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Jan 20 2016
Your Nightly Briefing: Cianan For Modus Vivendi Comments (0)
  MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (1) MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (2) MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (3) MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (4) MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (5) MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (6) MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (7) MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (8) MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (10)

Kevin Slack shoots Cianan in Modus Vivendi underwear, singlets and accessories in Toronto.

MV-VirtusLine-Conseptual Pics With Logo (9)

From a press release:

Modus Vivendi completes its Autumn/Winter 2016 collection with a new line of underwear, singlets and accessories made from Italian velvet. This new line is called Virtus and it combines the soft, soothing touch of velvet with relaxed, sexy styles. The name Virtus derives from the Latin word ‘vir’, which means ‘man’ and has the connotations of courage, manliness and excellence. These new garments are unfussy, masculine and practical and should appeal to men who are uncomplicated, young at heart and fun. On a cold winter’s night they are perfect for relaxing at home and with just a touch of spice to the look they should keep you extra warm!

The photographer we called on to shoot the campaign for the Virtus Line is Kevin Slack, someone who understands not only the steamy sensuality of hot men, but who can convey feeling and character brilliantly. His photographs seem to have a special ability to draw you in – or is that the models he uses... Leaving momentarily his favourite destination, Cuba, Slack worked on the shoot in Toronto, Canada and found the perfect partner for the campaign in model Cianan. We think his amazing, athletic build and his bright, honest face suit the playful, sexy character of this line well and are very pleased with the outcome: a stunning campaign, creative, welcoming and sexy, just like the new Virtus Line by Modus Vivendi.

Jan 14 2016
Need To Know: In Love With Love + Young Love + X-FILES Parody: Love! + Conservative Cabinet Member Loves The D + Ain't Love Steve Grand? + MORE! Comments (0)

Griffin-matthews_matt-gould-750x563Father figures

*widget boy cultureGay dads featured in Out's LOVE PORTFOLIO. Images

*widget boy cultureFor those who like their men Younger.

*widget boy cultureEsteemed stage actor Brian Bedford dies @ 80.

*widget boy cultureIn case you're a fan of love.

*widget boy cultureHysterical X-Files reunion.

*widget boy cultureConservative British Cabinet member comes out as gay.

*widget boy cultureDavid Bowie smeared as gay Nazi and witch.

*widget boy cultureHis butt is just:



*widget boy cultureArmed robber uses pink fright wig as disguise.

*widget boy cultureIs Kim Davis pro-cancer?

*widget boy cultureInsane abs.

*widget boy cultureIs Steve Grand really THIS hung? (Work Friendly, somehow)

*widget boy cultureInsane amount of Desperately Seeking Susan goodies! Images

Dss-memo-23Glass man

Jan 13 2016
Cop Pulls A Boner Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.06.05 AM


Video: View post on imgur.com

Jan 09 2016
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Via my hot-guy Instagram

Jan 08 2016
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
  Yellow8 Yellow2 Yellow5 Yellow6 Yellow7

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

If you’ve seen our New Year’s Eve video, you know that yellow underwear is said to bring wealth in the new year. Wear a yellow pair when the ball drops, and you’ll see more green in your pockets. With that in mind, consider these featured pairs of yellow underwear your good luck charms. Wear one of these and you’ll get lucky in more ways than one.

Model Jacob Anton wears boxer briefs, briefs and trunks in our photoshoot, each designed by a brand that does something a little different with the yellow coloring. Mosmann and Manview tone it down to accent other colors. The rest go all out, leaving it to the waistbands and seam to mellow out the yellow. It turns out that yellow is a charming color. It’s playful, it’s versatile and it’s packed with a stylish kick. A man who wears yellow underwear is a fun, confident guy that knows how to smile. And if he can rock yellow, he knows how to dress.

Isn’t that a guy you want to be next year?

Wish upon a lucky yellow pair and hope for money in 2016. Gold underwear can’t hurt either.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

The Underwear Expert is the ultimate resource for 200+ men's underwear brands. Visit us for the latest men's underwear trends and more. Like us on Facebook.

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Via my hot-guy Instagram

Front 'n' Back Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.24.08 AM

Slo-mo for homos ...

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Jan 07 2016
Front-Loaded: David Pevsner Comments (0)


Out actor David Pevsner's blog Shameless is his effort to produce an anti-shame, pro-sexuality-physicality-maturity statement. It is decidedly (Work Unfriendly).


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