16-3 Underwearalmanac16-4 Underwearalmanac16-5 Underwearalmanac16-6 Underwearalmanac16-7 Underwearalmanac16-9 Underwearalmanac16-10 Underwearalmanac16-11 Underwearalmanac16-12 Underwearalmanac16-13 Underwearalmanac16-14 Underwearalmanac16-15 Underwearalmanac16-16 Underwearalmanac16-17 Underwearalmanac16-18 Underwearalmanac16-19 Underwearalmanac16-20 Underwearalmanac16-22

Baldovino Barani shoots Taner Sigirtmac (Modelone HK), styled by Cheryl Leung, for Underwear Almanac 2016.

Underwearalmanac16-21(Image by Baldovino Barani)

Underwear-Clad Nick Jonas Wants To Get CLOSE To You Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Safehouse/Island Records)

Nick Jonas's new album Last Year Was Complicated is coming fro Safehouse/Island Records is out June 10. 

Full tracklisting:

(1) “Voodoo”

(2) “Champagne Problems”

(3) “Close” feat. Tove Lo

(4) “Chainsaw”

(5) “Touch”

(6) “Bacon” feat. Ty Dolla $ign

(7) “Good Girls” feat. Big Sean

(8) “The Difference”

(9) “Don't Make Me Choose”

(10) “Under You”

(11) “Unhinged”

(12) “Comfortable”

He goes on the Honda Civic Tour: Future Now with Demi Lovato starting June 24.

Pre-order the album here: iTunes:; Google Play:; Amazon:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.35.24 PM(Video stills via “Close”)

After the jump, check out the video for “Close” feat. Tove Lo. I wonder if he'll be accused of pandering to straight audiences ...

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Mar 23 2016
You're Welcome: Eduardo Rodríguez Comments (0)
  JO4A9479_5278 JO4A9504_5303 JO4A9455_5254 JO4A9385_5184-2 JO4A9395_5194-2 JO4A9416_5215 JO4A9419_5218

(Images by Adrian C. Martin)

In the gallery above: Adrian C. Martin shoots Eduardo Rodríguez in Supawear and 2Eros.

JO4A9363_5162(Image by Adrian C. Martin)

Mar 22 2016
6-PACK — Terror Suspects Pictured In Airport + Gawker Chief Puts Jury's Decision In A Headlock + Sarah Palin To Daytime TV + Boxer's Big, Big Punching Bag + Latest Celeb Obits + Rosie vs. Drumpf! Comments (0)

56f18a591e0000b300705007Brussels suspects (Image via Belgian police)

*widget boy cultureBelgian cops release photo of terror suspects.

*widget boy cultureGawker's Nick Denton tears into jury's gigantic judgment for Hulk Hogan.

*widget boy cultureIf you'd let Sarah Palin be your Judge Judy, you're dumber than Ben Carson.

*widget boy cultureBoxer has a prize-winning bulge.

*widget boy cultureGlamourpuss Rita Gam dies @ 88, Peyton Place actor James Douglas @ 86.

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell taunts Donald Trump on her birthday:


hats arrived - HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ME!! #drumpf

A photo posted by Rosie ODonnell (@rosie) on

Mar 21 2016
6-PACK — These Guys Are Swimsuit Models Like Meryl Streep Is An Actress + Trump Idiocy + Democrats Are More Truthful + Utah Would Pick Either Dem Over Trump + Madonna's Final Unapologetic B*tches! Comments (0)

Ignacio-Ondategui-for-Nit-Swim-Spring-2016-Collection-160318-01Ignacio Ondategui in his Nit Swim swimwear (Image via Nit Swim)

*widget boy cultureCheck out Ignacio Ondategui & Sergio Carvajal for Nit Swim.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump's fans are, literally, idiots.

*widget boy cultureHillary & Bernie by far the most honest candidates in the race.

*widget boy cultureStraight dudes talk about having sex with other men.

*widget boy cultureEven Utah would pick a Dem over Trump.

*widget boy cultureGame of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie & Maxi Shield were Madonna's last bitches:

Mar 18 2016
Instagratification: Sturdy Studs Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.43.14 PM(Image via Erik Larson)

As an amendment to this week's “Instagratification” installment, check out these furry show-offs. 

More here, here, here, here.

First up is NYC's Erik Larson (15,850 posts, 50K followers):

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.40.48 PM(Image via Erik Larson)

Then there are Leo (1,076 posts; 168K followers) and his “exclusive cuddle buddy” Mike (1,496 posts; 67.3K followers):

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.05.37 PM(Images via Leo & Mike)

Renovator/handyman J.J. Bergin (105 posts, 29.8K followers) might be the hottest guy of all time:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.14.15 PM(Image via J.J. Bergin)

Finally, Tom (1,222 posts; 1,778 followers) has a smaller following, but that's the smallest thing about him. He generously posts great pics (including a naked video) and has the right look to blow up. Help him out:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.27.00 PM(Image by Tom Sherbvinci)

Mar 16 2016
Instagratification: Where To Find (Still More!) Beautiful Dudes On Instagram Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.44.19 AM(Image by Brian Jamie)

My past “Instagratification” posts are here, here, here and here. (Have any hot-as-hell Instagram accounts I should know about? Comment this post!)

For this installment, check out 10 Instagram accounts—plus my own hot-guys account!—guaranteed to provide you with more male hotness to stash in your fantasy reservoir for use later in life.

Or in 15 minutes ...

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