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Dec 15 2014
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Via JBerk's Page of EyeCandy.

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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

Admit it. You’ve considered cheating on your most reliable—albeit old, run-down—pair of briefs with 2(X)IST. Bold, sexy and a little bit dangerous, there’s something undeniably tempting about the New York-based brand. In this Underwear Expert Exclusive, model Michael Shea and photographer Marco Ovando are here to let you know how normal the feeling is.

Presenting styles from the 2(X)IST Pima Stretch Collection, Michael flaunts his body and his underwear in every photo. It turns out you can match your underwear to your eyes, with the Pro Blue Pima Stretch Trunk. The No-Show Bikini Brief in Barbados Red shows off how 2(X)IST underwear slims the waistline, flattering your figure for a fitter, tighter look. The black pairs Michael wears have an attention-grabbing sheen to them, plus a touch of transparency. Bringing his infectious masculinity and the clean-cut designs of the underwear, Michael and Marco Ovando show us how it feels to fall in love with 2(X)IST.

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Dec 14 2014
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Via Muscle Puppy's Playpen.

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BulgeMore hot guys and guy parts at my Instagram...follow here!

Dec 13 2014
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The rapper has plenty to stuff your stocking with this joyous holiday season.

Dec 12 2014
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Click here if you're curious to see this guy's huge bulge, not curious at all to see the faces of the two kids he's posing with.

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Anthony Kiedis-jockstrap

 Via Ugly Ugly Emptiness. (Work Unfriendly)

Dec 11 2014
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Via centerfold.