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Mar 11 2014
Pearly Whites: How To Turn The World On With Your Smile Comments (0)

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My whole life, one of the few physical traits I could always count on for compliments was my smile. In fifth grade, when I was as large as, well, two fifth-graders, we were assigned to write something positive about another person's appearance. Worried I was too ugly for words, I waited impatiently for my best friend Dan to show me what he'd written about me:

"Matthew has a great smile."

Logo-Smile-BrilliantI never forgot that, because our smiles are our calling cards—for better, or for worse.

To this day, my teeth are suspiciously white, even though my dentist would probably give me an "eh" on my dental maintenance. Perhaps all that soda had burned away any film that would otherwise over my chompers, or I'm just genetically gifted in that regard.

But I've noticed that I no longer hear compliments about my very white teeth, because nowadays, there are so many options for whitening one's smile.

But which works the best? I think I have an answer.

Smile-BrllliantSeveral months ago, I received a free kit from Smile Brilliant, which offers an elaborate tooth-whitening system you can take advantage of from your own home. The gist is, you use their kit to make impressions of your teeth, then they mail you back teeth-whitening trays custom-fitted to your mouth. (Pictured at left.) This way, their tooth-whitening product can work on your teeth in the most effective manner possible, so much so that they offer guaranteed results with a "no questions asked, money-back guarantee."

But who would be my guinea pig?


I recruited a good friend of mine with a charming smile who nonetheless had noticed some yellowing over the years. Look, even if you make it into your forties, the whiteness of your teeth probably won't—there's no shame in doing something proactive about brightening up that grin.

So my friend accepted my offer of a Smile Brilliant kit and began the long journey of whitening his teeth. (It's actually a short process, but he became busy and so used the kit over a period of weeks.)

Before-teethNot bad, but his chompers had some telltale dimming compared to his high school days.

I prodded him in the same way your tongue works over your teeth to get that stray piece of popcorn out of the way. He replied:

"I did a two-hour session this weekend, and a two-hour session the weekend before that, and two 45-minute sessions previously, for a total of five and a half hours."

After-teethAfter, the teeth are uniformly (but not ridiculously) white. Success!

The results were undeniable—what started out as somewhat dingy teeth have ended up sparkling Home-teeth-whitening-processwhite. He wasn't sure the difference was that dramatic until seeing his dental selfies side-by-side, which made him text me:

"I can definitely see the difference! My teeth are as white as they are going to get!"

My research suggests that in order to get the same level of whitening (we're not talking about whitening strips and other garbage treatments) from your dentist, you'd have to spend about $500, probably more here in NYC.  Smile Brilliant wants just $89.95.

This is a big week for self-improvement posts. I've written about my experience getting Snatched and will soon publish a lengthy journal of what happened when I visited one of Manhattan's top plastic surgeons. Please let me know of any other similar topics you'd like to see me tackle.

Mar 07 2014
EXCLUSIVE! If The Shoe Fits: Patrick Bradford By Corey Gibson Comments (0)
  Patrick-Bradford-3 Patrick-Bradford-1 Patrick-Bradford-2 Patrick-Bradford-4

Corey Gibson shoots designer Patrick Bradford in the following two down-homo shots, plus check out some of Patrick's work in the Josh Williams photos above. You can buy what he's selling at his Etsy.


One more shot of Patrick after the jump...

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Feb 27 2014
Where R U? Comments (0)


Now, for those of us who love escorts and enjoy treating them like the local grocery store, GPScort is here! Its slogan is, "It's like Grindr for escorts!"

GPScort takes the guesswork out of those times you walk past a superhot, slightly seedy-looking guy and are forced to wonder, "If I gave him $80, could I lick his asshole?" or those times when you see a guy who has no job and spends 24/7 in the gym and are curious whether he might be okay getted peed on.

From a press release:

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Feb 26 2014
Later, Haters: Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes In Arizona Comments (0)

Jan-Brewer-ArizonaVeto Corleone

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Arizona) vetoed the bill that would have allowed religious owners of any kind of business in her state to veto any responsibility they have to serve someone gay. Brewer said of her action:

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Feb 21 2014
Need To Know: Grande Divas, Arizona vs. Gays, Bloody Nonsense, A Gosling Pick-Me-Up + MORE! Comments (0)

ARIANA-GRANDETeen-queen of all she surveys

*widget boy cultureAriana Grande loves Bay City's Madonna for not "eff-ing up" when people want her to.

*widget boy cultureArizona's House votes in favor of bill allowing businesses to refuse service to LGBTs.

*widget boy cultureThe FDA's policy against gay men donating blood is insane.

*widget boy cultureThe weave that ate Hollywood.

*widget boy cultureGet picked up by Ryan Gosling.

*widget boy cultureFU Underwear model shows off his stuff on video.

*widget boy cultureCome see me on Instagram for more stuff like this:

Guy-subway-surreptitiousSomeday, Prince will come.

Feb 17 2014
Need To Know: Flippin' Burger, Jinkx: The Documentary, Republican Fat Cats + MORE! Comments (0)

Submissions-OnlySubmissions possible

*widget boy cultureThe trailer for Season 3 of Submissions Only is funnier than most entire Web series. Gabriel-Burger

*widget boy cultureMy interview with It's What You'd Like To Be.

*widget boy cultureGabriel Burger looking hot in the wild.

*widget boy cultureUltimate Kraft Dinner with Tuna Sauce recipe.

*widget boy cultureJinkx Monsoon's new documentary!

*widget boy cultureRepublicans are bought and paid for by billionaires.

*widget boy cultureOFF THE MONEY: "You pay $1,000,000 in taxes, you get a million votes. How's that?"

*widget boy cultureAbove: Straight guys in a "Sticky Situation."

*widget boy cultureRussian diva on anti-gay laws: "They're not really about gay people."

*widget boy cultureHelen Gurley Brown helped keep Rosie O'Donnell in the closet for 10 extra years.


Feb 11 2014
Need To Know: Between Juan Pablo & A Hard Place, Straight Talk, GIRLS' Boy, Obamacare Cheater + MORE! Comments (0)

Juan-pablo-11.jpg?w=500J.P.G. recently put his foot in his mouth on gay issues, then apologized.

*widget boy cultureBachelor stud Juan Pablo Galavis's erection will soon be unveiled.

*widget boy cultureDumb Starbucks is slaying L.A.

*widget boy cultureJulia Roberts's half-sister dies.

*widget boy cultureRetired NFLer: Teams = "losers" if players can't handle questions about gay players.

*widget boy cultureEvan Jonigkeit's ass impresses on Girls.

*widget boy cultureShia LaBeouf is a total LaDouche now.

*widget boy cultureThey used to call Liberace "fatso." Among other things.

*widget boy cultureAnti-Obamacare activist is now on it, calls it "the answer to his prayers." Then lies.

*widget boy cultureHey, gurl! Alyssa's Secret, Valentine's Day edition.

*widget boy cultureNevada A.G. won't defend state's gay-marriage ban after all.

*widget boy cultureSamuel L. Jackson destroys sorry reporter for confusing him with Laurence Fishburne.

*widget boy cultureART ATTACK: Bullet holes or limpid pools?

Margaret-EvangelineNice shot

Feb 04 2014
Need To Know: Does Your Heart Belong To Him?, Skate Crimes + MORE! Comments (0)

DaddiesDaddy, oh

*widget boy cultureDaddies, a new film about—guess what?—by Antonio da Silva.

*widget boy cultureSWV, '90s girl group, gets sassy backstage at "bethenny."

*widget boy cultureIs it time to boycott Coke again?

*widget boy cultureLaverne Cox's powerful speech at Creating Change.

*widget boy cultureAmerican Apparel's 62-year-old underwear model.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Michael's new tune "Let Her Down Easy."

*widget boy cultureRyan Kwanten's phat butt.

*widget boy cultureA plea for sanity in the Woody Allen case.

*widget boy culture53-year-old Kristin Scott Thomas is retiring from film work.

*widget boy cultureJared Padalecki—an actor by trade—doesn't understand the definition of "tragedy."

*widget boy cultureJohnny Weir is the perfect coverboy for "Hate on Ice."

Newsweek-SochiOf skaters & haters

Jan 24 2014
Contract Killer: Lou Pearlman, Thief Of Hearts Comments (0)


Lou-Pearlman-signatureIf you care at all about '90s pop culture and/or the boy band phenomenon, or even just business, this lengthy profile of disgraced and incarcerated blimp-and-music mogul Lou Pearlman will fascinate.

I will start this off by saying that Lou Pearlman was always very kind to me...and by saying that this doesn't matter when it comes to deciding who he is as a person.

He loved "my" magazine, loved the somewhat misguided coverage I often gave his acts, and not just the marquee ones (BSB and *NSYNC). He was friendly to me always, inviting me to his birthday bashes, prioritizing me for photo shoots and access, even being part of the reason that the magazine I worked for was sold, thus allowing it to live on for another decade before its next incarnation.

In person, he was legit jovial. He always seemed almost spookily light-mooded. "S'great, s'great," he would mutter about everything. He took me (and a dozen other people at a time) out to fancy dinners more than once, dinners I suspected were paid for thanks to ungenerous deals with boy bands, but dinners I never knew were paid for with stolen money.

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Jan 23 2014
Need To Know: Justin Bieber Is Jailbait, Goldie Fawns, Ex-Gay: The Series, Birds Of A Feather, An Instant Classic + MORE! Comments (0)

Hawn4Let's not go Overboard.

*widget boy cultureGoldie Hawn gushes about monstrously homophobic Nigerian prez. (UPDATE: She's sorry.)

*widget boy cultureDoc submits to ex-gay therapy for new TV show. And Happy Endings got canceled?

*widget boy cultureToilets in Sochi are gayer than Putin posing by a stream.

*widget boy cultureWhat music, marketing & advertising can learn from Madonna.

*widget boy cultureElton John pens passionate letter about Putin's gay witchhunt.

*widget boy cultureHypnotic murmuration of starlings.

*widget boy culture

Justin Bieber is now where he belongs.

*widget boy cultureRemember being gay and Turning 16?

*widget boy cultureBoy band The Wanted breaking up.

*widget boy cultureSherri Shepard loves you after all.

*widget boy cultureHard-hitting exploration of underwear pouches.

*widget boy cultureThis guy is wanted by the cops...and I'm pretty sure it's "Ernie."

*widget boy cultureOriginal Andy Warhol Polaroid used on Querelle poster for sale.

Andy-Warhol-QuerelleNow ear this!