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Apr 24 2014
Need To Know: Marriage Is So Gay (As Is Kale), Life's A Beach, Can't Put Your Finger Up It, B Is A-List + MORE! Comments (0)

Jodie-FosterGlad those annoying gay activists made it possible for Jodie to get hitched.

*widget boy cultureJodie Foster married Alexandra Hedison. Streisand-Charvet

*widget boy cultureMatt Bomer married Simon Halls! (Years ago.)

*widget boy cultureAnother big marriage equality win in Texas.

*widget boy cultureAYER's “Black Diamond” is brill.

*widget boy cultureBaywatch is 25 , Barbra Streisand is 72!

*widget boy cultureJames Franco cuddling up to a dude in bed.

*widget boy cultureThe 1958 film Madchen in Uniform is streaming.

*widget boy cultureStone Cold Steve Austin is pro-marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureIggy Azalea likes crowd-surfing, not digital rape.

*widget boy cultureBrother to Camilla Parker Bowles dies in a trip-and-fall.

*widget boy cultureGay Prop 8 judge Vaughn Walker once tried to be gay-cured.

*widget boy cultureOutlets trying to gin up a Madonna scandal over “gay.”

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé is very influential, so I guess that makes Jay-Z very, very?

Beyonce-TimeYou're relevant.

Apr 15 2014
Need To Know: We'll Always Have PARIS IS BURNING, F.U. Airways, Logo-Go Boys, MOTHERS Pay + MORE! Comments (0)

Paris-Is-Burning-Sharon-NeedlesSharon Needles, learning she isn't the first queen with a mummified body in her closet.

*widget boy cultureNew book on classic movie Paris Is Burning.

*widget boy cultureU.S. Airways shows disgruntled customer how to go eff herself.

*widget boy cultureGet attached to Logo's short-form series Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached. Girl-gone-wild

*widget boy cultureMadonna does Buzzfeed, word-associates "Putin" with "gay."

*widget boy culture"Girl Gone Wild" is even gayer, more dance-oriented.

*widget boy cultureSky Ferreira is such a tease!

*widget boy cultureYES to this Quinn Jaxon video, NO to this one.

*widget boy cultureAaron Taylor-Johnson, undies model.

*widget boy culturePlease support The Mothers or they'll guilt you to death: 

*widget boy cultureGay Games driving some Cleveland Muslims crazy.

*widget boy cultureSome bookstores are actually thriving. How???

*widget boy cultureRobin Roberts still defending being glass-closeted for so long.

*widget boy cultureKansas City shooter also loathed gays.

*widget boy cultureThat laptop is a lucky bitch.

NakedLaptop...or lapbottom?

Nov 20 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Obama-Clinton-barefoot-MyanmarMyanmar my gal

Widget boy culturePresident Obama and Secretary of State Clinton go barefootin'. Jaime_Parada_Hoyl_insert_courtesy_Jaime_Parada_Hoyl

Widget boy cultureChile elects first (HOT) out politican.

Widget boy cultureRachel Maddow: Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) is "incompetent."

Widget boy cultureLongest English word is not antidisestablishmentarianism.

Widget boy cultureSyracuse, New York, adapts gender non-discrimination.

Widget boy cultureBlacks support marriage equality more and more.

Widget boy cultureTexas may not swing for a while. If ever.

Widget boy cultureGay families in Florida tell their stories.

Widget boy cultureCan you say "Detox Icunt" on TV?

Detox-Icunt-RuPaul-dragYou will Ru the day... 

Oct 22 2012
Romney Of Old Was Against Politicizing Foreign Policy Comments (0)
Mitt Romney
Buzzfeed digs up the old Mitt Romney soberly decrying the temptation to take political potshots in matters of national security. Ironic that this comes out the same day a Romney surrogate—his ex-sister-in-law—posts late Ambassador Stevens's lifeless body on her Facebook page and calls Obama a "murderer." What a different a presidential election makes...

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Sep 12 2012
U.S. Ambassador To Libya Slain Over Anti-Islam Movie Comments (3)


UPDATE: As we now know, this was a planned attack that had zero to do with the anti-Islam movie.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, 52, has been killed at the consulate after a wave of violence swept the region in response to wingnut Terry Jones's film depicting Mohammad as a homosexual pedophile and liar. He is the first ambassador killed in the line of duty in more than 30 years.

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