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Jul 24 2014
Daley Record: Tom's Revealing New Calendar Comments (0)
  Tom-daley-2015-calendar-front Tom-daley-2015-calendar-january Tom-daley-2015-calendar-february Tom-daley-2015-calendar-march Tom-daley-2015-calendar-september Calendar

Tom Daley's official calendar for 2015 has beautiful images. But as my pal pointed out, the full-length of him in the aqua shorts is incredibly revealing, more so than he usually gives up.

Buy it here.

Insert Firehose Joke Here: New York City Firefighters Calendar Hunks Sign For Fans Comments (0)
  CALENDARS GUYS SIGNING HOT SIGNING Hot-guyMusclesShirtlessShirtless-guysShirtless-firemanShirtless-autographSexy-fireman

Check out the gallery above, including the guys' (shirtless) autographs...

I stopped by Sofia's Italian Grill (42 W. 48th St.) in NYC for a special signing of the 2015 (and 2014!) New York City Firefighters Calendar by several of the dangerously hot men featured in its pages.

Jimmy ConditJimmy Condit was my favorite...he'd be a great model to shoot, very photogenic.

Shot by Battman year after year, and this time raising $$$ to help burn victims, the calendar is a great value—I got the pair for $25.  For that, you get not only 12 superbuff dudes to help you get through 2015, but over 150 small photos of the calendars' previous men, going all the way back to the '90s.

Hot-firefighterChristopher Frazzetta—how do people look this perfect?

Hot-firefighters-calendarIf your kitten's on the roof, call (L-R) Conor Moriarty, Rob Moore & Frazzetta

Hot-firefightersFive-alarm firemen (L-R) Tom Caruso & Andy Guich

BattmanHe's Battman!

Hot-firemanThis devil told me he got in trouble with an irate hubby once before...check out THIS inscription!

Enjoy the photos above, and buy the calendar here.


Apr 25 2014
The Peen Berets Comments (0)


Here's a calendar I think I need. You?

Jan 06 2014
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)


Mirror 2014 is the first product from Reflect It Back, a talent-driven project designed to raise dollars for charity. (Cystic fibrosis is apparently a major beneficiary this go 'round.)

That's a fancy way of saying that hotties like all the Teen Wolf studs are posing shirtless and in their undies...

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Dec 05 2013
Glory Days: Patrick Mark's Hot Calendars Comments (0)


I am, of course, a big fan of Quinn Jaxon...who isn't? But I'm also a calendar freak. I must own 200 beefcake calendars from over the years. I especially love Patrick Mark's new shots of QCJ in his special 2014 calendar—a good (same-sex) marriage of model and photographer.

Mr. Mark's also got an inspirational No Excuses 2014 Calendar, filled with fitness models...

Fitness Inspiration Calendar 2014

...and—best for last?—his 2014 MANofAUSTIN Editor's Favorites Calendar has some of the sexiest real dudes ever, after the jump...

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Dec 04 2013
These Rowers Are Also Show-ers Comments (0)


The Warwick Rowers 2014 products are here. They're scorching hot and for a good cause, so what are you waiting for?

Nov 28 2013
An A To Zink Comments (0)

Shopify_man_cover_small_1024x1024Pop for this Grade-A, $75 limited-edition Charlie by Matthew Zink calendar—filled with sexy bodies shot by Brian Kaminski—and the profits go to Kids for Tomorrow. It could go to NOM and I'd still buy it.

Nov 22 2013
Need To Know: The Marrying Manson, Florida Regaining Sanity?, Kanye Still Delusional, Weir Going It Alone + MORE! Comments (0)

Jackman-729-620x349Hugh better get that checked out.

*widget boy cultureHugh Jackman treated for skin cancer.

*widget boy cultureCharlie Crist leading Rick Scott in Florida 2014 gubernatorial poll.

*widget boy cultureShirtless Colten for OhLaLaMag.

*widget boy cultureKanye compares himself to 12 Years a Slave slave.

*widget boy cultureCharles Manson is engaged.

*widget boy cultureIt's the James Franco Cat Calendar 2014.

*widget boy cultureAaron Carter declares bankruptcy.

*widget boy cultureGay cruise line says "nyet" to Russia.

*widget boy culture#GayPropaganda's "The Scream" urges LGBTs to stand firm against Russia.

*widget boy cultureJohnny Weir wouldn't boycott ANY Olympics for ANY reason, because the athletes.

 *widget boy cultureSad that a simple majority vote on judicial nominees is considered "nuclear" in the Senate.

Harry-reid-fingerReid between the lines.

Nov 18 2013
Need To Know: Porn This Way, Calendar Boys, Baldwin Continues To Excel In Drama, Barebacking Still A Great Way To Get HIV + MORE! Comments (0)

Adam-FlemingWhat if porn actors were real people? (Wait...well, you know what I mean.)

*widget boy cultureLoved this short film starring my pal Adam Fleming (above). You will, too, probably.

*widget boy cultureHOT Dieux du Stade outtakes! HUGO+MARQUEZ+dieux+du+stade+2014+photo+Fred+Goudon+(1)

*widget boy cultureGay activists arrested, held in Uganda.

*widget boy cultureMaddox Jolie-Pitt got BIG.

*widget boy cultureAlec Baldwin may quit acting.

*widget boy cultureHis daughter says "come onnnnn!"

*widget boy cultureEvan Peters gets nekkid on the TV!

*widget boy cultureM.I.A.'s "Y.A.L.A." music video.

*widget boy cultureChaz Bono is fit as fuck!

*widget boy cultureBillboard games out Gaga's 1st-week sales, about 250K.

*widget boy cultureGaga's "legions of brain-dead fans" didn't drive Deadmau5 from Twitter.

*widget boy cultureNancy Sinatra, 73, has a new pop CD...with "MacArthur Park"!

-1This car was made for drivin'.

*widget boy culturePennsylvania lurches toward gay marriage.

*widget boy cultureGay-themed Geography Club is in theaters.

*widget boy cultureDid the fight for gay marriage suck all the air outta the gay room?

*widget boy cultureChild-abuse activist's son committed suicide over anti-gay bullying.

*widget boy cultureHell's Kitchen NYC is real-estate heaven, allegedly.

*widget boy cultureOne in five gay and bi men in Long Beach, Calif., have HIV.

*widget boy cultureWatch this sexy, romantic, positive film on staying negative.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Brahim uncovers for a mag cover.

Brahim-Zaibat-shirtlessZaibatter up!

Nov 13 2013
Need To Know: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! More ABBA + Maui's Gay Wowie + Ginger Snaps + Broadway Beefcake + MORE! Comments (0)

Mamma MiaMamma Mia!: Would this be the mother of all reunions?

*widget boy cultureCould ABBA reform to mark the 40th of "Waterloo"?

*widget boy culture30 Rock cutie Maulik Pancholy comes out of the closet...but is he a "toxic queen?"

*widget boy cultureHawaii Senate passes gay marriage; state will become the 16th to legalize it.

*widget boy cultureHawaiian President Obama approves this message.

*widget boy cultureSexy gingers dominate in Thomas Night's Red Hot.

*widget boy cultureWaPo: People with "conventional views" suppress "gag reflex" over biracial de Blasios.

*widget boy cultureMaking of a mostly-naked calendar.

*widget boy cultureRemember...aerobics?

*widget boy cultureQueerties winners announced.

*widget boy cultureGayface is...real?

*widget boy cultureSacha Baron Cohen kills while receiving award.

*widget boy cultureDisney releases poster for movie about evil queen. No, not Elton John.

MaleficentWitchy woman.

*widget boy cultureLily Allen's body-image-directed "Hard Out Here" (...for a bitch) video.

*widget boy cultureSeason two of Hunting Season NEEDS you.

*widget boy culturePhilomena's stars, Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, stalk the MPAA.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Guy Oseary will handle day-to-day management of U2???

*widget boy cultureNew Purple Crush song "iCarry."

*widget boy cultureHottest men of NYC theater...or just check out my Facebook friends.

*widget boy cultureNew gay novel Denial, Deceit, Discovery by J. James.

*widget boy cultureJust wait until you see these pictures of Danny Amendola's ass!

Danny-AmendolaDanny's fanny.