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Apr 14 2016
6-PACK — Gayest Film Series Ever + Tim Cook's Gay Power + FOX vs. Republicans + Mark Kirk: RINO + Bare-Bootied Rugby Fun + RIP To The 102-Year-Old Who Did Everything! Comments (0)

Lotsodom-690x600Lot in Sodom (Film still via Film Society of Lincoln Center)

*widget boy cultureFilm Society of Lincoln Center's An Early Clue to the New Direction: Queer Cinema Before Stonewall (April 22-May 1) has a fantastic slate, with work from 1895 on:

*widget boy cultureTim Cook is Out's most powerful LGBT person of the year. Others—here—include Ellen DeGeneres (#2, most powerful woman), Rachel Maddow, Caitlyn Jenner & more.

*widget boy cultureHas FOX News destroyed the Republican Party? If not, could it?

*widget boy cultureSen. Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) is doing everything but officially turning into a Democrat to save his seat.

*widget boy cultureRugby player gets a bare-butted massage. This type of job should be auctioned off.

*widget boy cultureRIP Virginia Campbell, actress who died on her birthday at 102. Campbell acted with Fay Wray, Harpo Marx and more, and later became a marionette artist.

Campbell-large_trans++v145lIpU2MM3nhqz3SKTatCP0Q8vVLEs6IxPkAJcyUYPaulette Goddard  gets scrubbed by Virginia Campbell: February 17, 1914—February 17, 2016 (Image via Paramount)

6-PACK — Bernie's Whoregate + Jane Defends NYDN Interview + Bernie Joins Verizon Picket Line + Dennis Hastert's Lawyer Is Cool With Man/Boy Groin Rubs + Should Amy Schumer Fight ISIS? + Big-Hearted Cyndi Comes To Play! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureDr. Paul Song refers to Hillary (he claims he didn't mean her) as a “corporate whore” at Bernie's Manhattan rally. Under attack, he apologizes.

*widget boy cultureBernie's disastrous NYDN Q&A referred to as an “inquisition” by his wife, who's surprised they released the transcripts. (Hm ... that phrase.)

*widget boy cultureBernie joins Verizon picket line, claims Verizon doesn't pay taxes. CEO begs to differ—it's paid $15+ billion. (How many business-hating Bernie voters have Verizon plans?)

*widget boy cultureTHEREIN LIES THE RUB: Dennis Hastert's lawyer suggests coaches giving teenage boys groin rubs isn't sexual assault.

DSC07238Amy Schumer: Counterterrorist agent (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

*widget boy cultureBono suggest Amy Schumer and others to combat ISIS. I am awaiting her Shermanesque refusal.

*widget boy cultureCyndi Lauper won't boycott North Carolina, will donate all $ to LGBT causes, has kind words for Bruce Springsteen's decision. True colors always shine through. 

Apr 13 2016
McCrory Tries To Slither Away From Massive Backlash Against NC Comments (0)

Gov. Pat McCrory (R-North Carolina) is losing re-election in a new poll, and his state has lost the pleasures of porn site XHamster due to its anti-LGBT law.

McCrory tried to address the issue (read: make it go away) with a pathetic video announcement of nothing much.

It's not going away, Gov. McCrory.

Apr 09 2016
Hillary Is Not A Witch: For Liberals Who Think She Should Be Dunked In Water To See If She Floats Comments (0)

My *official* Hillary Clinton endorsement. "I see no “revolution” coming in the poll results. Bernie’s support comes...

Posted by Elie Mystal on Friday, April 8, 2016

I think Elie Mystal wrote the best, most mercilessly qualified endorsement of Hillary Clinton possible.

I love Hillary, but recognize her flaws, and boy, does Elie Mystal recognize her flaws. In the context of the endorsement, this paragraph made me laugh in a to-keep-from-crying way:

Hillary’s foreign policy is terrifying. If elected, she will kill people. Many of them will be terrorists and some of them will be criminals, but all of them will be people and she will not let other, non-terrorist people, stand in the way of killing the people she thinks we need to kill. And when she’s not killing people, she will be spying on people in case she needs to kill those people later.

Yeah, that's not exactly rose-colored glasses, unless that's a reflection of the blood on the lenses.

There is also high praise for Bernie:

I agree with Bernie Sanders on almost every policy issue at the macro level. I do, in fact, think the game is rigged for millionaires and billionaires. I like peace. I think his proposed reforms for criminal justice will do more for black and brown people than anything any of the other candidates are suggesting. I think climate change is real, and a real problem.

But Mystal's summary of why Bernie has failed is unflinching:

After many speeches and debates, I see no “revolution” coming in the poll results. Bernie’s support comes from educated white males, young white women, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the Screen Actors Guild. That’s not a political revolution, that’s the check out line at Whole Foods. 

Most importantly, there is an effort to pick apart the hate some liberals have for Hillary:

She is authentic; she is naturally bad at running for office and that painfully shows through at almost all points. But maybe you would be bad at campaigning too if you had been subjected to over two decades of vicious and often contradictory political attacks.

We’ve forced Hillary Clinton to change her hair, her clothes, and her accent. We’ve criticized her for taking too prominent a role during the Bill Clinton administration, then questioned whether being First “Lady” qualified her to run for office. She’s been the most investigated politician since Richard Nixon, yet has never been found to have committed a crime. People have said she has all of the “Clinton baggage” but none of the “Clinton charisma,” which is odd because the “baggage” is her husband cheating on her and the “charisma” is what allows her philandering husband who perjured himself to be loved, while she’s gets called “untrustworthy.” We told her she was too uncompromising in the 1993 health care debate, and now tell her she comprises too much. She’s the most detail-oriented major party candidate since... Bobby Kennedy? But when she shows her substance, we call her “boring.” We call her a political robot, but when she tries to throw away a meaningless platitude at some old lady’s funeral, we lose our minds.

In conclusion:

Hillary Clinton is not a secret Republican. She’s not a witch. She’s not going to jail. She’s a hawkish left-of-center policy wonk. She believes in incremental change and compromise. She’d rather pass a crappy law that has some positive outcomes than watch a great law die in committee. She believes in government, she thinks it does work and can work.

That’s not particularly inspiring. Bernie is sitting there telling us that if we clap really hard, Tinkerbell will live. Hillary is like, “That bitch is dead, I shot her. It’s time to grow up.”

It's a great piece. Read every bit of it here.

Apr 05 2016
6-PACK — TOUGH LOVE 2 + You Know You're Gay When You're In TRUTH OR DARE + Mississippi & North Carolina Beg For Gay Boycotts + Archie & Jughead As Sex Symbols? + Boys & Bunnies! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureEpisode 2 of Tough Love. Images

*widget boy cultureMadonna's dancer knew he was gay after seeing himself in Truth or Dare.

*widget boy cultureDraconian, anti-gay “religious freedom” bill signed into law in Mississippi.

*widget boy culturePayPal bails out of North Carolina over anti-gay law.

*widget boy cultureWhy are Archie & Jughead so f*ckable suddenly?

*widget boy culturePortis Wasp, boys and bunnies for Bazaar


New Collage: @iamdiegomiguel for @charliebymz // Collage by @portiswasp1 #Disneyvoyeur

A photo posted by Portis Wasp (@portiswasp1) on

Panama Leaks Claim Icelandic PM Comments (0)

Dastardly Iceland PM resigns over his and his wife's offshore accounts and his clear conflict of interest involving working on banking issues when he secretly owned stock in the same banks.

The Panama Leaks are really going to have a ripple effect.

Greg Louganis To Get His First-Ever Wheaties Box Comments (0)

351107These three boxes will be on sale from May through the summer. (Image via General Mills)

Over 30 years after his 1984 sweep of the 3m and 10m diving events in the Summer Olympics, out athlete Greg Louganis will finally be honored with a Wheaties box.

An online petition for Louganis to receive the honor attracted 41,000 signatures. It seems pretty safe to guess that homophobia kept Louganis off the box in the '80s; he didn't come out until 1994, but certainly there were plenty of rumors, and those may well have led Wheaties to back away from the champion diver.

Four-time gold medalist Janet Evans and Guinness World Record title-holder Edwin Moses—who along with Louganis were both previously overlooked—will also be honored with their own boxes.

Apr 04 2016
6-PACK — North Carolina Feeling The Pain + Trump & Cruz Nudge Out Kasich + Sanders Could Have Been In The Lead If ... + Sean Young's Must-Read Interview + Caitlyn's Motive: TRANSPARENT + That's Mr. L.A. Leather To You, Boy! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureThe ways in which anti-LGBT North Carolina is suffering. Ha!

*widget boy cultureTrump & Cruz join forces to keep Kasich OUT of contention.

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders paying for his own early doubts he could win.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0168e9fdf873970cYoung as she appeared four years ago (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

*widget boy cultureSean Young's OMG, what? interview on her tumultuous career.

*widget boy cultureCaitlyn Jenner is joining Transparent.

*widget boy cultureJeffrey Erdman is Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2016. Photos.

12924548_978021118948339_859892381135029934_nMr. L.A. Leather (Image by Motorboot Photography)


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